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Win a Fabulous Set of Bio-Extracts Super Booster Serums!

Hello Beauties,

Bio-Extracts, if you have not heard of these potent vegan boosters and the goodness of plant power, then this is a fabulous opportunity to win a set to try!

They are super light easily absorbed formulas and they can be slotted into any routine. They put you in charge of your skincare and what your skin needs on a daily basis.

These boosters are a lot different to a regular serum, they are many times more powerful than just a serum. They use phospholipids which gives them a unique delivery system to make sure they don’t sit on the skin’s surface. They sink straight in and work on preparing and healing your skin from the inside out .. in other words the longer you use them your skin will just get better and better!

The Prize consists of –

Firming Boost: I use on my number 11’s and from the cheekbones down over my neck, as that is where I need firming most .. below cheeks, under chin, neck and around my mouth. I can feel this working and have done from my very first use.

Anti-Oxidant Boost: This works on stressed skin, should it be the stresses of weather, life or environmental toxin in the air that can really affect the skin. This strengthens and protects the skins natural barrier.

Glow Boost: .. to beat the winter dullness of our skins! This intensive illuminating serum I use as an overnight treatment, under my regular serums and creams. It works to bring oxygen to the skin, it really brightens your skin and it really works to revitalise and refresh skin, putting your glow back.

The set comes with some skincare samples and a lovely soft vegan-leather bag. I use these serums every day and they have pretty much an overnight effect on the skin and really get it looking so nourished .

Please click on the rafflecopter link below to enter :

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Kind regards


New Bio-Extracts Super Serum launch Sunday the 22nd on QVC!

Hello Beauties,

There is a fabulous Bio-Extracts Trio launching on Sunday morning the 22 of January at 10am on QVC. If you have not heard of this new brand it brings pure vegan plant power packed with nutrients to you in a wide range of serums so you can be in complete control of what you put onto your skin and give it what it really needs.

I use these serums and I love them. They are vegan and free from any parabens, petrochemicals or any other nasties that can go into skincare to preserve it.

The serums are best used with the Bio-Extracts face cream, but they can be slotted into any skincare routine and that is what makes this set fantastic.

The Firming Boost I use on my number 11’s and from the cheekbones down over my neck, as that is where I need firming most .. below cheeks, under chin, neck and around my mouth. I can feel this working and have done from my very first use.

Anti-Oxidant: This works on stressed skin, should it be the stresses of weather, life (oh boy I need this at the moment) or environmental toxins.

As you get older, your skin’s ability to fight these toxins becomes weaker and ages the skin. This serum feeds the skin cells that protect your skin against the damaging effects of oxidative stress and helps prevent premature ageing on the skin (most important). It fights pigmentation, balances skin tone, dehydration & takes down enlarged, clogged pores!

Finally there is Glow Boost .. to beat the winter dullness of our skins! This intensive illuminating serum I use as an overnight treatment, under my regular serums and creams. It works to bring oxygen to the skin, it really brightens your skin and it really works to revitalise and refresh skin, putting your glow back.

You can also add 1 pump of your favourite serum to your foundation to give it a super healthy dewy finish. Or of your skin tends to dry out during the day you can refresh it by gently patting your serum over your foundation during the day too.

Anyone who wants to know what I have been using recently, I have found these serums to be fantastic and great value! They give pure nutrition to the skin and I love them. Yes I have some other items slotted in, but these go on first every time! The set comes with some skincare samples and a lovely soft vegan-leather bag.

The set will be just  £35 for 3 targeted serums that will illuminate your skin.You can find the details here Super Serums Trio 


Bye for now

Nicola x


Cleansing Cloths …and a bargain!!

Hello everyone,

The price point for what it actually is (a nice white cotton cloth sometimes with muslin on the other side) seems excessive to me.

The ones I tend to go for are £15 for 3 and begrudgingly I pay this or I used to.

Wash cloths can really tend to harbour a lot of bacteria, particularly if you are not changing them every day and really we should be using a clean cloth every day of the week.

Recently I have turned to bamboo cloths, they are softer and more gentle than microfiber or particularly muslin. They are antibacterial and antimicrobial which means if you have acne or sensitive skin they are also going to help you keep your skin clean and are not just spreading the same bacteria around your face.

Bamboo is also a sustainable plant so it is eco friendly, requires no chemicals or pesticides and it can replenish itself within a year.

My first bamboo cloth is a body wash cloth from Bodhi & Birch and it is a Cotton Bamboo flannel which for the body is a bit coarser but it has a smoother side for more sensitive areas and as I cleanse with this I can feel it grip the skin as it goes really taking off any old skin and grime.


It helps invigorate the skin and really getting the circulation going and improve the oxygen levels in the skin and therefore giving skin that healthy glow.

Last week I was looking on a website where I had won a competition called facetheory where I discovered the best priced organic bamboo cloths pack of 3 for £5.99 you can even select for your skintype!



There are also large organic muslin cloths for sale on there which they have reduced right down to £2.99!! ..Well colour me happy I am in cleansing cloth heaven lol … (but the heart lies with the bamboo)

Oh and FREE POSTAGE .. always a game changer haha!

The bamboo cloths arrived today and I have to say I am delighted .. so much so I am going to order some more and have a good clear out of my old ones.

For me good skincare starts with the very first steps and that is getting your cleansing right including the right cloths too and I love my new cloth so much ..

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done

Nicola x

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done 🙂

Nicola x


Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200


Hello everyone

Evolve are a niche organic/natural skincare brand. They make everything themselves in small batches so it is fresher and at its most potent.

The Hyaluronic 200 serum is so called because it contains 200mg of Hyaluronic Acid per 30ml bottle. This is mega hydration for the skin as it holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water making it super effective hydration for all skin-types.


It also contains Pomegranate extract which is known to promote cell turnover, strengthen the skin & protect the it from free radicals; Damask Rose Water, a natural hydrolat; and Aloe Vera.

This is a lovely silky texture going onto my skin. I have had a rash on my face & neck recently and once it started to settle, my skin really needed moisture and plenty of it, so this has been a godsend by my side.

It sinks in quickly, no residue, no wait time to carry on with your skincare and it helped keep my skin hydrated all day while going through a very bad time skin-wise

It has helped with hydration and helped me get my glow back. I applied it a few times a day along with my regular skincare routine and it has helped give me the moisture boost that I needed.

It is no big secret in the beauty world that Hyaluronic Acid is a wonder product for anti-ageing, for really plumping out the skin and filling out fine lines and wrinkles, and this serum really packs a strong moisture punch!

Evolve are a brand that sources only organic products where they can and if not organic then as naturally grown and sourced as possible.


There is change afoot in the beauty kingdom. People are learning and they are starting to read what is actually in their products and reducing the toxins they eat, put on their skin and their carbon footprint.

Evolve products give you artisan, green, organic, vegan, natural products that fit into a good healthy lifestyle and a better you inside and out and any product of theirs I have tried has been fantastic!

If you are interested in the Hyaluronic Serum you can get 20% off here at the Libbie Club while stocks last!

That it is for now folks, have a great weekend!

Nicola x

Mr Bean Coconut Coffee Scrub .. Wowsers!


Hello everyone,

When I got my Bean Coffee Coconut Scrub from the Libbie Club I was completely unprepared for what happened next …

Made with Organic Robusta Coffee Beans, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, demerara sugar, organic cacao & Vitamin E oil; this impressive list of ingredients told me that this was something rather special.


I opened the bag and had a sniff .. I thought hello this is strong stuff alright ..so when I read the instructions I thought it best to put some in a bowl and take it into the bathroom so I didn’t get everything in the packet wet.

I figured with the dry texture it was going to be a little messy. You massage it onto and into wet skin and once you get the massage going and the product on your skin it gets a lot less messy.

My mind was blown away by the strong scent of coffee .. this is a double espresso for the body and mind … powerful top quality ingredients gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin as it goes.

This is a skin treatment that stimulates circulation, works on cellulite, various skin conditions like eczema, stretch marks, black heads and spotty backs, the heap!

With the beautiful organic oils it nourishes the skin as it goes. The coffee scent rinses clean away leaving you feeling so revived from head to toe that you are ready to take on the world!

My Bean Body Scrub has to be one of the most stimulating products for the body and mind that I think I have ever used .. I simply felt incredible after using it .. every time..it not only has incredible ingredients, but the after effect is nothing short of WOW and BOOM!!


Honestly it awakens the senses and leaves your body & skin feeling incredibly soft & lightly scented with coconut, just amazing …Mr Bean I salute you lol!!

Have you Heard of Mr Bean Body scrubs yet?

If you enjoy a mind blowing shower then take a look here at the offer on my Libbie Club page. My Bean Body scrub comes all the way from Australia and truly packs a punch in the shower ..

Check out Mr Bean scrub here and at the moment there is also a beautiful  free Bee Good  travel sized cleanser 30ml  with every order (while stocks last) Libbie Club


Bye for now

Nicola x


Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in one Mascara!

Hi everyone,

Tarte do the best mascaras imo.

I have tried a lot and keep going back to the lights, camera lashes because…here is why I put my trust into it ..


1.I have super sensitive eyes and it never ever irritates my eyes .. most important!

2 . is that it is very easy to remove and I know I can easily get it all off or else it causes more irritation.

3. it needs to be blackest black to really frame my eyes.

4. I want it to volumize and lengthen .. no argument! It must do this! My lashes are fine and prone to falling over lol.

5. It must not dry out and start to crumble half way through the day or in any other part of the day.

6. The wand has to be easily manoeuvred around the lashes so i can really get into the root of the lash and build that volume up.


I don’t want much do I lol?

This mascara fulfils all of my criteria to make a mascara good. It has been proven to increase volume to the lashes by a whopping 330% with just 2 coats. It conditions the lash and it doesn’t go black and crispy ..

It is  tested and fantastic on sensitive eyes like mine!

It coats every lash including the shorter ones and it stays conditioned and curled throughout the day.

All things considered I really love this mascara, I can trust it to do its job and not have to worry about it being halfway down my face come midday …and that in a mascara is damn hard to find ..


The Tarte Lights, Camera, Action is available on my Libbie Club and the Tarte Lash Primer is for sale too as part of a set and there is 10% off here: The Libbie Club

That’s it for now

Take care

Nicola x

Ancienne Ambiance Lavomile Goddess Water

Hi everyone,

I think by now anyone who knows me knows how much I love Ancienne Ambiance beauty products! From their soaps, to their stunning goddess shower range, luxury bath salts and now … their Goddess Pure Floral Waters.


These are now my much preferred method of toner as they are so soothing on any skin type and so gentle they can even be used to soothe baby’s nappy rash.

The nozzle disperses a lovely fine mist. I use it on my body after a shower too to really refresh before bed, Lavender is known to calm the mind, aid sleep and Camomile to soothe, great in summer when your too hot in bed 🙂 (dats me)


My Lavomile Goddess Water I use in the evening after I have cleansed to tone, soothe my skin to calm any irritation I might have. Lavender is also mildly antibacterial too, it helps keep the skin healthy and it’s a hydration boost to any skin type.

Lavender also helps skin cells repair and encourage new healthy skin cells to grow 🙂

The Lavomile Floral Water is particularly good for spot prone skin, it will soothe and take down bacteria in the spots, help the skin regenerate and help stop the spots spreading. Lavender is also mildly antibacterial so if I have a spot I use this on it too, it helps keep the skin healthy and it’s a hydration boost to any skin type.


I love the Ethos and feeling of this company, how bathing rituals pass down for centuries, tried, tested and proven to work. How cleansing should be special, as you cleanse your skin you also cleanse your mind too …. hand in hand …

This idea really works for me and I love it <3!!

Stressed out ? Try spraying some Lavomile water around you to help calm you down. If your pet is stressed some of this fine mist in the air will also help calm them down too …

It is a 300 ml bottle of pure floral water, there is no preservatives in the water,  (double bonus) .I have used many toners and they all have preservatives in to prolong shelf life. If I can avoid parabens or sulphates in products I do, They can often dry skin out as much as they hydrate. These are pure plant essence with no colourings or synthetic essences …beautiful!


Most toners come in 200 ml so at 300 ml I have found my Floral Goddess Waters last me a very long time, at least 6 months in a bottle so it works out a bit less than a lot of other high end skin toners.

I keep mine in the fridge and keep a small spray in my handbag in case I need some when I am out for when I am hot and tired and its busy. Fabulous from head to hot, sore feet for an instant boost.

Pure  floral waters have been revered and highly prized for thousands of years by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians and it is easy to see why as they are beneficial to our skin in so many ways ….


Ancienne Ambiance do a big range of Goddess Waters and it is worth a look and a read at their benefits .. just mist on and let them  soak in for soothed, happy, healthy skin 🙂

You can read more about the Floral Goddess Waters and other products here Ancienne Ambience


Your order will smell like no other ❤ I am in love ❤

Bye for now folks

Nicola x