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Cleansing Cloths …and a bargain!!

Hello everyone,

The price point for what it actually is (a nice white cotton cloth sometimes with muslin on the other side) seems excessive to me.

The ones I tend to go for are £15 for 3 and begrudgingly I pay this or I used to.

Wash cloths can really tend to harbour a lot of bacteria, particularly if you are not changing them every day and really we should be using a clean cloth every day of the week.

Recently I have turned to bamboo cloths, they are softer and more gentle than microfiber or particularly muslin. They are antibacterial and antimicrobial which means if you have acne or sensitive skin they are also going to help you keep your skin clean and are not just spreading the same bacteria around your face.

Bamboo is also a sustainable plant so it is eco friendly, requires no chemicals or pesticides and it can replenish itself within a year.

My first bamboo cloth is a body wash cloth from Bodhi & Birch and it is a Cotton Bamboo flannel which for the body is a bit coarser but it has a smoother side for more sensitive areas and as I cleanse with this I can feel it grip the skin as it goes really taking off any old skin and grime.


It helps invigorate the skin and really getting the circulation going and improve the oxygen levels in the skin and therefore giving skin that healthy glow.

Last week I was looking on a website where I had won a competition called facetheory where I discovered the best priced organic bamboo cloths pack of 3 for £5.99 you can even select for your skintype!



There are also large organic muslin cloths for sale on there which they have reduced right down to £2.99!! ..Well colour me happy I am in cleansing cloth heaven lol … (but the heart lies with the bamboo)

Oh and FREE POSTAGE .. always a game changer haha!

The bamboo cloths arrived today and I have to say I am delighted .. so much so I am going to order some more and have a good clear out of my old ones.

For me good skincare starts with the very first steps and that is getting your cleansing right including the right cloths too and I love my new cloth so much ..

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done

Nicola x

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done 🙂

Nicola x


New CID Cosmetics i-smoulder Smokey Eye Pencil and Shadow

Hello everyone,

I have recently been trying out this New-Cid Smokey Eye Pencil and shadow and to be honest now I have picked it up I find it hard to put it down!

It is so fast and handy and takes up no space at all to carry round with me and it near enough gives me a total eye look on it’s own …


I just run the powder end over my eye, use my ring finger to dab it about a bit .. add some highlighter to my brow, some mascara and I am good to go .. it saves me so much time and give me a great daytime look.

The shade I have is ember and it is totally wearable for daytime or you can really smoke it out for the evening .. just flip it round and you have your eyeliner to match right there and primed to go.


I have to be honest and thought it was pretty much just ok to look at but when I got it on my eyes it really came into it’s own, added my mascara and have been very impressed ever since!

Now I pick it up every time as it is fool proof fast and stays put so well, I loves it.

Have you tried the dual ended eye products yet?


Once tried never forgotten!!

You can get them here on my Libbie Club page and at the moment there is a free travel sized Bee Good Cleanser with every order bit.ly/1G9s5LD

That’s it for now folks

Nicola xx

The Hero Project Hyasoft Gel

Hi Everyone,

I have found the perfect gel for the face!

It is super lightweight, sinks straight in with a lovely cooling effect and it leaves no stickiness or residue, is non perfumed, contains no oil  and just all round pretty fabulous! (honestly)

It is unscented and is in a clear super-lightweight gel. It feels very cooling as I feel it sink into my skin.


The Hyasoft gel is made up of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin  B5 to really nourish and boost the hydration levels in your skin and put the much needed bounce back in.

The gel gives an instant boost of hydration and brightness to any skin-type. So it is good on oily, dry, sensitive, tired or hungover skin.. It is a big long drink of water for thirsty skins of all sorts, particularly the men in our lives as their skin tends to be a lot oiler !


I particularly love it dabbed on around my orbital bone and let it sink in to boost my eye area, on top of make up to refresh during the day (just dab on lightly and let is sink in).  At 46 this is an area of concern for me and I do like to keep it well hydrated so this is perfect !

This little gel really punches above its weight as it is so super effective at what it does .. it hydrates your skin and it does it very well .. a real handbag hero that will really be going places once people realise how good it really is!

The Hero Project aims to bring out high quality affordable products that really work hard for you and so far they are doing a really fantastic job!

They have their own team of scientists who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world and they are going to be going places fast if their first 2 products are anything to go by!

As you can probably tell I really love this gel because of the hydration it gives me and no smell or residue of any kind with it.

I have seen something similar sell for at least 3 times the price so it is a bargain price  in my eyes and a very clever product!


At the moment the Hyasoft Gel is 20% off at the The Libbie Club making it £15.20 & with free post .. it will soon be a super handbag staple in any clever woman’s handbag for super hydration on the go…

Try something new and fantastic today …

That’s it for now folks

Thank you for reading

Nicola x



Novembers Love Lula Beauty Box

Hello everyone,

I really look forward to my Love Lula Beauty Box every month as it is always amazing value, all the products are Soil Association Approved, Organic, Vegan. Love Lula has just won a big award too! The Best Retail Innovation Award in Association with Pure Beauty Magazine so well done to everyone at Love Lula!

Right back to this months box 🙂


First up is Barefoot Sos Face & Body Rescue Cream, Intensively rich this cream is very pure and good for eczema & psoriasis prone skins like mine, it sank rapidly into my skin and did not leave an oily residue, it has very little to no scent, can be used on face of body to deeply hydrate so perfect for the upcoming winter months.


Jason Brightening Apricot Wash is a gentle soap free foaming scrub, gentle enough to use every day. Brightening Apricot oil and refined Walnut powder deep cleanse to slough away makeup, dirt and old skin cells to leave a cleaner brighter complexion, a lovely natural facial exfoliation for every day super smooth skin!


Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo I meant to use this today to see how it left my hair (i forgot) but it promises to deeply hydrate and leave my hair silky soft, it looks very glossy and it seems to have a lot of silk proteins in and it smells pretty fab too … promising!

Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream is a light blend of Manuka Honey and Larch tree extract, to help repair and protect dry, chapped hands, sinks into the skin wonderfully, i have been using this all weekend and really like it, I don’t know about you but I generally find the purer the creams with no preservatives etc… it always seems better absorbed into my hands and or body!


Last and by no means least is a brand that is right up my street called Suti, it uses all cold pressed, natural, organic oils. Designed to nurture body, mind and spirit (oh yes please).


This beautiful natural cleansing balm with Chamomile,Calendula and Lavender is such a powerful healing, protecting, skin strengthening formula it smells incredible and is so pure! Warm some on your fingertips and massage over your face to cleanse. I would not use this to remove heavy make up but as a second cleanse or a cleanse for skin with no make up on used with a hot cloth it leaves your skin as smooth as a peach , it is really beautiful and refined and will really get into pores and creases to beautifully cleanse your face, can also be used as a moisturizer for problem areas of skin on the body too if you love organic pure balms items then this brand really is worth reading into!!

Again for £12.95 delivered this box punches well above its weight with the purest of ingredients and organic produce,There is also 20% off all the brands in the box if you wish to purchase something you love!


Plus a £25 discount card off Hello Fresh for the Vegetarian or family box on sign up, i seem to be getting lots of these but sadly they don’t deliver to Northern Ireland:-/


If you too love learning and finding out more about organic products you can sign up for the monthly box here  Love Lula Beauty Box

That’s it for this months box, once again I am delighted with this box! Did you get a Love Lula Box?
What did you think of yours?

Bye for now


Novembers You Beauty Discovery Box

Hi there beauty lovers,


It’s that time of the month again….But in a good way lol, when we all receive our You Beauty Discovery boxes and i gotta say i am delighted with my choices as i have tried them both and they are pretty spot on for this time of year!


First up is Rituals Hammam Delight Shower Foam with Fresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary, i really like this sort of menthol scent to clear the head and mind and rosemary to improve concentration so it kind of either sets you up for the day  or revives you in the evening!

I like the whole ethos of Rituals and this shower foam is skin softening but they are still using Sodium Laurel Sulphate in their products … sort it out Rituals because the stories behind the products and what they do is fantastic!!


Next up is a beautiful little pot of Skin and Tonic Steam Clean, its certified organic and it is just fabulous! It smells incredible as soon as you open the jar and the first aroma that hits you is fresh chopped peppermint, then eucalyptus, i then thought nettles but its thistle (close enough) but all the pure plant extracts are there and wonderful for your skin!

It massages and warms to the skin really well and the wonderful organic oils are released as it warms up and you put your hot cloth over it. It left my face lovely and matt but very soft and pores looked and felt refined, this product is really addictive, i cannot stop sniffing it!

I am a massive fan of organic products for my skin and the purer the better and this product does it for me :-).


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm has to be the most amazing product for taking off every last trace of makeup very comparable to Eve Lom Iconic cleanser but without the price tag (its £14.50 for 100ml). This is the cleanser i go for everytime when i want to get all the gunk off my face and it leaves my skin soft, clean and mattified.


Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum is another fabulous serum for winter, its like an environmental shield against the harsh winter and the hot and cold extremes our skin faces, it is a very potent mix of Hyaluronic Acid,  Omega’s 3,6 and 9, Echium Oil, Mangosteen to name but a few ingredients. Very little is needed and it just glides over your skin leaving it smooth, hydrated, glowing and protected.


Last but not least is the Baobab powder this is a product i take most days along with some other supplements to help keep me healthy (well as well as i can me with my health issues). Baobab is rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants, its high in fibre too and the Baobab tree is known as the tree of life for its longevity and for its many uses, it is meant to help give you an energy boost when flagging so i need plenty of it lol.


Also in the box is a code for £50 off code for a Magnitone Pulsar which is a pretty hefty discount from £129.99 down to £79.99! It would make a lovely christmas gift from you to you hehe 😀 or for a loved one, nothing like giving the gift of good skin (well i think so)!

As always there is a booklet of discount’s off the products in the box … all things considered, once again for me this is a pretty fantastic valued box at £6.95 delivered and if you use the Magnitone voucher then its for peanuts really….

I hope you enjoy your box as much as i have loved mine!

Bye for now

Nicola x

This Month’s You Beauty Discovery box .. Handbag Heroes

Hi everyone,


I really love a monthly gift box coming through my door, it perks me up and gives me something to look forward to and the You Discovery Box is always excellent value for money at just £6.95 delivered!


First item is a sachet of Cowshed Anti-Ageing perfecting night serum rrp £48, this serum is relatively new to the market i think and just as well it smells good as it is very runny and i appear to be wearing most of it already lol. ( have stolen a pic from YBD as mine is now all messy lol)

It is a lovely light oil you use at night and overnight it tones, balances, plumps, smoothes, firms and improves skin tone, i love an all in one oil but in winter i definitely need a cream over the top as my skin gets extremely dried out, but this looks, sounds and smells good!


Next up is Gold Collagen~Forte available in Boots this is a liquid drink  beauty supplement for the over 40’s (thats me 🙂 ), Is fortified with collagen, borage oil, vitamin B6 and vitamin D, antioxidants,  sugar free and sweetened with Stevia and it tastes very drinkable indeed, i wish i could afford these all the time because they not only help your hair, skin and nails but your bones and joints too so it really does have an awful lot of health benefits going for it! It is sugar free and sweetened with Stevia,


Mabye i’l win the lotto someday lol …

Anyway the next item is Crystal Clear intense anti-ageing serum, all oils and serums coming into the winter months is greatly appreciated here as the heat just zaps my skin, so does the wind and rain and thats pretty much what we get in Portrush!

Crystal Clear is loved by Gwinnie Paltrow and Kate Moss apparently and that means i just have to get stuck in and see if i get wonderful skin like they do lol!

But this is right for my skin type which needs a bit  more than just moisturiser. Its a powerful complex of Syn-ake a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper Snake which has been proven to be very effective in relaxing expression lines by relaxing facial muscles, It olso has Tourmaline (for radiance) , olive oil extract and an oxygen complex to regenerate and brighten.


Last but not lease it the Illamasqua glamore lipstick in Tease, buttery soft with a lovely satin finish on the lips this nude collection from illamasqua are such a lovely rich, hydrating lipstick, perfect the understated lip and a smokey eye look!


Well thats it for this months box and what incredible value for money it is!, mine feels more like a tailored anti ageing box than handbag heroes nonetheless it is a fabulous box. It comes with a host of special offers on the products too so make sure you check the leaflets out too …


The lipstick alone is £18.95 if you were to go buy one so that makes up for the cost of the box x3! Only thing i will say tho is watch the dates on the other products tho because they do not have a very long shelf life! So get them out and use them!

Bye for now

Nicola x

You Beauty September Discovery Box

Hi everyone,

every month You Beauty in association with You Magazine (Daily Mail), do a little beauty box for  £6.95 delivered! Its a  good value box this price really! You get to select 2 of the products to go into your box and the rest is standard in everyones  boxes.


I had unsubbed for a while because there seemed to be minimal amounts of the most popular products and unless you were a night bird or an extremely early riser the picks i wanted were pretty much gone by about 10 am the next morning, so you have to be quick!

This month i selected Ark Age Aware Skincare and Body Butter duo in the scent ‘Lounging’ i chose  this first of all because of it being age aware, at 45 i am very edge aware and now need all the help i can get lol . But seriously i do look for products for the more mature skin because it simply needs to be fed a lot more moisture. These products have  lovely aromatic oils like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Neroli, Cedarwood, orange and Bergamot and it really does smell really amazing, it fills your bathroom with this wonderfully relaxing scent!

The body lotion smells pretty much the same, its more of a lotion to me than a butter but all the same its hydrating, very relaxing and it smells beautiful. They are both 30ml so would be fantastic to take for a relaxing weekend away or to just ‘lounge’ about in your jammies chilling….


My other choice was Germaine De Cappuccini Excel Therapy 02 Continuous Defence Cream and Multi Regenerating Rosehip Oil Duo! (bit of a mouthful that phew) i chose this because i am a massive fan of Rosehip Oil and a girl can never have enough luxurious face oils and secondly it is a new brand to me!

The  Excel Therapy 02 is rich in oxygen to revitalise, nourish and give a more youthful appearance to your skin and i have to wonder does that not just mean its been whipped up ? It is also quite perfumed which is something i tend to be quite wary of as i get skin reactions to scented products, in saying that the scent is a lovely one, its just not for me this product.


The rosehip oil however …is for me and it is amazing for dehydrated, mature skin, it takes down redness, it soothes and if you have any scarring wither from spots or cuts it will take down the redness of them to! Full of essential Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin A , this product is sure to be a winner with me!

The standard items that everyone for with their boxes are Tony and Guy Volume Plumping Whip non sticky or crunchy which is always a winner, (i detest crunchy hair argghhh!)  tho i only use a little serum on my hair these will go into christmas presents!

Crabtree and Evelyn Afternoon Tea, a sachet each of Afternoon Tea and Blackberry Green Tea, i love tea in all forms so these won’t last 2 hours in my house and the blackberry and green tea one promises to be a revelation in antioxidants and flavour!


Everyone also got a dainty little powder puff and a whopping £25 off a Hello Fresh card for a weekly box to try either vegetarian or a family box, unfortunately its for mainland UK only, so that rules me out living in Northern Ireland, but i have donated to a good friend so all is not lost.


You can find out about the You Discovery boxes here http://www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk/

Plus i have just noticed they have a fabulous members offer on with a Philip Kingsley Limited Edition Box too, if you have not yet tried this brilliant brand then this is a fantastic valued box to test the water with, if you are already a member the postage is free too so the box just costs £16.95  http://www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk/luxury-boxes


All things considered this box is incredible value for money and roll on the next one 🙂

Bye for now

Nicola x