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A.S Apothecary Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate #30 – Well Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beauties, 

I hope you are all making the most of this beautiful sunshine while it lasts because it never does so get your vitamin D while you can eh! 

How have I not heard of or tried this brand before? O-M-G this Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate #30 is simply divine. The fragrance is the scent of a spring meadow with a little woodiness in to ground it, the smell just delights your senses and sends you instantly into a good mood. (I seriously cannot stop smelling this). It just gets me right in the heart!

So at A.S Apothecary they grow and pick most of the plants they use in their products themselves and these come from Sussex, Scotland and Cyprus. Amanda Saurin the founder is a traditional Apothecary, not something taught in classrooms but a rare talent handed down from hand to hand over centuries. She plants, picks grows and distills all her own oils & tinctures and a whole host more. Her knowledge of herbs, plants and flowers will be second to none. 

It is rare to come across a company that does not buy all their oils and potions in. All made in house you can be sure that you are getting the best ingredients into your product and I think that is what I am picking up on so strongly in this balm. It resonates with me, I didn’t know I needed it until I found it sort of thing.

The Wild Beauty Balm is made up of a concentrate of 10 active botanical oils and 5 essential oils to nourish and promote skin health.  Great for mature skin, it can be used  on any area of the body really to heal sore skin too. A small pea size amount is enough to do your whole face & neck. On contact the balm melts beautifully onto your skin releasing that intoxicating fragrance from within, it really is stunning! (as well as being fabulous on your skin).

If you love a comforting skin nourishing balm then you gotta try this! If you love aromatherapy benefits you have to smell this, it is a pot of wildflower fields held in a beautiful golden balm!

Have you heard of  this brand or tried the Wild Beauty Balm? 
If so I would love to hear your thoughts on it ..I think this won’t be my last time trying  this brand as I am somewhat obsessed with this little post of  magic .. beautifully made it really is something else. that rare and special thing that you only stumble across every so often .. got it bad haven’t I lol?

You can find the Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate – A.S Apothecary 

Everything I have tried from this brand smells and feels amazing!

That’s it for now folks

Nicola x 

Bio-Extracts Bio Active Vegan Skincare


Hello everyone,

I am very fortunate to have been sent some brand new on the market skincare by Bio-Extracts. Made with all natural ingredients, it combines the latest advanced technology with highly active purified ingredients, to bring you the cleanest, freshest ingredients in your skincare.


Marina, who owns the brand, is from the Russia , and getting skincare and make up as she was growing up was impossible. So she learnt from a young age how to make her own lipsticks, make up and most importantly skincare; and that has lead her to producing high end cosmeceuticals.

But that is not all ..the face creams have the latest Lamellar technology within them and what that means for us, is that the creams mimic our skins own natural Lamellar structure. It was first designed to treat ultra sensitive skin-types, so it fits on the skin like a glove, it is ultra gentle, keeping moisture in, protecting the skin and keeping pollutants out.

The face cream is so lightweight and very quickly fully absorbs into my skin, which I love, as I hate anything sitting on my skin and looking oily. It smells beautiful and fresh and you can smell the pure plant extracts within it.

So once you have chosen your new high spec face cream, in light, normal or rich, Bio-Extracts then give you the power to be your very own skincare consultant. You choose from a very wide range of their vegan skin booster serums, exactly what your own individual skin needs.


The packaging is all designed to work in synergy and both the face cream and the serums give you precise airtight fresh doses every time you use them to keep everything at its most potent.

These serums are so good that they really need their own blog post and that will follow, but to give you an idea of what they are like, I will firstly say they can be slotted into any skincare routine. If you just fancied trying one to start you off, you can do that, but I guarantee you will be back for more!

I chose anti-ageing serums in Firming (this I could feel working straight away), Lifting and Anti-wrinkle, but the range is constantly growing and there is a Glow Boost, Hydro Boost, Pore Minimising, Redness Relief Boost to name but a few. To be able to tailor your skincare in this way is so new and to have so much choice, to be able personalise it to your needs in this way, is revolutionary, genius and trailblazing, setting a new standard in how we can select our own skincare!

Then to be fresh, pure, paraben free and vegan – it has set a whole new standard in skincare for sure…


You can check out Bio-Extracts own website where they have a personal shopper function that helps you select the right products for your skin Bio-Extracts or you can also find it on QVC UK

My Lucky Win from The Strawberry Blonde Blog :-)

Hello everyone,

I generally never win much but last week I hit the jackpot with a pretty fantastic win from Nic who owns Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog and what I was lucky enough to win was 3 Sleek Palettes and a lip gloss!!


I am really chuffed to bits with these products  they are bang on trend from the new Sleek range colour wise….. modern, trendy and very wearable, I still can’t believe i have won this 🙂

The first palette is called Dancing Till Dusk, it has a contour shade a blush and 4 eye shadows, everything is  multi purpose and highly pigmented , all lovely soft buttery textures and i know i will use these eye shadow shades a lot, brown/taupes and shimmers. The cheek shade is a beautiful rose gold (nars orgasm dupe) with a lovely soft shimmer effect, very flattering on the skin !


The See You at midnight again is such richly pigmented buttery formulas, you barely need to touch them to get colour pay off, there is a stunning vibrant purple eye shadow  in this one that i am really drawn to, a  shimmering plummy toned one, a beautiful gold and a slate blue, a deep peony shade of blush (Nars super orgasm dupe) and a light tan for contouring.


I keep taking them all out of their boxes and admiring then they are just so full of colour and life!

The lip gloss is in shade Maria Maria no22, i wasn’t too sure if i would like this or not as i am not very good with bright colours (I’m getting there) it is multi tonal and it lights my whole face up and makes my skin look even better than it really is (bit under the weather), i have taken to my new lip gloss like a fish to water and can’t wait for an excuse to get out somewhere and get it on ……


Last but i think its my favourite as i was actually going to buy this for myself is The Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, its just perfect and so subtle if you use it lightly or build it up as you need.!

The packaging on this one is very sleek by design, its a bronze shade and if looks and feels very expensive and its just perfect for the highlighters inside.


Theres Platinum for your brow bones, Antique Bronze for the tops of your cheeks, a beautiful soft Royal Gold for along the bridge of your nose  and to highlight your cupid’s box you have the Renaissance Gold!


You only need the lightest touch with these and they are stunning, stunning, stunning and of course you can put them where you want really, there are no rules and you know your face best!

Well was that a fantastic prize or what??

A HUGE thank you to Nic i really am delighted with my prize and i shall have hours and hours of fun with it!

Have you tried the new Sleek Palettes? Or the Stunning Highlighters?

Bye for now

Nicola xx

Ancienne Ambiance Amandula Goddess Soap

Hello fellow beauty bathers!


Ancienne Ambiance has a beauty range I have been in love with for a very long time, their products never cease to uplift me, they feel and smell so luxurious and your delivery package will smell like no other .. pure heavenly!!

Their soaps are al all time favourite soaps,  my almond soap smells incredible, made with almond milk it has a wonderful delicate scent of almond with a slight hint of marzipan, the scents of their soaps is intoxicating and you just know you have something very special in a simple bar of soap!


The soaps are triple milled, full of vitamins to hydrate and condition the skin, they do not strip the skin of its natural oils or dry it out, I really do love this little bar of soap a lot!

Pure white in colour it is perfect for shaving, showering to hand washing, it is so pure you can even wash your face with it!

Almond is renowned for its moisturising qualities and this soap leaves your skin lightly scented and silky soft and it will not break the bank either at £5.00 for a 100g soap it is excellent value., check out all the different varieties here Goddess Soaps


If you have not tried Ancienne Ambiance then i highly recommend that you do! Their products really do make you feel like a goddess, their floral waters are also another favourite of mine, i adore the Rose water so much i haven’t managed to get past it to try the others but the range is fantastic and so soothing on the skin, organic and the best value i have found at £20 for 300 ml Goddess Floral Waters

I could quite happily spend the rest of my days indulging in this range, you just know its such amazing quality as soon as you open your delivery box!

If you want to feel like a Goddess or want to make someone you love feel special then you have to try this range, its soaked in ancient history and bathing rituals that have been used for thousands of years … so go descent into a fragrant plume of steam, shut the door and have a truly wonderful bathing experience!


You can check out their full range of products here Bath & Body Products

Have you tried this amazing range of pure luxury products yet?

They have well and truly stolen my heart!

Bye for now

Nicola x

Bellapierre Mira Bella Palette

Hello fellow beauty addicts :-),

Last month was a bit of an eye palette week for me! I bought 3 palettes plus i got one with my Birchbox too (an ear infection does funny things to ya lol). Sometimes theres no palettes for ages and then 4 come along at once, thats me well stocked up now for a bit i think .. or is it?


Anyway Bellapierre is a mineral makeup, its natural and organic and this is what really appeals to me about the brand, i do my best these days to stick to natural and organic produce if i can, we put way too many pesticides and parabens into and onto our bodies .

Tho i am still a sucker for any beauty product that shines out to me sadly , but little steps 🙂

I got this palette from Naturismo and was really lucky to catch it in the sale for £10 with free postage and what a bargain i got because i really love the shades , its another keeper!

Its highly pigmented, the colours are to me really wearable, its a no fuss daytime palette, the shades are Champagne a lovely highlighting shade, Deja Vous is a lovely light pink again great on the eye lid but fabulous around the tear duct to lift and brighten the whole eye area, Antiga is a lovely soft muted purple, Harmony is a lovely bronzy shade and the last one doesn’t seem to have a name but its a coppery brown, these are all my sort of shades so i am delighted with this palette!

I think the quality of the eye shadows speaks for itself really, soft and satiny to the touch, beautiful!


I would love to hear from you if you have tried any other Bellapierre products and if they are as good as this palette?

You can find lots more Bellapierre at Naturismo here http://www.naturisimo.com/searchresults.cfm 

Take care peeps and bye for now

Nicola x

My lovely, New Tarte Palette …

140409_tarte_header (1)

Hello everyone,

I have been eyeballing this tarte palette for a while its the Sultry Sunset one, its full of lovely neutral wearable shades, a mixture of mattes, shimmers and pearls.

Tarte is pretty new to the UK and only available through QVC, it specialises in ‘good for you glamour’ and boy does it deliver! How fab to finally have it here! It delivers very wearable cosmetics that you can feel really good about wearing …


The brand is eco friendly, cruelty free, mineral oil free, gluten free, paraben free, sls free, which means it is good for all. It is also infused with vitamins, minerals, Amazonian clay, superfruit plant extracts, essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients.. It is a brand that has started off with the best of intentions and has continued to do so and this is really setting it apart from most others, i have to say i am extremely impressed by this, there is just too many products full of parabens these days that we regularly put into our skin!

But enough about the good stuff and onto the better stuff lol , just look how gorgeous it is…!! the shades are from right to left top row .. Brazil Nut Brown, Golden skies, Exotic Guava, Gilded Sand and Twilight plum and bottom row Bronze Horizon, Taupe Dusk and wild Orchid.


For me a palette has to be very wearable otherwise i just don’t bother with it, with this palette i get excited everytime i look at it, i will reach for it again and again, it is stunning (to me).


I am looking forward to trying lots more Tarte from QVC, the mascara looks amazing as does the BB cream and the foundation, oh and the brushes! Those brushes that come WITH the products look so tactile, soft and i cannot wait to own some 🙂

If you have tried this brand i would love to hear what you think of your products please because i am just so in love with my palette …

More Tarte please QVC!!

You can check out all the lovely Tarte and those sexy brushes here qvc

Thats it for now, have a great week everyone!

Bye for now

Nicola x