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American English Luxury Vegan Youth Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Hello beauty lovers, 

In January I was very lucky and won a competition of some American English hair care products. At first I thought they can’t be better than what I am using! But I can very happily say that hands down they are and in fact they are much better! 

So today I want to talk about the American English Youth repair Shampoo & Conditioner – Youth Repair is a shampoo for colour treated hair. I have the most awkward hair in the world, it is superfine, lots of it, it is curly and extremely prone to frizz, it is the bane of my life it really is. Given that I live by the sea side, add in the wind and sea air, mostly my hair is in a ponytail because to keep it neat is endless when you factor in so many things. 

So the youth repair shampoo is rich in vitamin C & Omegas 3,6 and 9, it is for dry colour treated hair and is full of vitamins and amino acids to not only effectively cleanse  your hair but to help repair your hair back to a more youthful natural state. It helps to re-hydrate your hair and to strengthen the hair and help prevent breaking and snapping. 

Effectively this is high end luxury vegan shampoo hair care, free from sulphates & parabens it  has a lovely fresh unisex fragrance. I have found a little goes a long way, it gives a great lather and leaves hair feeling super clean. You can feel it has done a really good job in the shower, you get that incredibly clean feeling to your hair and scalp. Worth noting that is also has UVA & UVB protection built in too and it is ph balanced which really helps close down the cuticle locking in moisture and helping your hair colour to last longer.

American English Youth Repair Conditioner,restores elasticity with Boabab (tree of life) .Rich in vitamins A,C & E plus omegas 3,6,7, & 9 intensely conditioning  restoring, strength and vitality!

OMG I love this conditioner. It is rich and luxurious, it coats the hair really well  and you just know by how it feels on the hair it is doing your hair good! It is skincare for your hair and you can feel it instantly when you apply it to  your hair. 

Again it has that fresh revitalising scent and it feels like you are massaging beautiful silky oils and proteins into your hair , it can also be left on for longer and used as a hair mask too. 

I have personally for my hair type have found very few products that make my hair feel conditioned, the hair cuticles all appear to be flattened and running the right way My hair looks glossy and conditioned right down to the ends and I have less frizz than ever and that can be a real issue for me I am not big on a lot of hair products, just some serum or a conditioning spritz.

I honestly didn’t think I could find better than I had been using but I genuinely have, in fact it my hair looks and feels even better and the ladies in my beauty group will know this. I will more than happily buy this for myself and keep on using because not only is it vegan, clean and cruelty free it does what it says on the bottle and it is an absolute pleasure to use and my hair looks shiny, healthy, conditioned and lovely and clean! 

You can find American English products at Asos or John Lewis 

That is it for today folks, bye for now 

Nicola x

My lovely, New Tarte Palette …

140409_tarte_header (1)

Hello everyone,

I have been eyeballing this tarte palette for a while its the Sultry Sunset one, its full of lovely neutral wearable shades, a mixture of mattes, shimmers and pearls.

Tarte is pretty new to the UK and only available through QVC, it specialises in ‘good for you glamour’ and boy does it deliver! How fab to finally have it here! It delivers very wearable cosmetics that you can feel really good about wearing …


The brand is eco friendly, cruelty free, mineral oil free, gluten free, paraben free, sls free, which means it is good for all. It is also infused with vitamins, minerals, Amazonian clay, superfruit plant extracts, essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients.. It is a brand that has started off with the best of intentions and has continued to do so and this is really setting it apart from most others, i have to say i am extremely impressed by this, there is just too many products full of parabens these days that we regularly put into our skin!

But enough about the good stuff and onto the better stuff lol , just look how gorgeous it is…!! the shades are from right to left top row .. Brazil Nut Brown, Golden skies, Exotic Guava, Gilded Sand and Twilight plum and bottom row Bronze Horizon, Taupe Dusk and wild Orchid.


For me a palette has to be very wearable otherwise i just don’t bother with it, with this palette i get excited everytime i look at it, i will reach for it again and again, it is stunning (to me).


I am looking forward to trying lots more Tarte from QVC, the mascara looks amazing as does the BB cream and the foundation, oh and the brushes! Those brushes that come WITH the products look so tactile, soft and i cannot wait to own some 🙂

If you have tried this brand i would love to hear what you think of your products please because i am just so in love with my palette …

More Tarte please QVC!!

You can check out all the lovely Tarte and those sexy brushes here qvc

Thats it for now, have a great week everyone!

Bye for now

Nicola x