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Kiss The Moon LOVE Night Cream For Hands


Hey Beauties,

Been a while since my last post .. it would seem anaemia gave me a bit of a sabbatical but onwards and upwards eh!

Kiss the Moon I have wanted to try for quite some time, as their oils are all natural and aimed at getting you a really good night’s sleep. As someone with a full list of sleep issues, I thought I would try some samples a while back and fell completely in love with their LOVE Night Cream for hands … oh and they are British (I love to support Uk brands)!

IMG_20170427_090935911 (2)

Their Nighttime Hand Cream is a new product by them and full of Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Rosewater, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil so it really packs a punch on dry skin. With no parabens or sulphates the cream just sinks quickly and completely into your skin

The Love Hand Cream and Oils are aimed at anti-ageing as well as sleep (thats moi) and with a blend of Rose, renowned for calming skin and the mind, Frankincense, a natural mood lifter and Ylang Ylang to promote peace and relax, it smells beautiful.

The hand cream smells divine, not overpowering as I find some and too strong a whiff of essential oils can actually wake you up, by stimulating the mind instead of relaxing it. So this is a beautiful mellow blend and I adore the fragrance from my very first use.

The second thing I noticed about this hand cream was that unlike some (ok a lot) I found it to be very nourishing on my hands. I often get contact dermatitis and eczema on my hands and this soothed and nourished them overnight and that is what sold me on this cream , so much so that I had to invest.

It goes on like a rich mousse and quickly sinks into the skin .. no oily hands for hours after. It goes in and gets to work on nourishing and healing and it definitely helps me and my thirsty skin.

The aroma of delicate Rose, Frankincense & Ylang Ylang is so soft and mellow, it is really beautiful. My hands feel and look more nourished and I am just completely sold on this hand night treatment and the fragrance. I got a 15% off email where they asked for some feedback, so I bought the hand cream with that and sent them a message, telling them how much I loved it and what a lovely company and very humble people to talk to.

They were so pleased and sent me out a few more samples of their oils to try, plus the sugar scrub, which is made with brown sugar, so it smells deep and decadent and leaves skin super smooth.

IMG_20170427_091737897 (2)

I think that the LOVE Face Oil will be my next investment for sure, as that scent just totally wins my senses over. You can check them out here: Kiss the Moon

That’s it for now peeps ..

back soon I hope

Nicola x

Colder Weather and Heating drying your skin out?

Hello Beauties,

It’s that time of year when i see people everywhere complain of their skin ‘acting up’ or feeling tight .. it really is a bit of a shock to your skin when the head goes on and it gets battered by our cold winter weather too, but luckily there’s some fantastic products out there to help!


Young skins might need to either step up to a richer moisturizer or night cream to get that extra hydration in or add in a light face oil at night with some rose oil to help take down any redness they might be getting, or a light serum,  just put it where you feel your skin needs the moisture.. if skin has spots some lavender oil at night will kill bacteria, stop spots spreading and then some rose oil during the day will take down redness and soothe and hydrate your face…

For older drier skins like myself i have to really step it up, i hate my skin feeling really tight, dry or getting red dry patches and blotches!


I have to exfoliate more as my skin goes very dry and scaly if i do not to take off the old dry skin,it feels horrible! I usually use a light exfoliator every morning like Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator, i also use a good quality face mask a few times a week too for radiance and to stop any buildup of dry skin that causes wrinkles .. either Murad Intensive-C radiance Peel or Elemis Papaya Enzyme peel.


I follow that up with some lovely organic rosewater as my toner (Elizabeth Beckett) then a serum, an eye gel/cream/balm and a pretty rich moisturizer so i know my skin is getting the power packed vitamins it needs. I am currently using L’Occitane Divine youth oil a truly luxurious face oil that sinks into the skin really fast and provides a lot of plant-based hydration and the Divine cream another plant-based product, they are considered purchases but they will well and truly leave your skin hydrated and glowing!


For the evening  make sure i get hydration into my skin from the very first step cleansing, i use a good quality cleansing balm every night to clean out the pores and to massage my face to bring blood to the surface of the skin to oxygenate and improve skin tone, Emma Hardie Moringa Balm is my cleanser of choice, that or Merumaya cleansing balm (best value ever) which is sure to remove every last trace of make up and leave your face hydrated, mattified and glowing!


Followed again by my organic rosewater to soothe, restore the skins natural ph, tone and take down any redness. I will make sure i put on some serum either Murad Radiance Serum, Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum which i feel is like an environmental shield, its fab, or a new Prai serum i have just opened for night-time followed by a really good quality face oil, there’s so many i use depending on what i feel my skin needs, Balance Me wonder oil, AD Synergy, Espa Replenishing Face oil or Ancienne Ambience Lavender Oil (all hard-working oils with skin boosting properties) and then my night cream (currently the incredible Cult51) and i allow this to do its work overnight so when i gently exfoliate in the morning the new healthy, plumped up skin is there ūüôā


This might seem like a lot of work but as you get older your skin really does need so much more hydration,it is a real battle! Don’t be scared to give it what it needs to glow and do not be scared of a good face oil it does wonders for your complexion!

That’s it for now! Is your skin acting up? If so i hope this post could hopefully help you ……

Of course Mr Dexter of the long whiskers thinks none of this needed at all, thankfully he loves me just as I am ‚̧


Take care

Nicola x

You Beauty September Discovery Box

Hi everyone,

every month You Beauty in association with You Magazine (Daily Mail), do a little beauty box for  £6.95 delivered! Its a  good value box this price really! You get to select 2 of the products to go into your box and the rest is standard in everyones  boxes.


I had unsubbed for a while because there seemed to be minimal amounts of the most popular products and unless you were a night bird or an extremely early riser the picks i wanted were pretty much gone by about 10 am the next morning, so you have to be quick!

This month i selected Ark Age Aware Skincare and Body Butter duo in the scent ‘Lounging’ i chose¬†¬†this first of all because of it being age aware, at 45 i am very edge aware and now need all the help i can get lol . But seriously i do look for products for the more mature skin because it simply needs to be fed a lot more moisture. These products have ¬†lovely aromatic oils like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Neroli, Cedarwood, orange and Bergamot and it really does smell really amazing, it fills your bathroom with this wonderfully relaxing scent!

The body lotion smells pretty much the same, its more of a lotion to me than a butter but all the same its hydrating, very relaxing and it smells beautiful. They are both 30ml so would be fantastic to take for a relaxing weekend away or to just ‘lounge’ about in your jammies chilling….


My other choice was Germaine De Cappuccini Excel Therapy 02 Continuous Defence Cream and Multi Regenerating Rosehip Oil Duo! (bit of a mouthful that phew) i chose this because i am a massive fan of Rosehip Oil and a girl can never have enough luxurious face oils and secondly it is a new brand to me!

The  Excel Therapy 02 is rich in oxygen to revitalise, nourish and give a more youthful appearance to your skin and i have to wonder does that not just mean its been whipped up ? It is also quite perfumed which is something i tend to be quite wary of as i get skin reactions to scented products, in saying that the scent is a lovely one, its just not for me this product.


The rosehip oil however …is for me and it is amazing for dehydrated, mature skin, it takes down redness, it soothes and if you have any scarring wither from spots or cuts it will take down the redness of them to! Full of essential Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin A , this product is sure to be a winner with me!

The standard items that everyone for with their boxes are Tony and Guy Volume Plumping Whip non sticky or crunchy which is always a winner, (i detest crunchy hair argghhh!)  tho i only use a little serum on my hair these will go into christmas presents!

Crabtree and Evelyn Afternoon Tea, a sachet each of Afternoon Tea and Blackberry Green Tea, i love tea in all forms so these won’t last 2 hours in my house and the blackberry and green tea one promises to be a revelation in antioxidants and flavour!


Everyone also got a dainty little powder puff and a whopping £25 off a Hello Fresh card for a weekly box to try either vegetarian or a family box, unfortunately its for mainland UK only, so that rules me out living in Northern Ireland, but i have donated to a good friend so all is not lost.


You can find out about the You Discovery boxes here http://www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk/

Plus i have just noticed they have a fabulous members offer on with a Philip Kingsley Limited Edition Box too, if you have not yet tried this brilliant brand then this is a fantastic valued box to test the water with, if you are already a member the postage is free too so the box just costs £16.95  http://www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk/luxury-boxes


All things considered this box is incredible value for money and roll on the next one ūüôā

Bye for now

Nicola x