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Kiss The Moon LOVE Night Cream For Hands


Hey Beauties,

Been a while since my last post .. it would seem anaemia gave me a bit of a sabbatical but onwards and upwards eh!

Kiss the Moon I have wanted to try for quite some time, as their oils are all natural and aimed at getting you a really good night’s sleep. As someone with a full list of sleep issues, I thought I would try some samples a while back and fell completely in love with their LOVE Night Cream for hands … oh and they are British (I love to support Uk brands)!

IMG_20170427_090935911 (2)

Their Nighttime Hand Cream is a new product by them and full of Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Rosewater, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil so it really packs a punch on dry skin. With no parabens or sulphates the cream just sinks quickly and completely into your skin

The Love Hand Cream and Oils are aimed at anti-ageing as well as sleep (thats moi) and with a blend of Rose, renowned for calming skin and the mind, Frankincense, a natural mood lifter and Ylang Ylang to promote peace and relax, it smells beautiful.

The hand cream smells divine, not overpowering as I find some and too strong a whiff of essential oils can actually wake you up, by stimulating the mind instead of relaxing it. So this is a beautiful mellow blend and I adore the fragrance from my very first use.

The second thing I noticed about this hand cream was that unlike some (ok a lot) I found it to be very nourishing on my hands. I often get contact dermatitis and eczema on my hands and this soothed and nourished them overnight and that is what sold me on this cream , so much so that I had to invest.

It goes on like a rich mousse and quickly sinks into the skin .. no oily hands for hours after. It goes in and gets to work on nourishing and healing and it definitely helps me and my thirsty skin.

The aroma of delicate Rose, Frankincense & Ylang Ylang is so soft and mellow, it is really beautiful. My hands feel and look more nourished and I am just completely sold on this hand night treatment and the fragrance. I got a 15% off email where they asked for some feedback, so I bought the hand cream with that and sent them a message, telling them how much I loved it and what a lovely company and very humble people to talk to.

They were so pleased and sent me out a few more samples of their oils to try, plus the sugar scrub, which is made with brown sugar, so it smells deep and decadent and leaves skin super smooth.

IMG_20170427_091737897 (2)

I think that the LOVE Face Oil will be my next investment for sure, as that scent just totally wins my senses over. You can check them out here: Kiss the Moon

That’s it for now peeps ..

back soon I hope

Nicola x

Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Bath Oil

Hello fellow beauty lovers ,

I had a massively stressful week last week with the flat beside me being ripped apart and put back together again in a totally new format, walls knocked down, new walls put in, the sheer non stop drilling and racket on 2 sides of me had my teeth rattling it was so bad!


So thank heavens i had this Jo Malone Amber & lavender bath oil for my bath to have lovely relaxing soak in because i really needed it!

It smells amazing with top notes of Petitgrain giving a freshness and a hint of sharp orange, heart note of rich luxurious spicy Lavender which i truly love and adore, finished off with lovely heady warming Amber for a truly heavenly bathing experience.


Being oils i wasn’t expecting any foam but there was a little and once the oil hit the running water and steam whole bathroom transformed into haven of fragrant tranquillity.

This is a masculine scent but to me its very unisex  for bathing, can be used by men or women, for that relaxing bathing experience and after a 20 minute soak in this normality had resumed to my wee flat, the stress was gone, the aches and pains were gone too and i felt so much more relaxed!

The almond, Jojoba seed and Avocado oils left my skin well hydrated and it was lightly scented too with all the wonderful ingredients!


I would love this scent for all over my bed linen, it would be so amazing to get into bed and this relaxing exquisite fragrance wafting all around you as you got into bed .. heaven!

Have you tried Jo Malone Yet? I have tried a few of her fragrances now and they are always in a league of their own, very beautiful with a price tag to match but oh so worth it …


You can read more about Jo Malone products here: Jo Malone  ….treat yourself to something luxurious and decadent 🙂

Bye for now

Nicola x

Molton Brown Oudh Accord & Gold .. A touch of Paradise!

Afternoon fellow beauty lovers,

Molton Brown have a fabulous deal on at the moment, its £10 off a £20 spend with code HOUSE10 don’t know how much longer that offer will last tho!


But i took advantage and thought i would try something different, i had the Pink Pepperpod shower gel before but was not  blown away by it at all but this is different, very different … so many words pop into my head with this one i just love it ❤ ❤ <3!

It is a very different scent to what i am used to, its deep, mysterious, woody, very sexy, warming, heady, decadent, very beautiful, unisex, if you have ever walked along a spice market and been mesmerised by the scents and resins there you will love this, you can see the little flecks of 24 Carat gold all through the bottle!


It smells even better on the skin than in the bottle, its perfect for the cold winter nights as its very mellow and warming but its the richness of the Oudh that makes it like no other, Eastern promise and mystery also spring to mind, its a very rich amber nectar of Spicy Nutmeg oil, Elemi Oil which is extremely soothing,  rejuvenating on the skin, for aching muscles and calming on the mind, Gold Leaf extract which is fantastic for your skin and your joints and then the Oudh Accord which is deep, rich and woody, it smells and feels expensive and decedent and i am in ever so in love with it.


The perfect scent for Autumn/Winter although i wouldn’t mind smelling of this gorgeous scent on a hot summers night either! It is a very unisex scent, some might say masculine but to me its unisex and i love how the scent has lingered on my skin, it is a most uplifting, deep, sexy scent that i am  drawn to, going to have this  in my home for a very long time!


So good i am going to now go and purchase the Oudh Accord & Gold Body Lotion as a special treat for myself 🙂 (has to be done when you find something that bit special)

Anyway you can find out more about the products from Molton Brown, perfect for Christmas and a very decadent gift for someone very special …  http://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/collections/oudh-accord-gold/catUKFOudh/

I would love to hear if you love this amazing scent too … it comes beautifully packaged and with a lovely free sample too …

Bye for now

Nicola x