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Kiss The Moon After Dark Bath Oil LOVE Rejuvenate with Rose & Frankincense.

Hello fellow beauty addicts,

Kiss the moon are a lifestyle brand and sleep experts and they put all their knowledge into their products to help people be able to switch off, relax and get a better nights sleep. To look after body and soul.
They recognize that everyone is different, has different needs in todays never ending stressful world. For some like me it is pain & anxiety that affects my sleep, for others it is stress, jet lagged or you just cannot switch off.

I can’t get enough of this bath oil from Kiss The Moon, the fragrance of LOVE Rose & Frankincense is utterly heavenly and I can think of no better way to take the day off bathing in a beautiful oil like this it really does help me relax and the scent is so mood lifting, it really is from first smell.

The Rose, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang fill my bathroom & flat with the soothing essential oils that are so mellow & soothing while coconut oil & Jojoba nourish & hydrate my skin skin.

What I love about this is it is a light oil formula, it does nourish your skin but it doesn’t leave your bath like an oil slick and I much prefer that to a heavier oil.

I also have this in a hand cream which is coming to an end (sob) and will need to get some more because it is the most fabulous night treatment for hands. Super nourishing but again very easily absorbed into the skin and the wonderful scent relaxes and calms the mind to help me get off to sleep.

These products are treatments to help aid sleep and I love them, they are high grade quality oils and all natural too.
All Kiss The Moon’s products are vegan, cruelty free,paraben free, natural,Leaping bunny accredited!
The products feel and are Feel & smell beautiful and luxurious and it feels like you are doing something good for yourself when you use them .. a lovely luxurious treat to help you sleep!

If you check their website on a Friday they usually have a good offer on,you can check it out here – Kiss The Moon
At the moment there is a free LOVE hand cream with every offer, I highly recommend it, truly beautiful and so hydrating & soothing.

This is a Luxe brand doing some really beautiful blends and if you struggle with sleep then their products are definitely worth checking out!

That’s it for now folks

Nicola x

Ancienne Ambiance Amandula Goddess Soap

Hello fellow beauty bathers!


Ancienne Ambiance has a beauty range I have been in love with for a very long time, their products never cease to uplift me, they feel and smell so luxurious and your delivery package will smell like no other .. pure heavenly!!

Their soaps are al all time favourite soaps,  my almond soap smells incredible, made with almond milk it has a wonderful delicate scent of almond with a slight hint of marzipan, the scents of their soaps is intoxicating and you just know you have something very special in a simple bar of soap!


The soaps are triple milled, full of vitamins to hydrate and condition the skin, they do not strip the skin of its natural oils or dry it out, I really do love this little bar of soap a lot!

Pure white in colour it is perfect for shaving, showering to hand washing, it is so pure you can even wash your face with it!

Almond is renowned for its moisturising qualities and this soap leaves your skin lightly scented and silky soft and it will not break the bank either at £5.00 for a 100g soap it is excellent value., check out all the different varieties here Goddess Soaps


If you have not tried Ancienne Ambiance then i highly recommend that you do! Their products really do make you feel like a goddess, their floral waters are also another favourite of mine, i adore the Rose water so much i haven’t managed to get past it to try the others but the range is fantastic and so soothing on the skin, organic and the best value i have found at £20 for 300 ml Goddess Floral Waters

I could quite happily spend the rest of my days indulging in this range, you just know its such amazing quality as soon as you open your delivery box!

If you want to feel like a Goddess or want to make someone you love feel special then you have to try this range, its soaked in ancient history and bathing rituals that have been used for thousands of years … so go descent into a fragrant plume of steam, shut the door and have a truly wonderful bathing experience!


You can check out their full range of products here Bath & Body Products

Have you tried this amazing range of pure luxury products yet?

They have well and truly stolen my heart!

Bye for now

Nicola x

Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Bath Oil

Hello fellow beauty lovers ,

I had a massively stressful week last week with the flat beside me being ripped apart and put back together again in a totally new format, walls knocked down, new walls put in, the sheer non stop drilling and racket on 2 sides of me had my teeth rattling it was so bad!


So thank heavens i had this Jo Malone Amber & lavender bath oil for my bath to have lovely relaxing soak in because i really needed it!

It smells amazing with top notes of Petitgrain giving a freshness and a hint of sharp orange, heart note of rich luxurious spicy Lavender which i truly love and adore, finished off with lovely heady warming Amber for a truly heavenly bathing experience.


Being oils i wasn’t expecting any foam but there was a little and once the oil hit the running water and steam whole bathroom transformed into haven of fragrant tranquillity.

This is a masculine scent but to me its very unisex  for bathing, can be used by men or women, for that relaxing bathing experience and after a 20 minute soak in this normality had resumed to my wee flat, the stress was gone, the aches and pains were gone too and i felt so much more relaxed!

The almond, Jojoba seed and Avocado oils left my skin well hydrated and it was lightly scented too with all the wonderful ingredients!


I would love this scent for all over my bed linen, it would be so amazing to get into bed and this relaxing exquisite fragrance wafting all around you as you got into bed .. heaven!

Have you tried Jo Malone Yet? I have tried a few of her fragrances now and they are always in a league of their own, very beautiful with a price tag to match but oh so worth it …


You can read more about Jo Malone products here: Jo Malone  ….treat yourself to something luxurious and decadent 🙂

Bye for now

Nicola x

Elemis Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir

Hi everyone :-),

When i need my head clearing, my fibro pains are bad, or i just  need to regroup, chill and relax, this is the scent i love to relax in!

The heady scents of Eucalyptus, rich and spicy Lavender ,  patchouli, ho wood and shea butter make it an addictive combination that i keep coming back to time and time again, for me its like a treatment for body and mind as it can really help both so much.


I associate this scent with pure relaxation. it really does soothe an achy body and ease a stressed mind, this is one of my products i will not be without, when i finish a bottle….i am always making sure i have another lined up, for me it is pure decadent luxury and it is highly addictive 🙂

Once  capful of this hits the hot water and the aromatic oils  fill not only my bathroom but the whole flat with that wonderful scent , i know it really is going to ease my pains and my mind and hopefully let me get some sort of nights sleep,  the scent just sends me to a happier place …Eucalyptus is really known for clearing the mind and easing it, high grade Lavender oil really has the most wonderful spice kick to it to relax and aid sleep


I have the Temple Balm too which i use on my temples and wrists so i can keep getting a whiff of the scent all night long, it is a pretty powerful head clearer, great to use on a stuffy head, blocked sinuses or a cold even, it a real head clearer!


I olso have the pillow(lol) spray too but i don’t think i can get the pillow spray anymore for some reason *sob*,  which is a shame because as you can tell its a scent i am pretty much hooked on lol, makes your bed linen smell amazing!


Well those are my thoughts for today! What clears your head, relaxes you and helps you to get some sleep over a period of stress ?

Bye for now

Nicola x