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Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200


Hello everyone

Evolve are a niche organic/natural skincare brand. They make everything themselves in small batches so it is fresher and at its most potent.

The Hyaluronic 200 serum is so called because it contains 200mg of Hyaluronic Acid per 30ml bottle. This is mega hydration for the skin as it holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water making it super effective hydration for all skin-types.


It also contains Pomegranate extract which is known to promote cell turnover, strengthen the skin & protect the it from free radicals; Damask Rose Water, a natural hydrolat; and Aloe Vera.

This is a lovely silky texture going onto my skin. I have had a rash on my face & neck recently and once it started to settle, my skin really needed moisture and plenty of it, so this has been a godsend by my side.

It sinks in quickly, no residue, no wait time to carry on with your skincare and it helped keep my skin hydrated all day while going through a very bad time skin-wise

It has helped with hydration and helped me get my glow back. I applied it a few times a day along with my regular skincare routine and it has helped give me the moisture boost that I needed.

It is no big secret in the beauty world that Hyaluronic Acid is a wonder product for anti-ageing, for really plumping out the skin and filling out fine lines and wrinkles, and this serum really packs a strong moisture punch!

Evolve are a brand that sources only organic products where they can and if not organic then as naturally grown and sourced as possible.


There is change afoot in the beauty kingdom. People are learning and they are starting to read what is actually in their products and reducing the toxins they eat, put on their skin and their carbon footprint.

Evolve products give you artisan, green, organic, vegan, natural products that fit into a good healthy lifestyle and a better you inside and out and any product of theirs I have tried has been fantastic!

If you are interested in the Hyaluronic Serum you can get 20% off here at the Libbie Club while stocks last!

That it is for now folks, have a great weekend!

Nicola x

The Hero Project Hyasoft Gel

Hi Everyone,

I have found the perfect gel for the face!

It is super lightweight, sinks straight in with a lovely cooling effect and it leaves no stickiness or residue, is non perfumed, contains no oil  and just all round pretty fabulous! (honestly)

It is unscented and is in a clear super-lightweight gel. It feels very cooling as I feel it sink into my skin.


The Hyasoft gel is made up of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin  B5 to really nourish and boost the hydration levels in your skin and put the much needed bounce back in.

The gel gives an instant boost of hydration and brightness to any skin-type. So it is good on oily, dry, sensitive, tired or hungover skin.. It is a big long drink of water for thirsty skins of all sorts, particularly the men in our lives as their skin tends to be a lot oiler !


I particularly love it dabbed on around my orbital bone and let it sink in to boost my eye area, on top of make up to refresh during the day (just dab on lightly and let is sink in).  At 46 this is an area of concern for me and I do like to keep it well hydrated so this is perfect !

This little gel really punches above its weight as it is so super effective at what it does .. it hydrates your skin and it does it very well .. a real handbag hero that will really be going places once people realise how good it really is!

The Hero Project aims to bring out high quality affordable products that really work hard for you and so far they are doing a really fantastic job!

They have their own team of scientists who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world and they are going to be going places fast if their first 2 products are anything to go by!

As you can probably tell I really love this gel because of the hydration it gives me and no smell or residue of any kind with it.

I have seen something similar sell for at least 3 times the price so it is a bargain price  in my eyes and a very clever product!


At the moment the Hyasoft Gel is 20% off at the The Libbie Club making it £15.20 & with free post .. it will soon be a super handbag staple in any clever woman’s handbag for super hydration on the go…

Try something new and fantastic today …

That’s it for now folks

Thank you for reading

Nicola x



Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Mask

Hello everyone,

I have been trying some of these masks for quite some time now thanks to Tracey McAlpine who first put one in a beauty bundle I bought from her!


There is a whole website dedicated to these wonderful masks and they are so amazingly good. The mask I want to tell you about today is one of their luxury face masks. It is a Bio Cellulose Nanoscopic Fiber Cloth which fits really well onto your face allowing deeper penetration of the serum to maximise effect.


This mask is specifically for the more mature skin, it has an ingredient called EGF serum (think the expensive Bio Effect)  which is highly praised for its ability to repair and allow new cell growth, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin texture and plump the skin making it look visibly younger and healthier.

It is also packed with Hyaluronic acid which holds up to 100 times its own weight in moisture so it really delivers a powerful punch of goodness to the skin.

To use you peel off one side of the protective covering and apply the mask to your face smoothing it on as you go and when you have that done you then remove the second layer and that’s the mask firmly on your face, any extra juice dripping off, massage it down into my neck and decollete so i don’t waste and of the precious elixir.

The pictures below are not fabulous but what the mask does however is, i just wanted to show the 2 peel off material layers and the actual mask itself to give you a good idea of how it is and what to do ..



When I took the mask off I let my skin dry and then applied my night cream on top to seal everything in and really let the goodness of this mask work in my face overnight! If you’re in a rush and going out the results are pretty instant, you can put your makeup on pretty much as soon as it has dried in.

After using this my skin looked and felt amazing! It was plumped, skin tone was improved and it was a lot more youthful in general, peachy soft and it glowed. Perfect for a once a week much-needed weekend skin boost and for big nights out with your girlfriends when you know there is going to be pictures taken and you want to shine!

But who needs a special occasion to shine, it’s so lovely to treat yourself all the tie 🙂

This mask is such an amazing boost anytime, designed for mature skin and skin damage it has worked wonders on mine and left it so plumped, with very visibly improved, silky soft skin tone! In finding this mask I have now discovered a whole website dedicated to Masks!! there is also some under eye masks, masks for all skins including oily or acne prone too.

There is a choice of Fusion Masks and Luxury Masks, masks for every skin type… some under eye masks, oily or acne prone skin so it really is worth taking a look!

Now I have this website I do not want to lose it and it’s safely bookmarked because it is a real hidden gem for me, as I get older i need skin boosting masks like this more and more.. you can have a look and find out a lot more about these masks here Timeless Truth Face Masks and you can also say ‘hi’ to the very lovely Angela who runs the company on twitter https://twitter.com/TTBeautyMasks who will be more than happy to help you!

Have you tried TT masks yet?

Bye for now

Nicola x