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Indeed Labs Nanoblur Instant Skin Finisher

Hey everyone,

I have been playing about with Nanoblur for over a week now to see how it works and how it works on my skin.

Nanoblur hides the look of fine lines, imperfections and pores! It is full of optical prisms that bounce the light off anything you want to hide on your face or for that matter anywhere on the body you may like to blur something.


So this bounces the light out in different directions off say a wrinkle, some spots, age spots, pores, fine lines, thread veins and it takes down shine, mattifying skin which also makes things like pores a lot less visable.

Everybody I know seems to be paranoid about their pores or imperfections on their face. (Instagram has a lot to answer for lol) . In my case I used it to hide some lines and wrinkles that I do not like!

So what I did was mix a little into my primer and applied this all over my face and that gave me pretty much an all over flawless finish to my foundation.

I have a line across the top of my nose that I hate and with the nanoblur I can barely see it in my picture. I also dabbed a little over my top lip and corners of my mouth. As an x-smoker I would be a little paranoid about the fine lines that I have there.


I know I bang on about my age a bit but I think it is important that people can relate to age and the product that I am using and if it will help them … so I will say it again I am 47 and I feel this has pretty much given me a perfect complexion!

So what this product has done for me is pretty much give me the promised flawless finish to my skin .. the less is more approach is definitely needed when applying on top of your make up but it really works as you will hopefully see in my picture…


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Do you use a skin blurring product? If so what do you use?

That’s it for today folks

Nicola x