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Stemm High Density Stimuli Set for Blonde Hair

Hey everyone,

I have this past month been using the Stemm hair range for blonde hair. I  have tried a lot of expensive hair care this last 30 years or so and had pretty much given up on finding anything that would make my very fine curly hair volume and life.

It had gotten to the stage where a ponytail was pretty much as far as I got with it because to try and nourish the curls and the fact I had it coloured it pretty much just went lank and lifeless and had started to look extremely thin and I hated it.

So I started using Stemm as it claims to help with hair loss. lack of volume, condition. I warn you now these are hair treatments that really get down and tackle hair issues. They smell very different to what you may be used to but they have worked for me where I thought nothing would work and that overrides everything, plus it is important to know the smell of the ingredients does not linger on your hair in any way.

There is so much science behind these products is is impossible for me to cover it all. But I can tell you what they have done for me and I can back it up with a couple of pictures.

So the first product is Stemm Density Stimuli  a powerful hair serum that you massage into your scalp every evening. It combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, polyphenols and other vitamins to help hair regain its thickest, fullest & strongest look.

This is to give your hair follicles everything it needs to produce strong healthy hair!

I have found this is pretty much absorbed by morning. I do not wash my hair every day so I tend to use this every other evening. (plus the ocd part of me is trying to make the bottle last along with the shampoo and conditioner) You only need a little and you massage it in.

High Amino Shampoo is a concentrated product to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without damaging it, it works by supplementing the hair with the natural amino acids and nutrients our hair needs to keep it healthy, full glossy, soft & shiny.

All these products are sulphate free and the shampoo tho it cleanses the hair well it doesn’t foam up a lot . It doesn’t smell of flowers and exotic places either but I don’t really care about that and for very good reason I will get to soon …

Gold Fulvic Conditioner – for Blonde Hair is a rinse off conditioner with no build up on the hair associated with other hair conditioners. It will never give you lank hair! Lank hair is the bane of my life with curls .. you have to condition them and this pulls the curl down leaving it very lank.

So while the serum and shampoo both work on the scalp, getting it healthy and keeping it healthy and cleansing. The Fulvic conditioner, it specifically targets the damaged parts of our hair. The over heat treated/coloured/weak hair shaft. It works on fine flyaway hair and damaged hair. It restores strength and volume.

Now having most of the hair problems that have been mentioned above I cannot believe the change in my hair!! They call this skincare for hair .. well I can only agree fully as I feel like it has taken 30 years off and given me the hair I had in my 20’s and that is really saying something.

My hair  much stronger my hair is, the shine it has, the volume and the LIFE,vitality, softness and shine this has given my hair. It looks and feels fully restored back to a former crowning glory I thought I would never see again.

Ok so it smells of the natural and some organic ingredients in the bottle but it is oh so worth it but there is no sulphates or parabens in here of fake perfumes and it is a complete hair treatment system and it is the first one I have tried that has ever lived up to what it promises.
This is my hair before and then after I have been using Stemm for over a month.

Before as you can see my hair is super fine and breaks very easily & limp. Below are the after pictures where you can visibly see how much stronger my hair is and how much vitality and shine has been restored!



I cannot recommend these enough to anyone with blonde coloured hair that needs strengthened and the health and vitality but back into their hair. There is also a set for darker head of hair as well.

The only place I can see this trio set available at the moment is QVC and it is the best value to buy them all together Stemm on Qvc

I can honestly say these products have totally surprised me and blown me away. I am still in awe every time I look at my hair … amazing!

Have you tried Stemm yet? If you suffer from low hair self esteem and your hair has lost its former glory, then like me then you need to try these ..

That is it for now folks

Nicola x


Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel…Amazing!

Hello everyone,

I have been using the Dr Dennis Extra Strength Pads on and off for about a year now .. they are a serious addiction because you get that instant gratification of better skin immediately after using (well I do!).

It is like washing all the dust and grime that has been clinging to your windows all winter off and it lets the day light in and everything looks and feels so much smoother, better and brighter!

This is what these pads do they take off all the old skin glued and clinging to our face, raised skin around pores, bumps under your skin, sallowness, clean out fine lines and wrinkles making them look and feel smaller,  therefore they reveal a much more youthful and glowing self ..

It amazes me how much old skin we have glued onto our face, packing out wrinkles and generally making us look older .. Dr Dennis Gross is a real hero product that takes years off your face every time you use them!

The first pad, the one that exfoliates is about the only pad on the market (and the strongest you can get for home use) that uses several different acids to tackle anti-ageing on the skin and to take off raised skin, make pores smaller, smooth skin out and make it glow .. it takes 2 minutes .. once my face is done I take this over the back of my hands and my elbows (waste not want not) .

This also tackles dark spots, firmness, uneven skin tone, spots, scarring, dullness and it is fantastic on your neck and chest too.


The second pad neutralises the first pad and gives the skin a power packed does of Vitamin C & peptides into new freshly exfoliated skin ..  once this has soaked into your skin you are free to use your regular skin routine after. (same thing take it over any dry areas even tho you think the pad is dry there is still some product on there)

All of this takes you about 5 minutes and in that 5 minutes I was blown away by my results .. skin was smoother so much fresher .. I watched this happen before my eyes with the first wipe .. the glow just appeared and it has stayed ever since. Hence my addiction!!

I should say I am clever with these and I cut them in half and make them last me twice as long .. as much s they are pricey they are worth every single penny .. yes sir I loves them and they love me back lol!

If you have never tried Dr Dennis Gross extra strength peel pads then I urge you to try .. at a starting try me price of £15 you really have everything to gain and nothing to lose .. just even better skin that you imagined!

You can try these pads out for yourself  HERE and I highly recommend you do as they are worth every penny!

That is it for now folks

take care

Nicola x