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Skin Organics -Clean & Natural Beauty Box Competition!


Hello Beauties,

Today I have a competition for you! Yay!

It is for a Skin Organics Beauty Box. I have to say, I have been seriously impressed with the box I was sent and I have decided to subscribe, as I just love organics and clean products. Our skins readily accept these products and they work so much better on the skin (no harsh parabens).

Every month, you get sent 5 organic and clean products for just £21 plus £3.95 shipping .. For organic products that is a pretty amazing price, as it really can be much more expensive for niche, purer products. Funny how you have to pay more for products in their natural state and not filled with ingredients to really dry your skin out and irritate it!

Everything about this box feels smart, clean and beautiful. I am absolutely loving the 5 products I was sent. They are all award winning products, which I will list below, as you will receive the same box if you win.

Siskyn Camelia & Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil – a skin-brightening cleansing oil, that is gentle enough to take over your eyes to remove your eye makeup too. I don’t know about you, but sometimes  I think it is a pain having to get a lot of different cleansers out at bedtime!

Terre Verdi Acqua Di Rose Balancing Mist – Anyone who knows me, knows I am crazy about rose water and this one is lovely and pure as it just contains pure Damask Rosewater. I will be buying this in a full size as it has not left my side since it arrived (alcohol free).

Freyaluna Tea Tree and Peppermint Refreshing Foot Scrub – when I opened the box I could smell the beautiful peppermint coming from this … it is a brown sugar scrub and with it being so hot at the minute, it is a real treat to refresh hot tired feet. The good thing about a sugar scrub is it goes all creamy on the feet as the sugar dissolves leaving so silky smooth.

Kathy Sue Ann’s Anti-Ageing Eye Balm – Now this is a bit different to what I am used to, but I think it is a very good product. Particularly where I live, on the coast, it can get very windy and you can get watery eyes that sting and get very irritated. In an emergency, great on lips or other patches of irritated skin too.

Last up is Maggie Ann’s Nail Polish in Grace – A beautiful bright pink for summer! Free from 6, this nail polish is Peta approved gel polish and its formula is streak free and super glossy.

So how do you enter to win this box? Just like the skin Organics facebook page HERE & Subscribe to their website HERE (wait for the pop up to appear) and like my Facebook page too HERE and leave a comment on the competition on my facebook page to say you have entered all the conditions and give the competition a share.

Winner will be drawn at random in on Friday evening (4th of August), good luck everyone ❤ . You can also get 10% off one of The Skin Organics with code firstbox10.

Bye for now

Nicola x


December’s Love Lula Beauty Box

Hey Folks,

Its that time of the month when one of my favorite beauty boxes gets handed to me by my wee postie 🙂

My Love Lula Beauty Box!


My first item is a Salcura Hand Hydrator, i really go through a ton of hand creams as i only have to look at products with SLS in and my skin starts to dry out, i also have contact dermatitis on palms of my hands as i am allergic to a lot of metals like nickel.

This is a fabulous hand cream! It sinks very quickly  into my hands, there is no residue left on the hands. Designed for people with mild to moderate dry skin on their hands i have found this hand cream a real treat to use and it seems to be helping my dry skin issues.


Next up is Joik Silky Facial Serum and Joik Shimmering body lotion, i am putting them together as they are only very small samples and i do not rate them as individual items at that size really.  The lotion i have not received yet but it is on its way so onto the serum..


Joik Silky Facial Serum has cranberry and wheatgerm has to be in the most awkward opening serum sachet ever!! Who is going to guess you fold and squeeze it and the oil comes our the underside all over the place lol ( its not idiot proof for people like me hehe) .. it smells lovely and is meant to be for mature skin and that is as far as i got this as it went everywhere which is a shame as a love trying new serums and skincare!


My Joik luxury bath truffle smells divine! I got a lovely citrus one, you pop them in under running how water and they melt into the water giving you  beautifully scented extra hydrating bath! With ingredients like orange, grapefruit essential oils they are also packed with Shea butter and are all 100% natural .. heaven 🙂

Fair Squared vegan lip balms are not products i have heard of before but their balms are wonderfully soft and just glide over the lips without pulling the skin. I got a spearmint and a pomegranate one the latter of which i have open and am using.


Made with apricot kernel, almond, coconut and coca butter these balms are ultra soft and hydrating on my lips i have to say and much needed at this time of year.  They are fair trade and really reasonably priced too at £2.99!

Last but not least is Dr Bonner’s Magic Soap, i have used a variety of these soaps before and if you travel a lot a bottle of this is an incredible handy thing to have because .. well you can wash just about everything with it!


There is no harsh chemicals in it and when its cold it can go cloudy and that’s testament to the natural oils in the product.. Dr Bronner himself has a fascinating life story and is worth a read up on as he was a truly fascinating man and a lot of his traditions are still carried out today including the writing on the bottles .. his soap is fantastic pure castile eco soap and mine smells wonderfully almond and marzipany .. just love it , so warming ❤

So this month i am torn with my Love Lula box, there is bits i loved like the hand cream and the soap and that’s really where the value of this box lies plus the lip balms. The Joik not so much really as the samples are tiny and the face oil very awkward to open.

But i can still see the value in the box and the fact it is organic too accounts for a lot too, so here is looking forward to January and another organic beauty box from Love Lula!


As always there is a card with 20% off the the brands in the box too which gives some pretty amazing discounts on products ..

Bye for now folks

Nicola x