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NuBo Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser a Hidden Gem You Need to Know About!

Hello fellow beauty lovers,

Nubo is a brand I have been meaning to blog about a lot more than I have. It is a brand with a highly scientific, cosmeceutical grade formulas and products. It is a world class brand in a league of its own.
Marina Nubo who owns the brand is a true front runner in the world of beauty & skincare. She is constantly learning and transforming and evolving the powerful plant actives that she uses in her products.
She really is in a class all of her own!

I have been using the NuBo Exfoliating Cleanser for a while now. I am on my second bottle, the bottle has its own special head that makes the product foam as you express it.
4 pumps is more than enough to do your face neck and decolletage, I often leave it on for 10/15 minutes before my shower as a skin buffing treatment mask. all the glory with none of the scrubbing!

First thing I noticed at the start was the smell of the raw sugar cane which is a natural exfoliating AHA of 10%, it dissolves the glue that keeps old and dead skin-cells on our face that cause a build up around pores and the old skin that settles into fine lines and wrinkles.
This is why acids are such a big buzz word for the skin. I have found some to be full of skin stripping ingredients so I am very wary and careful of what I use.

The natural Glycolic acid in this cleanser does not strip the skin, it helps speed up the renewal of damaged skin-cells, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, improves skin texture, brightens & tones. I have really noticed this after about a week my skin was clearer and so much smoother. It takes years off!

It also contains natural seaweed extract so it is full of vitamins and minerals for the skin, as it takes the old skin away it replenishes the new. Your skin will never ever feel tight or dry after using this, It is a wonderful product.

What makes this extra special also is Marina has added rose hip oil to condition and nourish the skin, it brightens and treats super sensitivity & pigmentation at the same time. You never get any dryness with this exfoliator, it doesn’t upset the skin in any way at all. There is no redness but you do need to take it off with a warm muslin cloth, if you have very sensitive skin then use a muslin cloth you have washed a few times to soften it.

If you love your hair and scalp to be super healthy and shiny then you can use this on your scalp for 10 minutes and your scalp feels so incredibly fresh & clean after as it takes all the dead skin cells of your scalp too and it reboots the natural shine in your hair, it really is a fantastic tip you should try.

This is a simple affordable product if you are serious about your skincare or are on the sensitive skin side then I highly recommend this product. It is as good as any you can get and a lot cheaper than some at £35.
My skin feels amazing and incredibly smooth using this cleanser once a day it is one of those products you use a few times and think to yourself ‘I am never letting this go!’


All of Marina’s products are paraben free, sls free, petrochemical free and cruelty free.
It is very clever skincare from a very clever lady with a big conscience!

Have you tried any NuBo skincare yet? You can check out this fantastic exfoliating cleanser here:
NuBo Harrods

That’s me for now…

Nicola x

Ancienne Ambience Goddess Pure Rose Floral Waters

Hi Folks,



No Sign of summer yet here in Northern Ireland tho it might feel slightly warmer today but still extremely wet lol …  I would like to tell you about my love and passion for my Ancienne Ambience Goddess Rose Pure Floral Water!

It is a real staple in my skin care routine that I cannot and will not be without! It is paraben and preservative free, it is a natural hydrolat .. meaning that is really helps to hydrate your skin. Something I need a lot because as I get older my skin has gotten so much drier and in constant need of moisture.



I know this has been said so many times before but the power of rose and good quality rose products on the skin is simply amazing.  It can really help with redness and problem skin like rosacea. Really soothing the red sore skin taking down the redness, soothing and hydrating.

Use it cooled out of the fridge on hot eyes to take down any irritation or puffiness or on sunburnt skin to cool and hydrate hot skin and take down inflammation.



Rosewater or rosehip oil will take down the redness of a spot over night too! Spray some on cleansed skin and see 🙂

Pure Rose Goddess Water is  also a natural mood boosters and are lovely to just spritz around you when you are hot, bothered and tired.

I use my Pure Rose Floral Water as my toner, i keep it fresh and cool in the fridge and use morning and night. I put a good spritz onto my face and because it is pure,  I don’t have to wipe it off! I can just let it sink into my skin as I get dressed or undressed ..

For healthy happy skin it is essential you get your first 2 steps right and that is cleansing and toning so your skin is prepared to accept your serums/oils/moisturizer or else they do not get to work properly or sink in as needed.



I searched a long time to find a floral water at a decent price and this is the one for me, most toners are 200ml and are kept stable by alcohol which can not only be very drying on the skin they can really irritate it too.

Ancienne Ambience pure floral waters are £20 for 300ml and the best value and quality I have found. Even the nozzle on the bottles are great and deliver a lovely even spritz onto my face every time.

If you have not yet tried the power of rose I urge you to give it a go and your skin will love you for it x



Ancienne Ambience do a really good range of Pure Floral waters and you can find them here.. be sure to click on each one and read what they can do to find the right one for you Pure Goddess Waters (who doesn’t want to embrace their inner Goddess after all!)

Ancienne Ambiance does an amazing range of the most incredible smelling beauty products from their soaps (another love, pure and non drying) to bath and body items and candles, my wish list is endless lol ..



Have you tried these amazing floral waters yet?

Bye for now peeps

Nicola xx

Ancienne Ambiance Amandula Goddess Soap

Hello fellow beauty bathers!


Ancienne Ambiance has a beauty range I have been in love with for a very long time, their products never cease to uplift me, they feel and smell so luxurious and your delivery package will smell like no other .. pure heavenly!!

Their soaps are al all time favourite soaps,  my almond soap smells incredible, made with almond milk it has a wonderful delicate scent of almond with a slight hint of marzipan, the scents of their soaps is intoxicating and you just know you have something very special in a simple bar of soap!


The soaps are triple milled, full of vitamins to hydrate and condition the skin, they do not strip the skin of its natural oils or dry it out, I really do love this little bar of soap a lot!

Pure white in colour it is perfect for shaving, showering to hand washing, it is so pure you can even wash your face with it!

Almond is renowned for its moisturising qualities and this soap leaves your skin lightly scented and silky soft and it will not break the bank either at £5.00 for a 100g soap it is excellent value., check out all the different varieties here Goddess Soaps


If you have not tried Ancienne Ambiance then i highly recommend that you do! Their products really do make you feel like a goddess, their floral waters are also another favourite of mine, i adore the Rose water so much i haven’t managed to get past it to try the others but the range is fantastic and so soothing on the skin, organic and the best value i have found at £20 for 300 ml Goddess Floral Waters

I could quite happily spend the rest of my days indulging in this range, you just know its such amazing quality as soon as you open your delivery box!

If you want to feel like a Goddess or want to make someone you love feel special then you have to try this range, its soaked in ancient history and bathing rituals that have been used for thousands of years … so go descent into a fragrant plume of steam, shut the door and have a truly wonderful bathing experience!


You can check out their full range of products here Bath & Body Products

Have you tried this amazing range of pure luxury products yet?

They have well and truly stolen my heart!

Bye for now

Nicola x