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American English Luxury Vegan Youth Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Hello beauty lovers, 

In January I was very lucky and won a competition of some American English hair care products. At first I thought they can’t be better than what I am using! But I can very happily say that hands down they are and in fact they are much better! 

So today I want to talk about the American English Youth repair Shampoo & Conditioner – Youth Repair is a shampoo for colour treated hair. I have the most awkward hair in the world, it is superfine, lots of it, it is curly and extremely prone to frizz, it is the bane of my life it really is. Given that I live by the sea side, add in the wind and sea air, mostly my hair is in a ponytail because to keep it neat is endless when you factor in so many things. 

So the youth repair shampoo is rich in vitamin C & Omegas 3,6 and 9, it is for dry colour treated hair and is full of vitamins and amino acids to not only effectively cleanse  your hair but to help repair your hair back to a more youthful natural state. It helps to re-hydrate your hair and to strengthen the hair and help prevent breaking and snapping. 

Effectively this is high end luxury vegan shampoo hair care, free from sulphates & parabens it  has a lovely fresh unisex fragrance. I have found a little goes a long way, it gives a great lather and leaves hair feeling super clean. You can feel it has done a really good job in the shower, you get that incredibly clean feeling to your hair and scalp. Worth noting that is also has UVA & UVB protection built in too and it is ph balanced which really helps close down the cuticle locking in moisture and helping your hair colour to last longer.

American English Youth Repair Conditioner,restores elasticity with Boabab (tree of life) .Rich in vitamins A,C & E plus omegas 3,6,7, & 9 intensely conditioning  restoring, strength and vitality!

OMG I love this conditioner. It is rich and luxurious, it coats the hair really well  and you just know by how it feels on the hair it is doing your hair good! It is skincare for your hair and you can feel it instantly when you apply it to  your hair. 

Again it has that fresh revitalising scent and it feels like you are massaging beautiful silky oils and proteins into your hair , it can also be left on for longer and used as a hair mask too. 

I have personally for my hair type have found very few products that make my hair feel conditioned, the hair cuticles all appear to be flattened and running the right way My hair looks glossy and conditioned right down to the ends and I have less frizz than ever and that can be a real issue for me I am not big on a lot of hair products, just some serum or a conditioning spritz.

I honestly didn’t think I could find better than I had been using but I genuinely have, in fact it my hair looks and feels even better and the ladies in my beauty group will know this. I will more than happily buy this for myself and keep on using because not only is it vegan, clean and cruelty free it does what it says on the bottle and it is an absolute pleasure to use and my hair looks shiny, healthy, conditioned and lovely and clean! 

You can find American English products at Asos or John Lewis 

That is it for today folks, bye for now 

Nicola x

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% .. Truly Remarkable Skincare!

Hi everyone,

If you have not heard of Brandon Truaxe Or NIOD (non evasive options in dermal science) then you should really go to Victoria Health and read up on the incredible things he is doing in the Beauty world!

copper-amino-isolate-serum-1pct-15ml (1)

He is revolutionising the way we look at beauty and skin-care and completely turning it on his head. How he thinks and looks at what our skin needs is so much more pioneering and streets ahead of the usual huge beauty giants churning out the same sort of creams which are only slightly different down through their various channels.

So the first product I purchased was the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum. It comes beautifully packaged in plain black boxes and white labels, slightly clinical, clean and a feeling of something that you feel is going to be high-tech and that is exactly what it is.

Two bottles  come with this product…. one looks empty .. do not turn it on it’s head and shake because it contains the copper powder needed to make up the serum.


You activate this yourself by mixing the Activator  and the copper flakes together and shaking for about 30 seconds to mix well and activate your serum. This way you get the freshest product that will stay active for you for the longest time. You keep this serum in the fridge to keep the ingredients as active and as potent as possible.

How this serum works is to help reduce all visable signs of anti-ageing. It is absorbed into the skin immediately and it forms a base to make skin look and act younger  from  it’s lowest depth upwards. So it is also treating the new skin before it gets up to the surface.

This is a thin light sky blue serum and I personally find the best way to apply this (as you only need 3 drops) and not over use it is to apply it to the palm of my hand and quickly mix it onto both hands and press it into my skin that is still damp from toning. That way I feel I get a good application of the serum all over my face.


On my own skin I have been using about a month now. I can see a more youthful  appearance and it has been remarked upon! I feel my face looks and feels healthy (I tend to be quite ashen) my pores do look smaller and firmness  and elasticity is much much better. Particularly the elasticity and spring back.

I could try and go into all the high-tech stuff about this serum. It is called skin-care for the hyper-educated. I am not quite in that niche but I love good skincare that works and that really matters to me and this really works! I know this because I can see and feel it every day.

I use it with the NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex with 12 different hyaluronic compounds to visably hydrate hydrate the skin. This is a godsend for anyone who struggles with keeping their skin hydrated as they get older as i know I do ..

Having tried  quite a few NIOD  products now and I can honestly say I just want more and more…. there is no heaviness with these products. They are lovely and light, the delivery goes instantly into the skin. There is no waiting for anything to sink in. You apply and straight away your done and you have intelligent products  that is making your skin work for you!

The NIOD umbrella is a very fast growing one. People are really waking up to what these powerful products can do for their skin.

The amazing Nikki Taylor is a massive NIOD fan and I have to say I have very cheerfully followed her down this line and been really excited by all the new releases and I just cannot wait to get my hands on them!


Have you had the pleasure of trying some of the NIOD products yet? If so are you loving them as much as me?

That’s all for now folks

Take care

Nicola x

Nars Brow Gel, My New Best friend!

Hey everyone 🙂

Eye brows for me are such funny old things and something I have studied quietly and from afar for quite some time! Too little brow, too much brow, not plucked, over plucked! They may frame our faces but they are such a major dilemma too!


Some people suit a dark thick brow, some have also have the same dilemma as me as to how much to pluck and how heavy to go with the huge range of brow products available. My problems stem from being fair-haired so a dark or heavy brow or strongly defined brow  just looked incredibly wrong. yet I admire a well-defined dark brow so much.

images (1)

I have tried all sort of eye brow pencils, pens, wax .. some looked ok …some were just very wrong . I am now at a point and age where the ends are thinning out now too (always something). So when the fabulous Nikki Taylor mentioned the Nars Brow Gel for blonde hair I thought it really had to be worth a go ..


Well Amen Sista!!

I simply love this! It is the best thing I have ever used on my brows, its light enough not to give me a dark heavy look yet it gives me some shade and defined shape in the most natural way .. and its super-fast and easy to use!


I just do not suit strong defined coloured in brows, I have tried for years and this light gel not only gives me the colour that I need its fully build-able, keeps my brows in place all day and basically gives me the brow colour I need for my fair colouring

I just brush both brows in an upward motion and swipe the brow gel wand over them for instant naturally defined brows that look perfect on my face (only took me 35 years!). If I want an evening look I can simply just add a little more gel and maybe add a little pencil to the tails and I am done!

Its fast, easy, natural and everything I want or need in one swipe Happy, Happy, Happy, I cannot recommend it enough for what it has done for me… Tamed, natural brows in one or 2 swipes 🙂


Nars easily does some of the most hard-working Iconic make-up around and it’s not hard to see why people love and trust it and go back to Nars time and time again.

It comes in 4 shades one is clear, the one is use is in the shade Athens,  there is another  medium toned shade and then one for dark brows.


Now I know my brows are far from perfect but I like them like this and think they suit my face so they shall do for me .


It’s really affordable too at £16.50 from most big retailers Nars Brow Gel and if you do not suit a heavy brow or just want to keep your brows tidy and in place then this mascara wand type product may be just the ticket for you too ..

Bye for now

Nicola x

Why I Blog .. simple pleasures :-)

Hello everyone,

One of the Admin on the UK Bloggers (fantastic group for all bloggers) asked last week what made their members blog? It can take me a while to think about things and get an answer straight in my head so here are the results of my thinking!


I have Me & Fibromyalgia, I also have chronic degenerative disc disease in my lower back and in my neck too, everything I have seems to cause me no end of pain, plus i seem to be very anemic a lot!

I don’t mean a little bit of pain i take 50mg of morphine a day for it, I never get a full nights sleep because of it, I have had nerves cauterised, discs decompressed, physiotherapy which was hell on earth and wrecked me for months after…

The fatigue or exhaustion is overwhelming, it can take hours to plan or get myself into the shower, I sometimes don’t even feel refreshed after, just even more pain and exhaustion its a never-ending cycle of pain and complete exhaustion.


After a really bad spell that had laid me up in bed badly, I looked in the mirror and realised it had been such a long time since I had seen myself … the real me!!

All I saw was greyness and pain….. i still get weeks like this a lot but if i can focus for an hour on my blog then i have achieved even the smallest thing and i don’t beat myself up so much.

I had totally lost myself to pain, it had completely taken my over and from that day on I made a promise to myself that no matter what or how bad I was I would do one simple thing and that was to wash my face, I realise a simple task such as  this sounds like nothing to a normal person but it was a big thing for me and the start of trying to be kind to myself and look after myself better!

I knew if I managed to make it out my front door then at least I wouldn’t be ashamed to meet people because I could always tie my hair back but grey pallor and a face that showed only pain would have stopped me going out on the days that I could get out.

So that’s where it all started for me and as my love of skin care and beauty products grew that is where I have found my joy, passion and escapism, which for me has grown and grown.


I have never been a lazy person and always worked hard all my life, i have gone from working at 100mph to -100mph, it has been very hard to take in and understand, gone are my real life friends, the either got fed up with my being ill or didn’t believe me and i was just a joke to them, same with the rest of my family, it would be a cold day in hell before any of them would ask how i was or showed any care, all learnt the hard way …

Now I blog to not only natter about what I love but to keep my brain ticking over, it is and can be a major battle to get the words on the page, bit like trying to see though pea soup …

I’d like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read any of my blog posts, I really appreciate it and i would also like to thank my brother Lennie who supports me endlessly and were it not for him I would not be here and my 3 beautiful cats who make my flat a home (they are spoilt rotten 🙂 )


I have also met some truly incredible women online too, good friends like Sarah, Ame, Kayla, Sam, Diane, Jan,  Nikki TaylorTracey McAlpine and all of the girls in my little beauty group!!


Little things and small blessings all add up and I am grateful for every one of them … so this is truly why I blog 🙂 to be able to see and think through the pain and exhaustion, every time I hit that publish button I get a massive sense of achievement that I managed to get a blog post done!

I am on an eternal quest for fantastic beauty products to help body and mind ..


Why do you blog? I would love to hear what started you off on your journey x

I have not written this post for sympathy i am way beyond that now thankfully, just a little understanding  for the  illness and for others hopefully …  it is a very hard fought socially isolating illness and not enough is known about it but we all live in hope that someday a solution will be found!

Bye for now

Nicola x

The Fighting Fifty Travel Essentials Bag

Hi Folks,

What better to do on a rainy afternoon but to review the amazing Travel Essentials bag from Tracey McApline and Nikki Taylor, I won’t go into too much detail as your better listening to the experts when you get your bag of goodies!
These 2 woman stand by every product in this bag and its easy to see why, they are all top-notch products ..


First up is the Konjac sponge a 100% natural vegetable fibre sponge to deep cleanse and lightly exfoliate your skin, i have had these sponges before and they are fab, deep cleansing but gentle on the skin.


Love your Skin Collagen gel with added vitamin E it delivers a light layer of water based hydration to the skin, sinks in quickly too. Plus there’s a Love your Skin collagen shower gel too to get that collagen back into the skin in as many ways as possible, they both smell divine too!


Emma Hardie, i don’t think theres much Emma Hardie does that i have not liked and the Moringa balm is a beautiful, soft, refined balm. Beautiful to cleanse and leave your face clean and silky soft, good oil takes out bad oil!


Merumaya Youth Preservation Serum and Iconic Youth Serum, this brand is really becoming a firm favourite on the market, even launching on QVC in its first year! The youth serum i think of as a total shield for the skin, nourishing and protecting it, I haven’t tried the moisturizer yet but if its anything like the cleanser, toner or the serum it will be pretty fantastic…


Timeless Truth Rejuvenation Mask is a luxury mask that contains immortelle, hyaluronic acid to help reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing (yes please).


Green People Sun Lotion an organic factor 15 suntan lotion with built in Tan accelerator (now why didn’t anyone else think of that?) with Organic Aloe Vera, Edelweiss, Inositol, Green Tea & Avocado.


Ginvera the original BB cream, covers well and lasts and lasts it truly is a fantastic product, love it! The Green Tea Marvel Exfoliating gel is pretty fab too, going down into your dermis and the old skin just rolls off, not exactly sure how it works but it does and is gentle enough for my neck and chest and leaves them baby smooth.


Alpha H Essential Hydration Cream haven’t tried this product yet but i am using their balancing cleanser which leaves my skin lovely and matt and the Liquid gold, one sweep over the skin at night and ‘hello glowy happy face in the morning!’



Theres a fantastic lip pencil from Studio10 which is dual ended, is a lovely natural pink shade and the other end has a natural skin toned pencil to help shape and refine the lips, really impressed with this too


Flourish moisturizer by Marlena is an artisan Italian hand-made cream with Hyaluronic, collagen beads, jojoba to smooth out wrinkles and even skintone and we all know hawt and sexy quality produce comes out of Italy lol.


Last up it the very intriguing Studio 51 night cream, sold out in lots of places around the world and Tracey and Nikki managed to secure the only samples in the UK of this! It’s intensely rich, smells incredible, you don’t need a serum under and i just know it’s a little pot of something oh so very special ..and the scent of white flowers is stunning!


Phew! Theres a lot to this bag, over £130 worth of products! But enough from me , if you wish to buy this exceptional bag you will find it here on FightingFifty.co.uk
and if you do purchase this bag grab a brew and listen to the 2 experts tell you all about the products personally


Nicola x

Travel Essentials beauty bag from Fighting Fifty!

Hi folks,

Just a quick line to tell you about an amazing, very limited travel essentials bag which will be up for sale next week from Tracey McAlpine and Nikki Taylor, its got Alpha H, Emma Hardie, Make up to name a few and i will be first on the list to get one lol .

When its released you will find it on Tracey’s website http://www.fightingfifty.co.uk/

Information for women approaching 50 and 50+ is really starting to boom now with Tracey at the forefront and it couldn’t happen to a better person, she really cares how women over 50 are perceived and has an avid interest in the health concerns and beauty concerns and just general concerns of all women. 

Yep she really is that good to give her a shout out on Twitter and join up on her website where there is a whole wealth of information for all women 

Heres a video of whats gonna be in the bag from these 2 savvy women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zDisoydM60

Bye for now

Nicola xx