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Laila London Chamomile & Lavender Clay Mask

Hey everyone,

I think most people want to shake off last year and detox themselves in some way. I know I do. Old make up and skincare has been cleared out, along with clothes, cupboards and just about anything that gets in my way lol!

Of course it is rightly so that my skin gets a good detox too and a good ole mud mask that really clears the skin out is an essential. I use a variety of masks for various reasons and there is always a good skin clearing mask in my stash.


This mask is full of healing organic benzonite clay, lavender & chamomile . Benzonite clay is highly prized for its effectiveness to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals and impurities from your skin.

We all attract toxins onto our skin on a daily basis. Just walking along a street, we inhale pollution from cars and it sticks to our faces, causing a lot of irritation and skin problems, blocking our skincare from working too.

A mask like this removes all those issues, cleans out pores, firms the skin and improves blood circulation to the skin, making it brighter and clearer too. It is in a dry powdered formula, which keeps better and means when you mix some up with water, you are getting the freshest possible mask onto your skin. You just add water if and when you want to apply this mask.


So if you don’t have a good powerful mask like this in your routine, then you should have, because it will do wonderful things for your skin. It also comes with a rather fabby little wooden spoon, which I have to mention as I am shallow and think it is fantastic lol!

This month there is 10% off this powerful and wonderful mask with this month’s Libbie Club here:

That is it for now folks

Nicola x

Lin & Lo Instant Love Mineral Mascara


Hello Beauties,

Happy January .. well hopefully!

Alina & Laura are 2 make up artists who are behind the brand Lin & Lo. They are no strangers to the beauty industry, as their families are involved in the beauty world too. Working all over the world, they have brought together their passion for beauty & make up and their wealth of knowledge of the best quality natural ingredients.


The Instant Love Mascara, is fabulous. Enriched with ceramides to restore and strengthen lashes, it gave me carbon black lashes, that felt conditioned, thick, glossy, with minimal effort. I was really impressed with the length and volume that just 2 coats of this mascara gave me.

There is no clumping or stickiness and the more I think about this, it has to be the easiest to apply mascara I have used in a long time. No mess and no fuss, just fantastic results. I love the brush and how it catches the lashes making sure all lashes get evenly coated.

IMG_20170109_150439374 (2).jpg

I shall be moving over quite a few of my mascara stash in favour of this one! It stayed put and didn’t budge and it was pretty easily removed too, unlike some on the market now, that are near impossible to get off.

I am genuinely very impressed with this mascara, it just oozes quality and a fantastic finish, it really does. I shall be looking into this brand a lot more!


There are a lot of mascaras out there that charge a mint, but are pretty much bog standard. This is a cut above and perhaps that is because the brand is still very niche and they have to work harder to compete, but the quality is definitely there.


There is 20% off The Lin & Lo Instant Love Mascara with this month’s Libbie Club and you can find it here: January Libbie Offers.

That is it for now folks

Nicola x

The English Soap Company Festive Soy Candle and Soap Duo


Hello folks,

The English Soap Company is a new brand to me. I was sent the ‘Winter Village’ Duo, which consists of a substantial 260g triple-milled shea butter vegetable soap and a 175g soy wax candle. The candle has a 35 hour burn time, which I think is excellent value for £15 and is a good weighty, solid present to gift to someone.

The fragrance ‘Winter Village’ has a beautiful mulled wine & cinnamon fragrance, which is beautifully balanced both in the soap and the candle. It is not too heavy to be overpowering and it is a unisex fragrance that men will like and use too.


It is the perfect winter warming fragrance and it just smells so right for this time of year. I love a big bar of soap for beside my bath and the candle in my bedroom for after my bath to snuggle up with when the rain is battering hard on the windows, or it is blowing a gale and freezing outside. This fragrance is gently warming and I love the candle flickering away beside me.

The soap and the candle come in their own little packages, so you can just pop them into a party bag to gift. The English Soap Company have taken the work out of everything for you and if like me you hate wrapping, you’ll find this damn handy lol!


I love a good spicy Christmas candle for this time of year, they are my favourite, as I really go for rich spicy scents. This month you can get this candle and soap set from the Libbie Club for just £15 here: Libbie Offers


Whether it is a treat for yourself or a gift, which fragrances will you be burning this winter?

Bye, for now, folks,

Nicola x


Isla Apothecary Lemongrass and Rosemary Foot Scrub.

Hey Beauties,

Isla Apothecary Lemongrass and Rosemary Foot Scrub is an absolute treat not only for the feet but for the senses too. They are a clean brand that marries all natural ingredients with the sensory power of essential oils.

The soles of our feet are one of the best places for us to receive essential oils, so make sure you massage this scrub well over the soles of your feet. It does smell amazing and totally revitalizing!

While the pumice exfoliates your feet, the aromatic rosemary and lemongrass go to work, uplifting your mind and taking any pain and swelling out of tired and sore feet. This scrub is particulary good for people who get very dry cracked feet as it will really tackle very dry sore skin.


Rosemary is an oil I use a lot, as it has so many anti-inflammatory qualities and it is fantastic for mental fatigue, which I suffer from a lot, so I bathe in it as well and make sure I inhale lots of this lovely oil.

Lemongrass is wonderfully sharp and citrussy and good for killing off anything fungal on your feet. It is really deodorizing too so your tootsies smell lovely and fresh.

I soak my feet in a little of the product first or use after a bath to take off any softened old skin and then the new skin underneath is left silky soft and feels totally revived.

For an added boost, to give you lovely soft feet, they have added Almond and Baobab oils, full of essential fatty acids to nourish the skin on our feet and leave then feeling lovely and soft

All in all, I found this incredibly refreshing and uplifting, both for my feet and mentally too. If I have been too tired to scrub, I just put a spoonful into a footbath and let those oils go to work on soothing and pampering my feet.

There is nothing like having soothed comforted feet and a nice boost of essential oils to refresh the mind too, so this fragrant pot of loveliness is a double whammy of goodness for the body.

This is a real treat for my feet as they do get very inflamed and sore around the bones. It is heaven scented and a hardworking product that gives great results. My feet feel soothed, fresh and totally pampered.


Isla Apothecary make all their products by hand and in small batches, to you get a high quality fresh product and you can find 20% off this scrub this month on the Libbie Club here:

It would make a lovely stocking filler for someone for sure ..

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

Lola Satin Eyeshadows are Stunning!

Hello everyone,

I have found a new love! If you have not tried the M&S Lola brand, then I have to highly recommend it.

In this duo, the nail polish is a really hard working, hard wearing product, but the peachy toned colour of this eyeshadow is just pure perfection! It cleans up the whole eye area and really brightens it.


These are satin eye shadows and the one I have has a subtle shimmer in it. I haven’t taken a lot of time applying it on my lid, but it has gone on like a dream. I just dabbed it on and hey presto! It instantly awakened the whole eye area and made it look much better!

The shadows give a lovely rich intense application to the eye. They don’t feel dry and feel lovely and smooth and light on the eye.

I have fallen in love with this eyeshadow and will definitely be looking out for some more. Sometimes eyeshadows with a little sparkle in can irritate the eyelid as they are coarse, but not with this. It feels really good.


The Libbie Club has 20% off this Lola duo this month, they will make a lovely gift to someone as they are great for morning and evening. You can check them out here:

That’s it for now folks, take care

Nicola x

Salon Science Repair and Protect Duo


Hello everyone,

I always dread the start of winter, when I put the heat on and as I have gotten older I can really feel it not only drying out my skin, but my hair too.

Usually I leave my hair curly in summer and let it dry on its own. But in winter, I need to get the hairdryer out, so I can get it dry faster and I need to be putting on products that help protect my hair and stop it going dry and crispy lol.

The Salon Science Repair and Protect Duo contains Swiss Grape to repair the hair and add radiance. I also has a ‘state of the art UV filter’. Salon Science combines hair care with the latest beauty technology to bring you powerful hair products that work.



So first up is the Reglosse Smoothing Serum. The first thing I notice is I love how it smells and the second thing I note is you only need a small amount of this .. don’t overload your hair. My hair feels silky soft and frizzy ends are smoothed out, it’s really nourishing!

Then you apply the Salon Science Reprotectant Thermal Creme. This binds to the hairs surface, protecting it from heat, preventing damage caused by styling. It also has a state of the art UV filter, protecting the hair from environmental factors too. It has Vitamin E and other antioxidants to help maintain hair colour and shine. It also conditions the hair and helps prevent further damage, always a good thing, as most people pick up the straighteners non stop these days.



Really this is a fantastic set, anytime of year, for anyone who styles their hair a lot. It not only nourishes and takes down any frizz, but it leaves hair beautifully glossy and not weighed down with product.

My hair feels light, fresh and healthy. I detest a lot of product in my hair or that feeling like it is bogged down with products. So this feels great and my hair is lovely & shiny. They are big sizes of product and will definitely last me the winter.

If you would like to check out the Salon Science Duo for yourself, there is a fantastic £9.50 off the Duo here ..with the Libbie Club

Have you tried any Salon Science products yet?

Bye for now

Nicola x

Paul Yacomine Micro Duo Hair Serum/Oil


Hello beauties

Me again lol!

This time with a topic very close to my heart! Hair serums & oils – isn’t it such a minefield to find the right ones for your hair that don’t weigh it down or leave it feeling lank?

So I have been trying the Paul Yacomine Micro Duo for hair is a pair of serums/oils that do not build up on hair or weigh it down. It is designed to wash completely out of your hair as well and not leave a build up which so many serums can do and I really detest feeling any build up of any sort in my hair!

These are less is more products, they are designed to be so lightweight but so efficient so you do not have to overload your hair with product. These refined products are what all hair serums & oils should be like!


They smell amazing too, with organic Argan oil, Rose oil, Rosemary, Patchouli, Orange and Geranium they are not only super refreshing on the hair but they are uplifting smells. Really worth noting that the Micro Treatment Oil also has sunscreen in as well so it is nourishing and protecting your hair on a daily basis and oh boy it smells heavenly!

I mostly leave my hair curly and the hair dryer and straighteners only really come out if I am going somewhere so I just scrunch in some Micro treatment oil from half way down my hair to the ends and then if I am going to finish it off with the hair dryer I add the Micro Finish Oil.

The Micro Finish Oil No3 is for dry frizzy hair (yep that is me) you use it on damp hair and it is formulated to penetrate the hair shaft deeper to condition, smooth dry hair, take down frizz and give some shine, definition and curl to hair that normally would frizz!

These oils not only smell amazing but they work like a dream and it is very easy to see why they have a big celebrity following .. for hair that smells, feels and looks stunning with no frizz (most important if you are a celeb I would imagine!)

You can see in this picture how much it really has tamed my curls, no frizz in sight and they look totally conditioned and shiny!

So if like me you struggle with unruly hair that rules you then this magical duo really is worth a go .. oh and did I mention how incredible they smell .. you will be sniffing and swishing hair all day …

There is £7.50 off this Paul Yacomine Duo with this month’s Libbie Club if you are interested. They have worked wonders on my frizz for sure.

Bye for now

Nicola xx