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Hello Beauties,

Yep .. still freezing! But the sun is shining for a change, happy days!

Botanyblends are a small company based on the beautiful Devon coast.
The owner Katie has a background in sensory integration which deals with how the brain processes sensations like touch and smell that sparked her interest in learning aromatherapy, put these 3 things together and what she has developed a unique talent to create some very special, high potency, organic, raw, luxury & green oils full of active ingredients to really treat the senses and most importantly the skin.

I honestly believe when you only make 3 products (so far) as a brand you have nowhere to hide, they have to be perfection and I believe that they are!

The oil I have and am reviewing is the ‘MERU’ oil, skin balancing and packed full of essential fatty acids and omegas to nourish and strengthen the skin.

‘Mount Meru is said to be gold in colour and so strong it supports the heavens. These golden drops of sunshine restore harmony, vitality and purify the skin, giving it strength and balance.’

I warm about 6 drops of the oil into my hands inhale the fragrance for a moment or 2 and press onto my face taking it down over my neck and chest. First thing I notice is how lovely and light this oil is and how well it glides over my face, plus it sinks in with in 5 minutes leaving my skin so silky soft it is unreal!

With essential oils of Neroli and Lotus flowers to revitalise, refresh, and tone the skin. Peruvian Jojoba, Sacha Inchi & Safflower it is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Because it is so lovely and light you can use it morning and evening, it really does put the glow back into your skin and leaving it feeling so supple and velvety soft, I have loved this from when I first set eyes on it, beautiful in every way!

So that is it for now, have you had the pleasure of trying any of the BOTANYBLEND oils?

MERU – Organic balancing, Skin plumping, nourishing and rich in those fatty omegas older skin needs so much of.

VEGA – Illuminating & Rejuvinating oil which is a nighttime oil for Supple Lucent, glowing skin (sounds so good).

ACESO – Organic, healing face oil for problematic skin or skin that is dealing with a lot of polution, rich in free radical fighting antioxidants. This oil is 100% natural and fragrance free for the most sensitive skins.

IMG_20180110_104947271 (3)

All of BOTANYBLEND’s oils are soil association approved, this year they will be 100% organic soil association approved, they are sustainable, eco friendly & fair trade.

I think the oils and the company are utterly fabulous in the quality of the oils and the blends. They make the oils in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible and the quality just glows out of the bottle.

You can check out this amazing artisan brand here – BOTANYBLENDS

That’s it for now folks, take care

Nicola x

New Bio-Extracts Super Serum launch Sunday the 22nd on QVC!

Hello Beauties,

There is a fabulous Bio-Extracts Trio launching on Sunday morning the 22 of January at 10am on QVC. If you have not heard of this new brand it brings pure vegan plant power packed with nutrients to you in a wide range of serums so you can be in complete control of what you put onto your skin and give it what it really needs.

I use these serums and I love them. They are vegan and free from any parabens, petrochemicals or any other nasties that can go into skincare to preserve it.

The serums are best used with the Bio-Extracts face cream, but they can be slotted into any skincare routine and that is what makes this set fantastic.

The Firming Boost I use on my number 11’s and from the cheekbones down over my neck, as that is where I need firming most .. below cheeks, under chin, neck and around my mouth. I can feel this working and have done from my very first use.

Anti-Oxidant: This works on stressed skin, should it be the stresses of weather, life (oh boy I need this at the moment) or environmental toxins.

As you get older, your skin’s ability to fight these toxins becomes weaker and ages the skin. This serum feeds the skin cells that protect your skin against the damaging effects of oxidative stress and helps prevent premature ageing on the skin (most important). It fights pigmentation, balances skin tone, dehydration & takes down enlarged, clogged pores!

Finally there is Glow Boost .. to beat the winter dullness of our skins! This intensive illuminating serum I use as an overnight treatment, under my regular serums and creams. It works to bring oxygen to the skin, it really brightens your skin and it really works to revitalise and refresh skin, putting your glow back.

You can also add 1 pump of your favourite serum to your foundation to give it a super healthy dewy finish. Or of your skin tends to dry out during the day you can refresh it by gently patting your serum over your foundation during the day too.

Anyone who wants to know what I have been using recently, I have found these serums to be fantastic and great value! They give pure nutrition to the skin and I love them. Yes I have some other items slotted in, but these go on first every time! The set comes with some skincare samples and a lovely soft vegan-leather bag.

The set will be just  £35 for 3 targeted serums that will illuminate your skin.You can find the details here Super Serums Trio 


Bye for now

Nicola x


The gift of Murad ..

Hello everyone,

I just love Murad products, they are so refined, you need very little so you’re never over loading your skin and well .. they really work!

The range I have tried most is the Essential-C range for anti-ageing and dark spots and it is fabulous!

Firstly is the Essential-C cleanser, this has to be the most amazing smelling cleanser ever, its like washing your face with freshly squeezed oranges! The nicest wake me up there is. It has vitamins A, C and E to protect and nourish, Sodium PCA to keep skin soft and supple plus Allantoin which soothes, hydrates, rejuvenates and promotes a healthy complexion.

There’s a lot of wonderful ingredients in this face wash and it also tones your skin so you do not need a toner afterwards.

I find it leaves my face firmed up and pores reduced too and that wonderful scent I have come to look for in the morning to help wake me up!


Next is something I have tried and loved but it is way out of my price range but my wonderful friend Sam at http://www.testingtimeblog.com/  sent me this as a gift and I am still in shock, thank you so much Sam you really are a really wonderful, kind, caring woman <3!

The Advanced Active Radiance Serum doesn’t half leave your skin glowing it firms and tightens my face quite quickly and is a real complexion enhancer for me. The Resilient-C Complex provides you with up to 50 times the power of vitamin c in brightening the skin, protecting it, yet it is so light , refined and you only need a little. It feels very cooling on your face and you can pretty much see the difference straight away, the whole tone, texture and radiance of your face is very much improved from first use … it takes years off!


Last but not least is the Intensive-C Radiance Peel , they day it dramatically reduces environmental ageing caused by sun, smog or stress… I really love this mask! I love the tingle from it, it leaves my skin smoother than any other mask I have tried, it contains glycolic to exfoliate and remove dullness and make skin glow and it really does do this, it really is an illuminating face mask and one of the best out there ..


All these products used together give me amazing results on my skin, it has improved texture, luminosity, its smoother and firmer and well it just glows a lot more, which in turn allows my moisturiser to work better and it enhances my skin and make-up all day long …

A good friend who knows Dr Murad told me that the good Dr believes that everyone woman is a princess and should wear a crown!

So not only is he an amazing skincare Dr …..he is a gentleman too .. well played Dr Murad, well played ❤


If you are serious about your skincare then you need to try out some of Dr Murad’s products, you will not be disappointed, i buy it up when i can :-)You can find these products and Dr Murad’s entire range of skincare here: http://www.murad.co.uk/

Bye for now

NIcola x