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Stemm High Density Hair Serum by Deciem

Hello beauties,

As I get older, not only does my skin and face age, but I have really noticed that my hair has thinned, gotten a LOT finer, my curls have flopped and basically it looks and feels pretty lifeless and sad.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have spent quite a bit of money on high-end brands, to try to treat the lack of life, volume and body in my hair. But buying expensive shampoos and conditioners was quite frankly a waste of money; they might have smelled fantastic, but they weren’t hitting the mark really.

Hello Stemm!!

Deciem has recently released a set of 3 products, to treat all aspects of hair ageing, cleansing and conditioning. All without parabens and sulphates, to really tackle volume, hair loss, ageing and condition, from the scalp to the hair end!

There is a set for blonde hair & a set for darker haired beauties! I think the Stemm Density Stimuli deserves it’s very own post, because it treats the scalp and the hair follicle (root). So right from the first use, you are giving your hair the very best chance to be healthy as it grows.

Our hair, once it leaves the follicle, is dead, so it makes such good sense and it is vital to treat and keep those precious follicles healthy. In turn, we are giving hair a better chance to grow well, be stronger and healthy and restore vitality. It is pure anti ageing for anyone who suffers from fine, poor, damaged, or mature hair, that has lost its lustre.

Packed full of amino acids, green tea, caffeine, black vulvic acid, zinc, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, copper and so many other incredible ingredients, to give you the best hair growth and life to your hair you can possibly have.

The reason I am singing the praises of this product so much, is because of the results I have had personally from the products. I am 47 and my hair had lost all of its life due to health, medications, anemia and age.

As someone who loves skincare, I never connected the dots, to apply the same care to my hair as I did to my face….until now .. and it makes perfect sense and I am now reaping the rewards and results.

There is a gentle hair cleanser and a very clever conditioner that treats the damage on the actual hair shaft and really strengthens the lengths, which I also know has helped my hair incredibly and I do not say that lightly.

I really loved this treatment for the scalp, applied in a very small amount at night, no need to overload, you just need to massage it lightly over your scalp at night and let the follicles soak it up.

If you are going to spend a lot money to tackle ageing on your hair, it is crucial to get the very first step right I think; and this has improved even the lift, body and volume on the roots of my hair so much … I think anyone with thin, weak hair has nothing to lose by trying this.

It is a treatment at last, that in a 3 step process, tackles all aspects of my hair ageing and damage. I would say it has taken about 20 years off how my hair looks, feels and reacts and it is soo much stronger; no more stretching and snapping.

The set I have is the trio for blonde hair and the only place right now you can get the set is from QVC and it is much better value than buying individually. You can find the set here: Stemm 3 Step Hair Thickening Collection .

IMG_20170604_140849743 (2)

I will follow up with the shampoo and conditioner in another post (and get a trim lol) 

That is it for now beauties,

Nicola x

Salon Science Repair and Protect Duo


Hello everyone,

I always dread the start of winter, when I put the heat on and as I have gotten older I can really feel it not only drying out my skin, but my hair too.

Usually I leave my hair curly in summer and let it dry on its own. But in winter, I need to get the hairdryer out, so I can get it dry faster and I need to be putting on products that help protect my hair and stop it going dry and crispy lol.

The Salon Science Repair and Protect Duo contains Swiss Grape to repair the hair and add radiance. I also has a ‘state of the art UV filter’. Salon Science combines hair care with the latest beauty technology to bring you powerful hair products that work.



So first up is the Reglosse Smoothing Serum. The first thing I notice is I love how it smells and the second thing I note is you only need a small amount of this .. don’t overload your hair. My hair feels silky soft and frizzy ends are smoothed out, it’s really nourishing!

Then you apply the Salon Science Reprotectant Thermal Creme. This binds to the hairs surface, protecting it from heat, preventing damage caused by styling. It also has a state of the art UV filter, protecting the hair from environmental factors too. It has Vitamin E and other antioxidants to help maintain hair colour and shine. It also conditions the hair and helps prevent further damage, always a good thing, as most people pick up the straighteners non stop these days.



Really this is a fantastic set, anytime of year, for anyone who styles their hair a lot. It not only nourishes and takes down any frizz, but it leaves hair beautifully glossy and not weighed down with product.

My hair feels light, fresh and healthy. I detest a lot of product in my hair or that feeling like it is bogged down with products. So this feels great and my hair is lovely & shiny. They are big sizes of product and will definitely last me the winter.

If you would like to check out the Salon Science Duo for yourself, there is a fantastic £9.50 off the Duo here ..with the Libbie Club

Have you tried any Salon Science products yet?

Bye for now

Nicola x

Dr Organic…. Best value Organic range

Hi folks,

Quick blog about another range i think is amazing value for organic products. I am a massive fan of Organic products and SLS and paraben free products!

My hair is fine and naturally curly and for years it was a bit of a frizz ball at back of my neck and i hated it so bad, i hated to touch it or have anyone else work with my hair, so glad i ditched the SLS the difference in my hair is incredible and i actually like it now, it feels totally different now and more like the real hair its meant to be . 

The Dr Organic Hair Treatment Serum is amazing, it relaxes the curl a little, stops frizz in its tracks and gives me lovely healthy looking glossy hair, a couple of drops massaged through the ends is all that is needed. It has so many oils in it and i could be wrong but i do not get that horrible plasticky feeling on my hair that i have had from a lot of other serums.


At 100 ml my last bottle kept going for at least a year..so for me its money well spent @ £14.99 but Holland and Barrett always have special offers on like 3 for 2 ect and money is never wasted on this brand, it has far too many different ranges of products to mention !

Like my Dr Organic Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil, incredibly soothing, hydrating and of course it smells fantastic too, @ £9.49 for something pure its a steal!

The oil is solid inside the bottle when you buy it, pop it in a cup of hot water while you bathe and it will deliver to you fresh, slightly warm silky layer of mega hydration to your skin, ends of your hair, cuticles , tootsies or anywhere you need it really and it’s the perfect fresh scent for summery holidays with a nice little hit of lemon and coconut.

This range has really taken off and rightly so in my opinion its a brand never to be passed over as it delivers on variety and quality so if you have never tried it dive in! The waters beautiful ..Award winning Dr Organic can all be found at http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/search?query=Dr+Organic&isSearch=true#totalNumRecs=187&rpp=15

I hope you enjoy