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Hello Beauties,

Yep .. still freezing! But the sun is shining for a change, happy days!

Botanyblends are a small company based on the beautiful Devon coast.
The owner Katie has a background in sensory integration which deals with how the brain processes sensations like touch and smell that sparked her interest in learning aromatherapy, put these 3 things together and what she has developed a unique talent to create some very special, high potency, organic, raw, luxury & green oils full of active ingredients to really treat the senses and most importantly the skin.

I honestly believe when you only make 3 products (so far) as a brand you have nowhere to hide, they have to be perfection and I believe that they are!

The oil I have and am reviewing is the ‘MERU’ oil, skin balancing and packed full of essential fatty acids and omegas to nourish and strengthen the skin.

‘Mount Meru is said to be gold in colour and so strong it supports the heavens. These golden drops of sunshine restore harmony, vitality and purify the skin, giving it strength and balance.’

I warm about 6 drops of the oil into my hands inhale the fragrance for a moment or 2 and press onto my face taking it down over my neck and chest. First thing I notice is how lovely and light this oil is and how well it glides over my face, plus it sinks in with in 5 minutes leaving my skin so silky soft it is unreal!

With essential oils of Neroli and Lotus flowers to revitalise, refresh, and tone the skin. Peruvian Jojoba, Sacha Inchi & Safflower it is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Because it is so lovely and light you can use it morning and evening, it really does put the glow back into your skin and leaving it feeling so supple and velvety soft, I have loved this from when I first set eyes on it, beautiful in every way!

So that is it for now, have you had the pleasure of trying any of the BOTANYBLEND oils?

MERU – Organic balancing, Skin plumping, nourishing and rich in those fatty omegas older skin needs so much of.

VEGA – Illuminating & Rejuvinating oil which is a nighttime oil for Supple Lucent, glowing skin (sounds so good).

ACESO – Organic, healing face oil for problematic skin or skin that is dealing with a lot of polution, rich in free radical fighting antioxidants. This oil is 100% natural and fragrance free for the most sensitive skins.

IMG_20180110_104947271 (3)

All of BOTANYBLEND’s oils are soil association approved, this year they will be 100% organic soil association approved, they are sustainable, eco friendly & fair trade.

I think the oils and the company are utterly fabulous in the quality of the oils and the blends. They make the oils in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible and the quality just glows out of the bottle.

You can check out this amazing artisan brand here – BOTANYBLENDS

That’s it for now folks, take care

Nicola x

NIOD Today’s Special Value on QVC for 19th July 2017

Hello everyone,

Niod launches it’s second tsv on Qvc from midnight the 19th of July. This company just goes from strength to strength bringing us exciting new products and launches and I just love watching it grow as I feel we really needed something different in the skincare world and they have done just that.

I also like that they will never put in any ingredients that don’t need to be there like fillers, petrochemicals, fragrances ect. Just what needs to be in there to make a change on your skin. They don’t treat specific skin types …they treat skin to give you the best possible skin that you can have! 

So onto the products!

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 15ml – CIAS- This is a real staple in my skincare this works on skin health, you use this first on your skin and it works on repairing the skin from ageing, fine lines wrinkles, skin tone, it works to make your skin the best skin it can be. It is a staple in my skincare.

You use CIAS morning and evening and it goes on before anything else on naked skin, wait 30 seconds and then continue onto MMHC2

Next is a new product it is the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid 2 15 ml  – So this product has recently been upgraded by NIOD (they will always give you the best product that they can). It contains 15 different forms of hyaluronic acid in different weights and forms to tackle skin hydration on all different layers of the skin.

I have been using MMHC2 this since it came out and I find it lighter, smoother, silkier and less tacky on my skin. Worth mentioning here all forms of HA are somewhat tacky. This is the big long drink of hydration my thirsty skin needs, love it!

NIOD Mastic Must 90ml – I think one of the most important things I have learnt since I started my Niod journey is environmental factors and the effects they have on skin. We don’t think when we are out and about about the pollutants hitting our skin on a daily basis but they do and they really irritate our skin so good face masks are an essential.

Plus as we age our pores get bigger . sad but true! Mastic Must clears out skin and pores .. it really gets down and into the dirt and pollution that has been sitting on our skin for years and gives you super clean skin and clean pores .. a clean pore is a smaller pore!! So the cleaner you work to keep them the smaller they will be.

This is best used in the morning or just before a big night out to give you really smooth, glowing skin and your pores all minimised to greatest effect.

Finally there is the NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% – Known on Instagram as Selfie Serum and rightly so as it pixelates and blurs imperfections on your skin. If you log on and watch the demo on QVC for it you can see as Nicola spreads it out on her hand how that really works and bounces the light back off your face making you look your very best. I do love this product and you only need one drop into your primer or moisturiser to blur fine lines and imperfections, A lady should never go anywhere without it, even with no make up on this will make your skin look better. 

NIOD-Setn2 (1).jpg

So that is it folks .. another exciting NIOD tsv .. oh and the price, well if you were to buy individually they would cost £110 for one day on the 19th of July you can pick up these products for an amazing £40!

This link will go live at 10 am 16h of July and you can purchase your TSV from here NIOD TSV

Just to add I already own all of the products in this tsv and I have reviewed them from long term use. Oh and the Founder Brandon will be there live on Q too .. sooo excited to hear his thought processes behind his products!!

Bye for now

Nicola xx

Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Mask

Hello everyone,

I have been trying some of these masks for quite some time now thanks to Tracey McAlpine who first put one in a beauty bundle I bought from her!


There is a whole website dedicated to these wonderful masks and they are so amazingly good. The mask I want to tell you about today is one of their luxury face masks. It is a Bio Cellulose Nanoscopic Fiber Cloth which fits really well onto your face allowing deeper penetration of the serum to maximise effect.


This mask is specifically for the more mature skin, it has an ingredient called EGF serum (think the expensive Bio Effect)  which is highly praised for its ability to repair and allow new cell growth, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin texture and plump the skin making it look visibly younger and healthier.

It is also packed with Hyaluronic acid which holds up to 100 times its own weight in moisture so it really delivers a powerful punch of goodness to the skin.

To use you peel off one side of the protective covering and apply the mask to your face smoothing it on as you go and when you have that done you then remove the second layer and that’s the mask firmly on your face, any extra juice dripping off, massage it down into my neck and decollete so i don’t waste and of the precious elixir.

The pictures below are not fabulous but what the mask does however is, i just wanted to show the 2 peel off material layers and the actual mask itself to give you a good idea of how it is and what to do ..



When I took the mask off I let my skin dry and then applied my night cream on top to seal everything in and really let the goodness of this mask work in my face overnight! If you’re in a rush and going out the results are pretty instant, you can put your makeup on pretty much as soon as it has dried in.

After using this my skin looked and felt amazing! It was plumped, skin tone was improved and it was a lot more youthful in general, peachy soft and it glowed. Perfect for a once a week much-needed weekend skin boost and for big nights out with your girlfriends when you know there is going to be pictures taken and you want to shine!

But who needs a special occasion to shine, it’s so lovely to treat yourself all the tie 🙂

This mask is such an amazing boost anytime, designed for mature skin and skin damage it has worked wonders on mine and left it so plumped, with very visibly improved, silky soft skin tone! In finding this mask I have now discovered a whole website dedicated to Masks!! there is also some under eye masks, masks for all skins including oily or acne prone too.

There is a choice of Fusion Masks and Luxury Masks, masks for every skin type… some under eye masks, oily or acne prone skin so it really is worth taking a look!

Now I have this website I do not want to lose it and it’s safely bookmarked because it is a real hidden gem for me, as I get older i need skin boosting masks like this more and more.. you can have a look and find out a lot more about these masks here Timeless Truth Face Masks and you can also say ‘hi’ to the very lovely Angela who runs the company on twitter https://twitter.com/TTBeautyMasks who will be more than happy to help you!

Have you tried TT masks yet?

Bye for now

Nicola x