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The Ordinary Colours Collection on QVC

Hello everyone,

Deciem have put together a crazy priced The Colours Collection which will go live on the 23rd of January.
It is crazy value at £21.40 postage inc.P&P .. that is under £5 a product!!

So the set contains –
1 Coverage foundation
1 Serum foundation (I love this)
1 high adherence silicone primer
1 hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 a skin hydrating solution with vitamin B5 which enhances skin surface hydration.

The shades are limited and are as follows below –

Cov 1.0N
Cov 1.2N
Cov 1.2Y
Cov 2.0N
Cov 2.0P
Cov 3.0Y
Ser 1.2N
Ser 2.0N
Ser 2.0P
Ser 3.0Y
Ser 3.2N

What a bargain! This is a mad crazy priced set for The Ordinary lovers to grab, the value is unreal I don’t know how the hell they do it!

Will pop the link in here when it goes live The Ordinary 4 piece colours collection on QVC

Bye for now folks

Nicola xx

Colours by The Ordinary Launches Early April…. Yippee!

Hello everyone & hello Spring!

Not only have Deciem/Niod/The Ordinary Umbrella opened their first flagship store in London, but they will in a couple of weeks time be releasing their long awaited (impatient much?) Colours makeup range.

Colours will be a range of 2 foundations: 1. Colours Coverage Foundation is thicker in texture and will give the wearer a full coverage look, with spf15 and a semi-matte flawless finish.

2. Colours Skin Serum Foundation gives a sheer coverage, water-like in texture, great for Spring/Summer and this will be what I will be going for. There are lots of water based products on the market right now and I love the sheer, almost transparent look they give to my skin, so very natural and glowy. Again it will give a semi-matte flawless finish and has a built in spf15

There are 21 shades in each range, offering the buyer something to cover just about any skin colour, from very light to very dark. If you cannot get your shade quite right, then the company really goes the extra mile for a customer and will mix one up just for you in your shade!


They will both be under an incredible £6 each and will offer the buyer a high quality foundation at an incredible bargain price. They are designed to rival & be every bit as good as high end foundations and I just cannot wait until they arrive!

Meantime if you are in London and close to the new Deciem store, you can go in and try the foundations as they have samples out .. if you do I shall be incredibly jealous lol ..I will put the address here for handiness if you are in that area –  18 lamb street, Old Spitafields Market.

I just know, that like everything Deciem does, the Colours range will not only be an instant hit with customers, it is also going to completely take the beauty world by storm and shake it up! (again)

If you would like to be notified when the foundations go live, then the best place to be signed up to  the waitlist on  Victoria Health here: The Colours Waitlist

Are you looking forward to The Colours going on sale too?

If I can say one thing about Deciem .. there is never a dull moment with what they do, always a rush of excitement and the feeling of new groundbreaking products and ideas!

Bye for now beauties,

Nicola x

My Lucky Win from The Strawberry Blonde Blog :-)

Hello everyone,

I generally never win much but last week I hit the jackpot with a pretty fantastic win from Nic who owns Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog and what I was lucky enough to win was 3 Sleek Palettes and a lip gloss!!


I am really chuffed to bits with these products  they are bang on trend from the new Sleek range colour wise….. modern, trendy and very wearable, I still can’t believe i have won this 🙂

The first palette is called Dancing Till Dusk, it has a contour shade a blush and 4 eye shadows, everything is  multi purpose and highly pigmented , all lovely soft buttery textures and i know i will use these eye shadow shades a lot, brown/taupes and shimmers. The cheek shade is a beautiful rose gold (nars orgasm dupe) with a lovely soft shimmer effect, very flattering on the skin !


The See You at midnight again is such richly pigmented buttery formulas, you barely need to touch them to get colour pay off, there is a stunning vibrant purple eye shadow  in this one that i am really drawn to, a  shimmering plummy toned one, a beautiful gold and a slate blue, a deep peony shade of blush (Nars super orgasm dupe) and a light tan for contouring.


I keep taking them all out of their boxes and admiring then they are just so full of colour and life!

The lip gloss is in shade Maria Maria no22, i wasn’t too sure if i would like this or not as i am not very good with bright colours (I’m getting there) it is multi tonal and it lights my whole face up and makes my skin look even better than it really is (bit under the weather), i have taken to my new lip gloss like a fish to water and can’t wait for an excuse to get out somewhere and get it on ……


Last but i think its my favourite as i was actually going to buy this for myself is The Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, its just perfect and so subtle if you use it lightly or build it up as you need.!

The packaging on this one is very sleek by design, its a bronze shade and if looks and feels very expensive and its just perfect for the highlighters inside.


Theres Platinum for your brow bones, Antique Bronze for the tops of your cheeks, a beautiful soft Royal Gold for along the bridge of your nose  and to highlight your cupid’s box you have the Renaissance Gold!


You only need the lightest touch with these and they are stunning, stunning, stunning and of course you can put them where you want really, there are no rules and you know your face best!

Well was that a fantastic prize or what??

A HUGE thank you to Nic i really am delighted with my prize and i shall have hours and hours of fun with it!

Have you tried the new Sleek Palettes? Or the Stunning Highlighters?

Bye for now

Nicola xx