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The Libbie Club is Merging Into Latest In Beauty Sale!


Hello Beauties, The Libbie Club, as we know it, is merging into Latest In Beauty and to finish off they have some pretty incredible clearance prices!

Nizz Cosmetics Lustre Lipsticks are half price @ £8. They are rich, buttery, vegetarian, semi-matte and such a bargain as they are full of luxurious oils. They come in 3 nude shades

Girl Meets Brush 5 Piece Contour Set & 6 Piece Eye Set are an incredible £15 each. These brushes are designed by a pro makeup artist and are good, hardworking, quality brushes and this is a crazy price for them!

Ginvera White Marvel Gel – that wonderful gel you massage over your skin and it literally goes in and pulls the dirt out of your pores and oily skin. This really is a top notch skin cleaner. Quite a ‘cult’ product and it is half price @ £9.00.

Nude Skincare Double Dose of Genius is a luxurious, supercharged treatment duo. A milky serum to revitalise and boost vitality and a nutritious face oil full of essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, to leave skin plumped, hydrated and glowing. How much you ask? Well a bargain-licious £10.00 .. madness!

The Hero Project Glow Drops 30ml is a beautiful dry oil, that doesn’t feel at all oily on your skin, packed with 10 skin-boosting essential oils and Vitamin C. This oil, made up by a team of Scientists, really does get skin glowing. Particularly good for me in winter, to nourish and protect my skin, 30ml is just £12.00.

James Read H20 Tan Mist, this is still a very new on the market product, from tanning expert, James Read. Packed with Rose Water and other skin beneficial products, this golden spritz is non-drying and great to keep in your bag for not only a skin refresh, but a glow boost on the go. Less than half price @ £8.00.

There are a few other good offers on the Libbie Club website and you can check them all out here Libbie Clearance Sale

That is it for now folks I hope you grab yourself a bargain as these offers won’t last at those prices!

Bye for now

Nicola xx



Just What is the Libbie Club and How Does It All Work?

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to explain what the Libbie Club is and how it works. I have been with it from the very start and I find them really easy to be a part of.

The Libbie Club is a part of Latest In Beauty and You Beauty Box who have brought us some of the best Beauty Boxes there are. LIB is a no subscription box ..they bring us hot trendy boxes if and when they have them and You Beauty offers us a subscription alternative which I love as I can always see the value in these boxes and they bring me fresh, exciting and new skincare.


So the Libbie Club is their Boutique where they sell high end full sized products and as a Libbie I take the offers and share them around friends, family and fellow skincare and beauty junkies …and that is it really!

You get to really learn about the products and what makes that individual item special, sometimes an insight from the brand as to what makes it tick and I love that sort of thing. I love learning about my skincare and what is in it.

If you convert a sale (you can make a purchase yourself if not) then you get the next month’s box free to review and share and that is basically how it all works. Of course you need to be putting some effort into this and sharing the word but I find everyone in the LC very warm and happy to help with any problems.


Sophie our Chief Libbie is very approachable, warm and helpful and she is all hands on deck everywhere! She must get it crazy some days lol!

A word on the products. Anything I have had from the Libbie Club has always been really good quality. There is a lean towards natural, organic, cruelty free products and that suits me just fine. I think people are learning a lot more online that these products are the best way to go.

So that is it… simple, easy to do and if you do it right it will reward you back. There is no hard sell here but knowing your products and being able to answer questions gives others who are buying confidence in the products which I think helps a lot.


There is a small deposit to pay on your first box but the box is always worth a lot more than that, of course months and value vary but once you have paid this and converted a sale then your next box is free and so forth…

I have truly loved trying all the products that have been sent to me by the Libbie Club and I have found some remarkable products that are now staples in my make up & skincare stash.

If you want to take a look at the Libbie Club or some of it’s offers you can find it all here


Bye for now folks

Nicola x


The Libbie Club….. Brand Ambassador

Hello folks,

been a while but that is the joys of Me and Fibromyalgia for you! But going to do my best to start getting a regular blog post out again as I do get a good sense of actually achieving something when I do.


So last month I was delighted to be asked to be a brand ambassador for the very new and exciting   http://www.libbie.club/! This is in association with https://www.latestinbeauty.com/.

The Libbie Club wants to bring the beauty industry closer to their customers and thrives to build the largest community of brand ambassadors.
It is 100% legitimate and all it means is I will be sharing some really fantastic offers from them, there is no hard sell just some offers and if you like them then you can get a great discount ordering through The Libbie Club.

This months offers are:

20% Off Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel (60ml) , if you wear a lot of make-up, get very congested skin, Have an oily T-zone or suffer from a lot of black heads then please give this product a good look as it is amazing at cleaning out pores and spots, the oil and dirt just roll off on your fingertips, it really is quite amazing!




£20 Off Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush (making it £50 delivered which is a real bargain!) Great even used gently on sensitive skins as the brush is lovely and soft, this has a deep clean on it for a deep clean once a week, it keeps skin clean, helps your face creams work better by daily sloughing off of all the old skin cells and making your complexion look so much fresher. It is waterproof so you can keep it in the shower and it has a magnetic charger for on the go meaning you can pack it lightly for travelling about or even take it on holiday too!






Free Balance Me Radiance Face Mask worth £12 with your Radiance Face Oil, this beautiful blend of oils give a beautiful radiance to skin that is looking of feeling somewhat lack lustre, it hydrates and puts the glow back into tired skin. You get a free hydrating face mask with this. It gives an extra hydration boost and glow and is great used over night to supercharge your skin. Organic and smell so beautiful! Try it before a night out to make your skin look in tip-top condition.


Here is the live link to my  page Libbie Club Offers

I hope you stop by and give my page a like and check out the offers and every month there will by more great offers and discounts  for everyone (including me) to enjoy!

That’s it for now folks

Take care

Nicola x