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Mono Oils – Organic, Wild Crafted, Raw, Fresh, Outstanding Radiance Oil.

Hello fellow skincare addicts,

Since I started getting the Skin Organics clean Beauty box I have been introduced to some of the most beautiful oils I have ever tried! All made with the brand owners own special blends, for me it is exciting to try them all and these oils are so light and refined they just glide over the skin and sink in like no others.

Mono Oils the Radiance face oil. Mono Oils are Artisan skincare and made in small batches to retain freshness.
They contain organic raw cold processed oils at their very best, they are designed to harness both the body and spirit and they really do! They are addictive! Ones you pick these bottles up you will not want to pick up anything else.

Radiance face oil is an evening oil, it is light and a little goes a very long way, you can really work it over your face giving yourself a good massage, great to use with the Hayo’u beauty restorer I know some of my friends bought.

This oil is perfect for mature ,combination and dry skins like mine(mature/dry). First thing I noticed about this oil was the absolutely beautiful look of the green plant oils within this oil (give it a little shake before using). Seeing this oil so pure appeals not only to the chef in me but to knowing how easily it warms in my hands and then inhaling those oils – such raw freshness, my skin is at the softest and most hydrated it has been for a good few winters at least.

Luxurious, silky and with organic oils of Camelia, Rosehip, Neroli & Sandalwood to mood boost this oil is a blend of 12 oils to immediately nourish the skin and get your glow back. Honestly it has left my skin so well conditioned, calm and glowing and silky smooth. It is also full of these essential omegas/essential fatty acids our skin needs alongside powerful antioxidants. It is infused with Citrine.

Citrine – a warm and comforting stone of abundance, often described as sunshine packed into a crystal. Citrine enhances the whole body’s healing energy and is full of positive vibrations, emitting a warm energy that promotes joy, happiness and optimism, strengthening the inner light, and warding off depression, stress and general unhappiness.

Honestly blown away by this stunning oil, I just want more, completely addictive and I am well and truly hooked on the quality, feel and the incredible mood boost and lift I get off this oil. I naturally radiate towards it every day, they are stunning in every way and I am so pleased to have found them because for now I am ruined for all others!
I am very lucky because this beautiful oil came from a cracking October Autumn Glow – Skin Organics Clean beauty box!
You need to love/adore skincare I think to know you that have something very special here. Something that stops you in your tracks and really fulfills what you and your skin are looking for …

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box: HERE

Mono Natural Oils: HERE

Addicted much?
Let the saving up begin!

Bye for now

Nicola x


Hello Beauties,

Yep .. still freezing! But the sun is shining for a change, happy days!

Botanyblends are a small company based on the beautiful Devon coast.
The owner Katie has a background in sensory integration which deals with how the brain processes sensations like touch and smell that sparked her interest in learning aromatherapy, put these 3 things together and what she has developed a unique talent to create some very special, high potency, organic, raw, luxury & green oils full of active ingredients to really treat the senses and most importantly the skin.

I honestly believe when you only make 3 products (so far) as a brand you have nowhere to hide, they have to be perfection and I believe that they are!

The oil I have and am reviewing is the ‘MERU’ oil, skin balancing and packed full of essential fatty acids and omegas to nourish and strengthen the skin.

‘Mount Meru is said to be gold in colour and so strong it supports the heavens. These golden drops of sunshine restore harmony, vitality and purify the skin, giving it strength and balance.’

I warm about 6 drops of the oil into my hands inhale the fragrance for a moment or 2 and press onto my face taking it down over my neck and chest. First thing I notice is how lovely and light this oil is and how well it glides over my face, plus it sinks in with in 5 minutes leaving my skin so silky soft it is unreal!

With essential oils of Neroli and Lotus flowers to revitalise, refresh, and tone the skin. Peruvian Jojoba, Sacha Inchi & Safflower it is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Because it is so lovely and light you can use it morning and evening, it really does put the glow back into your skin and leaving it feeling so supple and velvety soft, I have loved this from when I first set eyes on it, beautiful in every way!

So that is it for now, have you had the pleasure of trying any of the BOTANYBLEND oils?

MERU – Organic balancing, Skin plumping, nourishing and rich in those fatty omegas older skin needs so much of.

VEGA – Illuminating & Rejuvinating oil which is a nighttime oil for Supple Lucent, glowing skin (sounds so good).

ACESO – Organic, healing face oil for problematic skin or skin that is dealing with a lot of polution, rich in free radical fighting antioxidants. This oil is 100% natural and fragrance free for the most sensitive skins.

IMG_20180110_104947271 (3)

All of BOTANYBLEND’s oils are soil association approved, this year they will be 100% organic soil association approved, they are sustainable, eco friendly & fair trade.

I think the oils and the company are utterly fabulous in the quality of the oils and the blends. They make the oils in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible and the quality just glows out of the bottle.

You can check out this amazing artisan brand here – BOTANYBLENDS

That’s it for now folks, take care

Nicola x

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.

Hello fellow beauty addicts,

It is that time of the month where I get super excited when my Skin Organics Box lands at my door! This box gives me a real buzz and I avoid all spoilers (mostly). Back in the day when beauty boxes first started you used to get such a rush opening some like the Feel Unique Box, it was fab.
Then after a while you started to get lots of repeats and the thrill was lost! Well I have found that lovely rush of excitement with this Skin Organics Box .. Organic, Clean, Niche, Artisan smaller brands that are working very hard to get noticed and I have had some really stunning, beautiful products in this box, it makes me happy!

So lets get down to whats in the box! The theme of this box is Restore, Soothe & Repair.

Siskyn 100% organic – Frankincense & Jasmine Overnight Skin Boosting Facial oil – and it is full sized 30ml. This brand was new to me before I started getting this box and oh boy what a gem to find, their oils are stunning and award winning. I have used their Camellia & Safflower cleansing oil and the stunning Grapefruit & Sweet Fennel toning body oil. These oils have won a lot of awards and it is so easy to see why.
Blended with 18 plant & flower oils the Frankincense & Jasmine night oil Has powerful healing & regenerating qualities, including organic rosehip, calendula, baobab to increase collagen production, sooth and keep skin healthy. This is a really well thought out beauty night boost and it smells incredible too.

Nadarra Organic Lavender, Chamomile & Oat Bath Bag – A blend of organic lavender, chamomile and oats you just pop this bag into your bath or foot bath and let the ingredients sooth body and mind. Oats are fantastic at skin softening while the Lavender & Chamomile relaxes and soothes mind & soul.
You can use this bag twice but use it within 2 days of first use.

Gingerstone Soothing Face Mask Shot – (I wish I had the eye sight to read the back of the card lol) Anyhoo this is interesting! It contains only 3 products Rhassoul Moroccan soap clay – which is super rich in silica, iron, magnesium, potassium, lithium to help nourish skin.
Raspberry powder – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, Iron, phosphorus & calcium, it has skin stimulating properties and is very good on red skin and can reduce sebum levels.
Gingerstone Soothing Face Mask Shot that protects skin and holds in moisture.
So what I thought was a simple mask is actually a very clever mask indeed and the 3 ingredients form a very powerful balancing synergy on your skin – WOW!

Pinks Boutique, Organic Cuticle Oil – This is a lovely silky oil and a little goes a long way! I get very dry cuticles and feeling this on my skin it has instantly hydrated all the dry bits that were really annoying me.
Full of essential fatty acids, carrot oil, Vitamin E & Rose mosqueta which is full of fatty acids for the skin and helps skin regeneration. I really like this oil and I will have to get myself some more of this because I have been using a lot of oils on my cuticles and very little sunk in or nourished, this one really has made an instant difference, 5 hours later my cuticles still feel like they are hydrated and softer.

Ezapenaturals Rosemary Body Butter – LOVE!! I love Rosemary for so many reasons other than just cooking with it, i’l often throw some into my bath too as it revives frazzled mind and peps you up again, it also helps repair and protect your skin. It melts deliciously onto the skin turning into a fragrant, nourishing skin moisturiser, it is feels so luxurious on my skin and super hydrating.

Pink & Green skincare Relax & Restore Bath oil – a lovely blend of Bergamont & Lavender, this blend of oils is a recharge for the body & mind, perfect! I get a lot of mental and physical fatigue so products like this are perfect for me.

Well once again I got that wonderful rush of excitement with my Skin Organics box! There is lots of new, niche, Artisan brands to learn about and some real loves like the Syskin oils.
I truly love this box for the new products it brings to my door and for the quality of the products too!
There is a card inside with discounts off all of the companies in the box and it is just hard to beat for freshness and well I think it has become my all time favourite beauty box ever, I just love it!

IMG_20180120_120130843 (2)

What do you think of the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box?
There is also a card with some lovely discounts from the brands in the box which is good.

IMG_20180120_120403351 (2)

This box not surprisingly was sold out over a week before it shipped so if you want to sign up for next month you can find it here & NICOLA10 will get you a further 10% off – Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box

That’s it for now everyone

Nicola x

Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200


Hello everyone

Evolve are a niche organic/natural skincare brand. They make everything themselves in small batches so it is fresher and at its most potent.

The Hyaluronic 200 serum is so called because it contains 200mg of Hyaluronic Acid per 30ml bottle. This is mega hydration for the skin as it holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water making it super effective hydration for all skin-types.


It also contains Pomegranate extract which is known to promote cell turnover, strengthen the skin & protect the it from free radicals; Damask Rose Water, a natural hydrolat; and Aloe Vera.

This is a lovely silky texture going onto my skin. I have had a rash on my face & neck recently and once it started to settle, my skin really needed moisture and plenty of it, so this has been a godsend by my side.

It sinks in quickly, no residue, no wait time to carry on with your skincare and it helped keep my skin hydrated all day while going through a very bad time skin-wise

It has helped with hydration and helped me get my glow back. I applied it a few times a day along with my regular skincare routine and it has helped give me the moisture boost that I needed.

It is no big secret in the beauty world that Hyaluronic Acid is a wonder product for anti-ageing, for really plumping out the skin and filling out fine lines and wrinkles, and this serum really packs a strong moisture punch!

Evolve are a brand that sources only organic products where they can and if not organic then as naturally grown and sourced as possible.


There is change afoot in the beauty kingdom. People are learning and they are starting to read what is actually in their products and reducing the toxins they eat, put on their skin and their carbon footprint.

Evolve products give you artisan, green, organic, vegan, natural products that fit into a good healthy lifestyle and a better you inside and out and any product of theirs I have tried has been fantastic!

If you are interested in the Hyaluronic Serum you can get 20% off here at the Libbie Club while stocks last!

That it is for now folks, have a great weekend!

Nicola x

Perfume Society .. Hidden Treasures!

Hello everyone,



This has to be my favourite fine fragrance box from Perfume Society yet! I love every Fine Fragrance in this box, I really do.



The fragrances in this box are all unisex so if you don’t fancy one you can pass it on to your other half 🙂 (not a chance of that happening here with these)

oudh wood A (2)

Well for a start I have a real passion for Oudh, a small vial of pure Oudh can sell for thousands and thousands of pounds and it just has an expensive, luxury sent that I want to keep smelling and smelling, beautiful!



I will quickly review  the scents in the box as you get a lot for your money! I am a member of the Perfume Society so I get these amazing boxes for £10 delivered … I have learnt so much from them plus I get to try lots of niche and artisan scents I probably would not have tried in my lifetime!


Ok First up is Jean Patou, Joy Forever(£68 for 30ml)  and it is from the Floral Fragrance Family: This is an update on the original Joy fragrance invented in 1929 which then and even now took the world by storm. It is a perfect scent for a summers day and it wears really well, long lasting. With top notes of Bergamont, Mandarin, Malbanum, Heart notes of Rose and Jasmine (this is what i really pick up in this fragrance) and woody base notes including Sandalwood, Cedarwood, amber and White Musk.


Illuminum  Vetiver Oudh (£150 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Woody. I did not think I was a fan of woody scents but it turns out I am(adore them)  I just do not like really dry woody scents very much. With a top note of Sicilian Bergamont, Heart notes of Madagascan and Javanese Vetiver, myrrh and base notes of Patchoui and Madras Oudh. The ingredients in this scent may be more simple than some of the others but it does not make it any less of a truly sensual fragrance, moreish!



Fortnum and Mason 1707 Noir (full size £145 for 50ml) Fragrance Family: Woody this is a warm, softly spiced with top notes of Grapefruit, Pink Berries, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cumin, Heart notes of Oudh, Rose, Saffron and Cashmere, with base notes of White Musk, Amber, Vanilla and Sandalwood. It does smell exotic but in a very soft way. It feels like a luxurious but very comforting scent, very mellow.


Penhaligon’s Malabah,(£75 for 50ml)  Fragrance Family: Oriental. Penhaligons take  fragrances and create so many complex  blends that give a fragrance so many layers. I have yet to not like one of their fragrances and as they day goes on they reveal more layers and depth to the scent and Malabah does not dissapoint! With top notes of Lemon, Earl Grey tea and corriander leaf, Heart notes of ginger, nutmeg, cardamon, rose, orris and base notes of sweet amber, sandalwood and musk. The longer I wear this fragrance the more sensual and sexier it smells on my skin ..


Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud (£126 for 75ml) Fragrance Family Woody .. ahhhhhhhh heavenly! Inoxicating but not over powering! Top notes of Bergamont, Pink Peppercorn, Heart note of Jasmine, Tuberose, Base notes of Oud, Patchoula, Sandalwooj, Vetiver and amber. Soft, sensual, addictive, beautiful <3.


Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin,(£200 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Woody. This cologne has an 18% concerntration of raw oils making it a potent and long lasting heady scent for the senses and the skin. The longer you wear it  the deeper and more sensous the fragrance becomes. Top notes of Bergamont, Limette, Saffron, Base notes of Caledonian Sandalwood, gaiac wood (no idea), white musk, Base notes of Papyrus, cedar wood and vanilla. Very warming and this one I would possible give to a male friend just so i could sit and sniff it off them 🙂


Bex London SW1X (£98 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Chypre SW1X is the posh London prefix for everything lush and expensive and this perfume is designed to reflect that. It is a complex blend of fragrances that are very luxurious, again warming because of the spices and exotic with the absolutes and oils. It has Top notes of Lemon, Bergamont, Mandarin, Basil, Pink Pepper, Heart notes of Clove, Rose, Saffron, Muguet, Frankincense, Jasmine, Myrrh, Osmanthus and err Printers Ink (they had a wee accident and some of the scent fell on some cash and it must have improved the scent lol), Base notes of Moss, Oudh, Leather, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tonka Bena, Patchouli and Amber!


Annick Goutal L’ile Aue The  (from £67 for 50ml) Fragrance family: Fresh. This is a lovely summers day scent it is zesty, clean, energising, simple but stunning and very uplifting. A real boost on a warm day .. summer in a bottle Top note of Mandarin, Heart notes of Tea Absolute, Osmanthus, Base note of White Musks.


Pierre Bourdon La Fin D’un ETE(£80 for 100ml) (please pardon my lack of French typing and all other typo’s). Fragrance family: Floral .Simple, refreshing, slightly heady and stunning. This is a warm summers day. Chilling with friends. Top note of Ginger, Heart note of Jasmine and base note of Patchouli .. sometimes that is all and everything you need … carefree and happy! Created by one of the world’s top perfumers Pierre came back one last time to do a set of the fragrances he always dreamed of creating. This is one of those Iconic Scents!


Miller Harris Cassis En Fuille (from £65 for 50ml Fragrance family: Fruity Floral. This fragrance tho very complex is beautifully made, it has had me entranced since I first sprayed it, well not straight away but as it settled onto my skin and the little piece of card i had sprayed it on caught my attention over and over. It is truly beautiful in my humble opinion. I really am in love with it! Top notes of Italian Bergamont, Galbanum, Blackcurrant, Heart notes of Egyptian Geranium, Tomato leaf, Virginia Cedarwood and musk. It just gets better and better for me. Such a truly stunning scent I cannot get enough of! Lingers beautifully on my skin and is a full bodied rich scent.

Also included in this fragrance box is an award winning AD Skin Synergy Night Treatment Facial Oil (5 ml normally £38 for 50ml)  full of essential oils of Rose, Neroli, Frankincense and Jasmine. I have used this many times before, it sinks into the skin well and left overnight to work it’s magic it gives you lovely soft, hydrated skin in the morning.

Plus there is a travel sized Couto cult toothpaste from Portugal which I have also tried, lovely fresh and minty!



As a member of Perfume Society I not only get a wealth of knowledge of fragrance and I really have learnt so much from them about what I really do like whereas before I really did not have a clue where to start!

Members get these boxes for £10 and I just find the quality, knowledge and Artisan Fragrances incredible value for my money ..

Have you tried any of the Perfume Society boxes yet?

You can find them here Perfume Society they all come beautifully packaged with info cards on everything in the box included

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

Ancienne Ambiance Lavomile Goddess Water

Hi everyone,

I think by now anyone who knows me knows how much I love Ancienne Ambiance beauty products! From their soaps, to their stunning goddess shower range, luxury bath salts and now … their Goddess Pure Floral Waters.


These are now my much preferred method of toner as they are so soothing on any skin type and so gentle they can even be used to soothe baby’s nappy rash.

The nozzle disperses a lovely fine mist. I use it on my body after a shower too to really refresh before bed, Lavender is known to calm the mind, aid sleep and Camomile to soothe, great in summer when your too hot in bed 🙂 (dats me)


My Lavomile Goddess Water I use in the evening after I have cleansed to tone, soothe my skin to calm any irritation I might have. Lavender is also mildly antibacterial too, it helps keep the skin healthy and it’s a hydration boost to any skin type.

Lavender also helps skin cells repair and encourage new healthy skin cells to grow 🙂

The Lavomile Floral Water is particularly good for spot prone skin, it will soothe and take down bacteria in the spots, help the skin regenerate and help stop the spots spreading. Lavender is also mildly antibacterial so if I have a spot I use this on it too, it helps keep the skin healthy and it’s a hydration boost to any skin type.


I love the Ethos and feeling of this company, how bathing rituals pass down for centuries, tried, tested and proven to work. How cleansing should be special, as you cleanse your skin you also cleanse your mind too …. hand in hand …

This idea really works for me and I love it <3!!

Stressed out ? Try spraying some Lavomile water around you to help calm you down. If your pet is stressed some of this fine mist in the air will also help calm them down too …

It is a 300 ml bottle of pure floral water, there is no preservatives in the water,  (double bonus) .I have used many toners and they all have preservatives in to prolong shelf life. If I can avoid parabens or sulphates in products I do, They can often dry skin out as much as they hydrate. These are pure plant essence with no colourings or synthetic essences …beautiful!


Most toners come in 200 ml so at 300 ml I have found my Floral Goddess Waters last me a very long time, at least 6 months in a bottle so it works out a bit less than a lot of other high end skin toners.

I keep mine in the fridge and keep a small spray in my handbag in case I need some when I am out for when I am hot and tired and its busy. Fabulous from head to hot, sore feet for an instant boost.

Pure  floral waters have been revered and highly prized for thousands of years by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians and it is easy to see why as they are beneficial to our skin in so many ways ….


Ancienne Ambiance do a big range of Goddess Waters and it is worth a look and a read at their benefits .. just mist on and let them  soak in for soothed, happy, healthy skin 🙂

You can read more about the Floral Goddess Waters and other products here Ancienne Ambience


Your order will smell like no other ❤ I am in love ❤

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

Elizabeth Beckett …A thoroughly British Ethical Skincare Brand


Hi everyone,

as someone who suffers from ME and Fybromyalgia and the massive restrictions it places in my life, i love the freedom the occasional blog gives me, i feel i have achieved something, however small when i have completed a post, it takes my mind off me and the issue i face, its my form of freedom of mind. I thoroughly enjoy trying a product out and posting my thoughts on it!

Every now and again certain companies , people or products stick in my mind and i will not be happy until i have tried it, this is what happened to me with Elisabeth Beckett! Skincare products made with beautiful golden Rapeseed oil, all natural and no parabens or toxins … yes please!

Already i was a huge fan of flaxseed and its health benefits, its really good for your joints, your skin, hair. it has high levels of of Omega 3 essential fatty acids , is an excellent source of fibre, known to be full of antioxidants and good for your heart! I take in in every morning sprinkled into either porridge or cereal.

Olso available in pure pressed oil form this beautifully golden oil is not to be snuffed at, its milder than a lot of cheap olive oils and tastes a lot smoother and less bitter, i have totally made the switch to Rapeseed oil and as with olive oil its handy for hair treatments and a ton of other beauty issues.as well as in the kitchen.

I digress … So i was delighted when i found Elizabeth Beckett on twitter, she stuck in my mind because of my love already of Flax!

Elizabeth has said “I decided to start making cream for myself after years of shopping in department stores. I saw so many creams claiming to do a multitude of weird and wonderful things that I found it almost impossible to decide what to buy. I never felt inclined to spend ridiculous amounts of money on skincare, and I found that those products I tried never made my skin feel any less dry.”

As big a sucker as i am for beauty products i cannot agree more with her as i have indeed tried a lot of creams as i too suffer from ‘dry skin’! Sometimes the price tag is not a good indicator to the quality of the product and it does nothing for your dry skin!

Not Elisabeth Beckett’s products! They are handmade Artisan pure and simple products, but skincare shouldn’t really be complicated, full of preservatives or parabens, i think mostly they defeat the original purpose of the product.

But these pure and natural products are extremely effective, without too many ingredients, harnessed from the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Having just tried the beautiful Rose All Over body cream i can vouch for the effectiveness of these products. Made with flax oil and rose oil and with only 4 ingredients, it smells amazing of rose, sinks straight into the skin, i was so incredibly impressed i have just bought myself the full sized product and cannot wait to receive it, but more on that in another post!

Elizabeth i totally admire what you are doing and have fallen in love with your product and look forward to trying many more …

You can find out more about Elizabeth her products and shop here http://www.elizabethbeckett.co.uk/


Bye for now

Nicola x