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Bio-Extracts Post Summer Skin Offer

Hello beauties,

I don’t know about your weather but it is freezing here and so are my feet lol!

As the heat goes on more and we go in and out of the cold to a dry heat in the house/work and our faces are getting battered with all sorts of weather I would like to recommend this Bio-Extracts Post Summer Skin Set from QVC.

Bio-Extracts are just over a year old now and way ahead in their technologies. It is science meets power plant extracts bring you high powered skin boosters delivered by Phospholipids to create Skin Boosters 5 times more powerful than regular serums, to me they are like a vitamin shot for skin that skin drinks straight up.

They are a vegan brand, but you do not have to be vegan to use this or see and feel the skin benefits from pure plant goodness. But these formulas are so highly scientific and gentle your skin will really benefit from cutting out the chemicals and using clean, green sls and paraben free beauty.

Bio-extracts has put the attitude into Vegan skincare with their cosmeceutical approach to plant powered skincare!

The set consists of –

1 x Bio Extracts Moisturiser (30ml) – in a choice of Light, Normal or Rich. Improves hydration and helps protect skin from external irritants, by helping to reinforce the skin’s own natural barrier.

This cream has a unique multi lamellar system that moisturises all layers of the skin to plump and hydrate. As it travels down through the layers of skin it takes the serums with it to give you nourished skin that is locked in and protected from all weathers

1 x Bio Extracts HA Hydro Boost (10ml) – forms a protective film on the skin and gives intensive hydration. Contains botanical hyaluronic acid.
One of the very first vegan hyaluronic acid’s ever, this really is a shot of pure hydration.

1 x Bio Extracts Anti-Wrinkle Boost (10ml) – helps to refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by intrinsic and extrinsic ageing.
Perfect for this time of year when the days are grey and we all start finding faults in the mirror! Great for around the eye area, cheekbones, neck and anywhere you feel needs treated, lips including!

1 x Bio Extracts Anti-Oxidant Boost (10ml) – super concentrated serum which helps to defend your skin against aggressive free radicals from pollution.
This is the perfect answer to skin that is getting challenged in winter weather. It protects the skin from environmental factors. It is a potent mix of minerals, vitamins and flavonoids. It not only protects your skin it also strengthens and revitalizes grey tired skin.

This fabulous set worth £86.50 is on offer at £39.98 QVC, there is no better time to try than at this price for 3 powerful Skin Boosters and your full size face cream to see you through the winter!
You can check it out here on QVC

That’s it for now everyone, take care

Nicola x

Stemm High Density Hair Serum by Deciem

Hello beauties,

As I get older, not only does my skin and face age, but I have really noticed that my hair has thinned, gotten a LOT finer, my curls have flopped and basically it looks and feels pretty lifeless and sad.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have spent quite a bit of money on high-end brands, to try to treat the lack of life, volume and body in my hair. But buying expensive shampoos and conditioners was quite frankly a waste of money; they might have smelled fantastic, but they weren’t hitting the mark really.

Hello Stemm!!

Deciem has recently released a set of 3 products, to treat all aspects of hair ageing, cleansing and conditioning. All without parabens and sulphates, to really tackle volume, hair loss, ageing and condition, from the scalp to the hair end!

There is a set for blonde hair & a set for darker haired beauties! I think the Stemm Density Stimuli deserves it’s very own post, because it treats the scalp and the hair follicle (root). So right from the first use, you are giving your hair the very best chance to be healthy as it grows.

Our hair, once it leaves the follicle, is dead, so it makes such good sense and it is vital to treat and keep those precious follicles healthy. In turn, we are giving hair a better chance to grow well, be stronger and healthy and restore vitality. It is pure anti ageing for anyone who suffers from fine, poor, damaged, or mature hair, that has lost its lustre.

Packed full of amino acids, green tea, caffeine, black vulvic acid, zinc, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, copper and so many other incredible ingredients, to give you the best hair growth and life to your hair you can possibly have.

The reason I am singing the praises of this product so much, is because of the results I have had personally from the products. I am 47 and my hair had lost all of its life due to health, medications, anemia and age.

As someone who loves skincare, I never connected the dots, to apply the same care to my hair as I did to my face….until now .. and it makes perfect sense and I am now reaping the rewards and results.

There is a gentle hair cleanser and a very clever conditioner that treats the damage on the actual hair shaft and really strengthens the lengths, which I also know has helped my hair incredibly and I do not say that lightly.

I really loved this treatment for the scalp, applied in a very small amount at night, no need to overload, you just need to massage it lightly over your scalp at night and let the follicles soak it up.

If you are going to spend a lot money to tackle ageing on your hair, it is crucial to get the very first step right I think; and this has improved even the lift, body and volume on the roots of my hair so much … I think anyone with thin, weak hair has nothing to lose by trying this.

It is a treatment at last, that in a 3 step process, tackles all aspects of my hair ageing and damage. I would say it has taken about 20 years off how my hair looks, feels and reacts and it is soo much stronger; no more stretching and snapping.

The set I have is the trio for blonde hair and the only place right now you can get the set is from QVC and it is much better value than buying individually. You can find the set here: Stemm 3 Step Hair Thickening Collection .

IMG_20170604_140849743 (2)

I will follow up with the shampoo and conditioner in another post (and get a trim lol) 

That is it for now beauties,

Nicola x

Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Mask

Hello everyone,

I have been trying some of these masks for quite some time now thanks to Tracey McAlpine who first put one in a beauty bundle I bought from her!


There is a whole website dedicated to these wonderful masks and they are so amazingly good. The mask I want to tell you about today is one of their luxury face masks. It is a Bio Cellulose Nanoscopic Fiber Cloth which fits really well onto your face allowing deeper penetration of the serum to maximise effect.


This mask is specifically for the more mature skin, it has an ingredient called EGF serum (think the expensive Bio Effect)  which is highly praised for its ability to repair and allow new cell growth, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin texture and plump the skin making it look visibly younger and healthier.

It is also packed with Hyaluronic acid which holds up to 100 times its own weight in moisture so it really delivers a powerful punch of goodness to the skin.

To use you peel off one side of the protective covering and apply the mask to your face smoothing it on as you go and when you have that done you then remove the second layer and that’s the mask firmly on your face, any extra juice dripping off, massage it down into my neck and decollete so i don’t waste and of the precious elixir.

The pictures below are not fabulous but what the mask does however is, i just wanted to show the 2 peel off material layers and the actual mask itself to give you a good idea of how it is and what to do ..



When I took the mask off I let my skin dry and then applied my night cream on top to seal everything in and really let the goodness of this mask work in my face overnight! If you’re in a rush and going out the results are pretty instant, you can put your makeup on pretty much as soon as it has dried in.

After using this my skin looked and felt amazing! It was plumped, skin tone was improved and it was a lot more youthful in general, peachy soft and it glowed. Perfect for a once a week much-needed weekend skin boost and for big nights out with your girlfriends when you know there is going to be pictures taken and you want to shine!

But who needs a special occasion to shine, it’s so lovely to treat yourself all the tie 🙂

This mask is such an amazing boost anytime, designed for mature skin and skin damage it has worked wonders on mine and left it so plumped, with very visibly improved, silky soft skin tone! In finding this mask I have now discovered a whole website dedicated to Masks!! there is also some under eye masks, masks for all skins including oily or acne prone too.

There is a choice of Fusion Masks and Luxury Masks, masks for every skin type… some under eye masks, oily or acne prone skin so it really is worth taking a look!

Now I have this website I do not want to lose it and it’s safely bookmarked because it is a real hidden gem for me, as I get older i need skin boosting masks like this more and more.. you can have a look and find out a lot more about these masks here Timeless Truth Face Masks and you can also say ‘hi’ to the very lovely Angela who runs the company on twitter https://twitter.com/TTBeautyMasks who will be more than happy to help you!

Have you tried TT masks yet?

Bye for now

Nicola x