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Just What is the Libbie Club and How Does It All Work?

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to explain what the Libbie Club is and how it works. I have been with it from the very start and I find them really easy to be a part of.

The Libbie Club is a part of Latest In Beauty and You Beauty Box who have brought us some of the best Beauty Boxes there are. LIB is a no subscription box ..they bring us hot trendy boxes if and when they have them and You Beauty offers us a subscription alternative which I love as I can always see the value in these boxes and they bring me fresh, exciting and new skincare.


So the Libbie Club is their Boutique where they sell high end full sized products and as a Libbie I take the offers and share them around friends, family and fellow skincare and beauty junkies …and that is it really!

You get to really learn about the products and what makes that individual item special, sometimes an insight from the brand as to what makes it tick and I love that sort of thing. I love learning about my skincare and what is in it.

If you convert a sale (you can make a purchase yourself if not) then you get the next month’s box free to review and share and that is basically how it all works. Of course you need to be putting some effort into this and sharing the word but I find everyone in the LC very warm and happy to help with any problems.


Sophie our Chief Libbie is very approachable, warm and helpful and she is all hands on deck everywhere! She must get it crazy some days lol!

A word on the products. Anything I have had from the Libbie Club has always been really good quality. There is a lean towards natural, organic, cruelty free products and that suits me just fine. I think people are learning a lot more online that these products are the best way to go.

So that is it… simple, easy to do and if you do it right it will reward you back. There is no hard sell here but knowing your products and being able to answer questions gives others who are buying confidence in the products which I think helps a lot.


There is a small deposit to pay on your first box but the box is always worth a lot more than that, of course months and value vary but once you have paid this and converted a sale then your next box is free and so forth…

I have truly loved trying all the products that have been sent to me by the Libbie Club and I have found some remarkable products that are now staples in my make up & skincare stash.

If you want to take a look at the Libbie Club or some of it’s offers you can find it all here


Bye for now folks

Nicola x


Cleansing Cloths …and a bargain!!

Hello everyone,

The price point for what it actually is (a nice white cotton cloth sometimes with muslin on the other side) seems excessive to me.

The ones I tend to go for are £15 for 3 and begrudgingly I pay this or I used to.

Wash cloths can really tend to harbour a lot of bacteria, particularly if you are not changing them every day and really we should be using a clean cloth every day of the week.

Recently I have turned to bamboo cloths, they are softer and more gentle than microfiber or particularly muslin. They are antibacterial and antimicrobial which means if you have acne or sensitive skin they are also going to help you keep your skin clean and are not just spreading the same bacteria around your face.

Bamboo is also a sustainable plant so it is eco friendly, requires no chemicals or pesticides and it can replenish itself within a year.

My first bamboo cloth is a body wash cloth from Bodhi & Birch and it is a Cotton Bamboo flannel which for the body is a bit coarser but it has a smoother side for more sensitive areas and as I cleanse with this I can feel it grip the skin as it goes really taking off any old skin and grime.


It helps invigorate the skin and really getting the circulation going and improve the oxygen levels in the skin and therefore giving skin that healthy glow.

Last week I was looking on a website where I had won a competition called facetheory where I discovered the best priced organic bamboo cloths pack of 3 for £5.99 you can even select for your skintype!



There are also large organic muslin cloths for sale on there which they have reduced right down to £2.99!! ..Well colour me happy I am in cleansing cloth heaven lol … (but the heart lies with the bamboo)

Oh and FREE POSTAGE .. always a game changer haha!

The bamboo cloths arrived today and I have to say I am delighted .. so much so I am going to order some more and have a good clear out of my old ones.

For me good skincare starts with the very first steps and that is getting your cleansing right including the right cloths too and I love my new cloth so much ..

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done

Nicola x

Well that is it for now folks ..my work here is done 🙂

Nicola x


The Hero Project Hyasoft Gel

Hi Everyone,

I have found the perfect gel for the face!

It is super lightweight, sinks straight in with a lovely cooling effect and it leaves no stickiness or residue, is non perfumed, contains no oil  and just all round pretty fabulous! (honestly)

It is unscented and is in a clear super-lightweight gel. It feels very cooling as I feel it sink into my skin.


The Hyasoft gel is made up of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin  B5 to really nourish and boost the hydration levels in your skin and put the much needed bounce back in.

The gel gives an instant boost of hydration and brightness to any skin-type. So it is good on oily, dry, sensitive, tired or hungover skin.. It is a big long drink of water for thirsty skins of all sorts, particularly the men in our lives as their skin tends to be a lot oiler !


I particularly love it dabbed on around my orbital bone and let it sink in to boost my eye area, on top of make up to refresh during the day (just dab on lightly and let is sink in).  At 46 this is an area of concern for me and I do like to keep it well hydrated so this is perfect !

This little gel really punches above its weight as it is so super effective at what it does .. it hydrates your skin and it does it very well .. a real handbag hero that will really be going places once people realise how good it really is!

The Hero Project aims to bring out high quality affordable products that really work hard for you and so far they are doing a really fantastic job!

They have their own team of scientists who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world and they are going to be going places fast if their first 2 products are anything to go by!

As you can probably tell I really love this gel because of the hydration it gives me and no smell or residue of any kind with it.

I have seen something similar sell for at least 3 times the price so it is a bargain price  in my eyes and a very clever product!


At the moment the Hyasoft Gel is 20% off at the The Libbie Club making it £15.20 & with free post .. it will soon be a super handbag staple in any clever woman’s handbag for super hydration on the go…

Try something new and fantastic today …

That’s it for now folks

Thank you for reading

Nicola x



Vita Liberata Luxury Tan in Medium really is pHenomenal

Hi everyone,



Well FINALLY there is a little sunshine in Northern Ireland!! Still not warm enough to be sunbathing .. but it does make you feel like you want a little colour!

I have tried so many fake tans and being very fair they all tended to give me a touch of the Oompah Loompah which as far as I am concerned is not a good look. I would rather be milk bottle white with a good hint of blue than orange.

This is where Vita Liberata is different, invented by a local lady  Alyson Hogg she clearly understood the dilemma for thousands and thousands of scarilly white Irish women 🙂.

My first application of this product was very light, I exfoliated like a mad thang and then applied. You shake it well and then it bubbles out onto your tan mitt, I think this stops you over loading your mitt and your skin.

Good thing about this mousse is that it is build able. I was scared of using too much at first because I had in my head if I made a mistake then I was stuck with it but I can see this is an extremely well thought out product and if you want a really deep tan then you apply a few more layers and keep topping up.



What I got was a beautiful golden healthy glow that took my whiteness away and left me feeling and looking a lot healthier all over. Hands down this is the best self tan I have EVER tried!

It didn’t stink of biscuits and though the guide colour looked a bit dark before my shower I really love the colour underneath, it has faded really amazingly too, not a patch in sight!

How they get it to colour your skin and not your bedding too is another great point to make and an important one, there was very little actually came off onto my bedding or clothes. A few minutes after applying I was able to get dressed and into bed.

Oh and it is organic .. YES!!

I am now spoiled for any other tanners, I should have known a long time ago Alyson would have put everything into her products and she really has .. to find a tan that is a beautiful shade for me for summer means the world! I can now look as healthy and tanned as everyone else!

This tan is not called PHenomenal for nothing it can last up to 2-3 weeks, you build it up to the shade you want and it comes in Fair, Medium and Dark so there is something there for us all (mine is medium), it is so easy to apply it is idiot proof (that’s me lol), dries really fast, doesn’t smell so you can get on with your day straight away, it has a moisture locking in mechanism, all tans are much better with lots of moisture in and it fades so naturally it is unreal.

This Vita Liberata Luxury Tan does everything they say it will and it leaves you with the most natural beautiful colour it really does and I think it is worth paying a bit more for a result you will want to go back to time and time again .. I have faith in it now and really trust in it now!

You can check out here at the Libbie CLub where I am a brand ambassador! It comes with a free tanning mitt too and you can also get free postage so worth a look 🙂



If you would like to check out the other offers on my Club page you can do so here Libbie Club Page

That is it for now folks

so bye from a sunny Portrush

Nicola xx

January’s Fantastic Love Lula Box!

Hey everyone,


What a long dark old month January is! But what a lovely surprise I have gotten from my Love Lula box this month!! It was a very welcoming sight as I am trying to do a January no beauty spend …. day 14 and I am hanging in there 🙂


First up is Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes,  in general i’m  not a fan of the old face wipe as some can totally strip your face of its natural oils.. but this range is a lot more gentle to skin! Handy on the go or for travelling they remove all makeup including mascara, they have green super-foods in their ingredient list and are biodegradable too.( still on the fence with wipes sorry)


Funny Bee BB cream Sample is something I haven’t heard of before. When I opened the sachet I thought ‘ooo’ that’s a bit orangey but on applying to my wrist it disappears right into the skin just leaving you with a lovely healthy radiance, smells amazing too and with no silicone of fillers… think this is a fab product!


Nourish Exfoliating Cleanser, I have used this before and really liked it, it has pomegranate active enzymes working within the product along with Jojoba beads to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten and Kale antioxidants to nourish and protect  plus there is also probiotics in there too to really protect the skin too from environmental issues like weather and pollution!

It can be used 3 ways … as a manual exfoliator, left on as a face mask or as a cleanser and I found it left my skin super-soft, nourished and healthy last time I tried this,  was very impressed! I used it as a scrub last time so this time  shall be trying it as a face-mask 🙂


Madara Detox Mud Mask, this mask sounds really exciting and I’d have it on right now if I hadn’t done a mask last night!! Made with purifying Nordic Forest Lake Mud it has a beautiful pine forest scent to it as well. This mud cleanses, refines pores clearing out dirt and bad sebum, reduces spots, detoxify’s, rejuvenates, recharges and brightens. I think this mask is more for an oilier skin and mine is very dry so this will go to a lovely friend who has oily skin and I just know she will love it 🙂


Vinali Body Lotion and Day Cream, this is a new brand to love Lula. The products are made with Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that comes from grapes. They replace the water in their creams with the grape water.

The products are not overly scented which I love as I hate anything with a strong smell on my face. My skin drank the face cream in very quickly and there was no residue left and it felt soft and well hydrated too.

The body lotion has detoxifying grape oil, cocoa and Shea butter is very light and easily absorbed by my skin. It left my skin feeling smoothed, nourished, hydrated and non greasy. The low scent means it is agreeable to other perfumes or scents too and both products are a pretty good price too, at £24 for 50ml for the day cream a £14.90 for 200 ml of the body lotion.


It is very hard to find good quality organic products for decent prices, well i think so anyway and a lot are priced well out of my price range so this to me is good!

I can never have enough hand creams! So i am delighted to get a Balance Me Rose Otto Hand cream 30ml. This award-winning hand cream is lovely and rich, delicately perfumed of rose and mega hydrating on hands that never seem to have enough moisture at times.

This is a brand that I know, love and trust. I have used their products many times and always with great results. I am a huge fan of their Radiance  Face Oil and the Super Moisturising Body Wash too and  would love to try more of their Rose Otto body and shower products as this cream is really intense hydration for dry skin … just love it!


Last and by no means least are 6 really soft 100% cruelty free brushes from Eco Tools, i have and am using some brushes from this brand already, they are such good value and perfect for popping one in your makeup bag, great wee multi- taskers too for on the go and travelling light 🙂


I think this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is an absolute cracker and for £12.95 it makes me one very happy bunny!!

Where else would you get so many organic products delivered to your door for that price?? Thank you Love Lula ❤


As always there is a card in the box offering 20% off the brands in this month’s box which is fab! Would love to know if you got this box what you think of it and if you loved the amazing value too …

Here is the link for the boxes Love Lula Beauty Box if you want to take a look x

That’s it for now

Nicola x

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Hi everyone,

I am a big lover of the elemis face masks, scrubs and this wonderful Papaya Enzyme Peel is multi award winning and it does all the hard work for you!


Natural fruit enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple are fantastic for nibbling off all your old skin. If you have a bit of raised skin or bumps around your pores,  this product is really good at working on those areas and dissolving the skin, making the pores look a lot smaller and flatter .. which can only be a good thing for all of us 🙂

It is a light peachy toned creamy mask for the face and neck, some also use it on the backs of their hands and it is meant to be fantastic on extremely dry heels on your feet tho i have never been that extravagant with it …

It also contains nourishing milk proteins to help condition the skin , antioxidant rich vitamin E and marine algae to moisturise, repair and protect this skin, its paraben and sls free, contains no mineral oils, artificial colours or silicones.


All you have to do is apply a thin layer (it doesn’t need to be thick as that’s just a waste of product) a couple of times a week and it does everything for you, just apply to clean toned skin  and leave for 15 mins and i take mine off with a hot cloth for super soft, peachy skin.

I sometimes like to use my Gentle Rose Exfoliator mixed with a little warm water and applied to the face when taking the face mask off for an even softer, smoother finish to my skin, it just seems to help target any stubborn areas that just need some gentle encouragement to be on their way, it will give you super smooth radiant skin …


This product is perfect for my skin as its so gentle but effective and someone who has more mature skin i have more old skin to get removed, my skin is drier, the skin that sticks and forms fine lines and wrinkles and this is why i love it so!

You can find the enzyme peel on QVC or Time To Spa, i always find QVC has the best deals and offers and that makes it all a lot more affordable but it seems to be out of stock there for now but it is in stock on  Time To Spa  Papaya Enzyme Peel


Oh and just incase anyone doesn’t know there is a fabulous Elemis offer coming up on QVC tonight!!

It’s under £40 and on  its also on 4 easy payments, it is incredible value, Elemis like to really push the boat out every christmas on QVC, it is a truly wonderful gift for yourself or for someone you love dearly. I think the value speaks for itself in the picture …  QVC


Septembers Birchbox .. what incredible value!

Hi everyone,

here is a rundown on what i got in this months Birchbox!


Birchbox do some pretty incredible offers to tempt subscribers in, i have to say! It really is worth your while keeping an eye out to see what’s on offer ..


First up is the Models Own mascara, having tried one of their mascara’s before i really know the quality is there and it stays all day with no flake off so this mascara promises to be similar but giving even more definition, picking up the tiniest lashes and giving you an intensely dramatic lashes! I like these smaller mascara tubes because they have smaller wands and i feel i can really get right into my lashes without making a mess and really get the look i want! Fab for lower lashes too.


Next up is The Original Beautyblender complete with solid cleanser, this product retails for £26 and i am amazed i got it in a beauty box, but i am a bare minerals girl at heart and sadly it is wasted on me but i have seen a lot of hype about these sponges on the facebook beauty groups and they are meant to be totally amazing for a beautiful,  flawless finish to your foundation application.and worth every penny.


Birchbox Happy Days Photo Clip, i have been wondering what this was lol, i haven’t put a photo on mine but have used it to keep all my receipts in one place .. dead handy that  🙂


I have been quite impressed with the Skin and Co Sicilian Light Serum, this lovely serum sank straight into my skin leaving it feeling really soft and with no excess residue, a lovely light product for summer or oily skin as it won’t overload, who doesn’t love fine Italian products ..??


Next up is Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream, i always think its very hard to form a solid opinion on small samples of products, do this hydrate the skin, yes it does, as for long term brightening and fading of dark circles, i don’t know from a sample of this size but it is a lovely thick, creamy eye cream, that is hydrating on my under eye area with cocoa and apple extracts.


Urban Fruit Magnificent Mango, i know the mango strips are maybe not to everyones taste but i really love stuff like this, some of it was slightly caramelised and chewy and it tasted delicious and i will be treating myself to some more soon.. yum and its healthy too :-), full of vitamins and antioxidants!

Errr i forgot to take a pic cos i eated them  :-O

So that was what i got in this months Birchbox, It was an ‘OK’ box for me but in saying that for signing up i got a Wild About Beauty makeup palette which i am just blown away by, to the point i still can’t believe i got it lol. It is a beautiful well put together palette and i think the quality speaks for its self! SO between that and the beautyblender the value from Birchbox is pretty outrageous and i am chuffed to bits 🙂


There was of course lots of information on all the products and news of special offers that comes with the box too, which is really good if you are going to make a purchase …


You can find out lots more about Birchbox and their amazing offers by signing up for their e-mails here: https://birchbox.co.uk/

Well thats it for this months box, i hope you enjoy!

Bye for now

Nicola x