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January Empties, Empties, Empties 11 -25

Hello fellow Beauties,

As some of you know I am making a really conscious effort to use things up before I open any more (mostly lol).

So lets get into it … Ooh! organic Argan face oil was ok, I wouldn’t rush out and buy I think there is better out there (sorry).

Aurelia Cell Repair night oil
, smells incredible and it is a beautiful oil but at the moment there is so many great face oils out there I just want to try new ones. I can’t imagine what it is like to have to battle for your place in the beauty world but Aurelia do beautiful things and I love their deodorant too.

Aurelia Firm and Revitalise dry body oil
, beautiful and the Neroli is heavenly in these products, they smell incredible but this is a bit on the pricey side! ( I love things I can’t afford lol)

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser love taking my makeup off with this on the evening and inhaling the beautiful organic oils in this to relax and take the day off. It is a beautiful cleanser that leaves your skin nourished and glowing!

Alpha H Rose Essential Cleansing Balm a wonderful first cleanse full of soothing rose for the skin and the soul, works really well over the skin and comes off easily .. I would repurchase this.

Sisley Neck Cream Enriched Formula, I get the Sisley beauty box every month, I plan on blogging about it but I wanted to gather up a few bits that match together first. This leaves my neck very smooth, plumped & hydrated.

Goldfaden MD brightening Elixir this super lightweight serum brightens and smooths skin. I have used a few things from this brand now and I really like it and hope at some point to try more.

Strivectin eye concentrate for wrinkles I loved this, easy absorbed it plumped and smoothed my under and upper eye really well. Would I buy it? Yes I probably would.

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye loved the fragrance of this and it left eye area really silky soft and firmed, brightened. It really does do a fabulous job but it is super expensive but I can see why.

IMG_20180126_105122170 (2)

Stemm Shampoo & Conditioner most people know I love this. It is a product that has no sls in it so it doesn’t foam as much as a regular shampoo but it cleanses my hair brilliantly and the scent of the oils does not linger on your hair.
Conditioner I find very nourishing, it took a few uses before I could really feel it start to nourish the ends of my hair but my results are now fabulous and I have already repurchased and it is on its way! My hair is brighter, shinier, in better condition and shiner and all over much, much healthier!

Nubo White Diamond Ice-Glow Mask, this is an OMG mask! It is not a mask you use before bed, it is a mask you use when you are going places or are going to be photographed.
It gives you an icy cool blast that really kick starts the skin, you look and feel younger after this as it relaxes your facial muscles (we carry so much tension in out faces)softening how we look, it exfoliates, brightens, plumps up the skin. This to date is the most incredible mask I have ever used, it does so many things and you do really look more relaxed and have less tension in your face after . Diamond by name & diamond by nature!

Beatitude Peace Bath Oil, Beatitude so some really beautiful oils that smell and feel really luxurious so I love them.

Erno Lazlo Phelityl Cleansing Oil, first thing it smells so good! I had a lovely white soap I used with this and it was amazing too,left my skin feeling so nourished and soft it was unreal, skin looked and felt so hydrated, brightened and calm and happy. It was a shame tho how the soap broke down with this but that aside this is a great duo particularly if you have sensitive or very dry skin.

IMG_20180126_105217571 (2)

And that is it phew! As you can see I am making a real effort t o use up and get rid of the older bits I have had for a while. I call it making space for 2018 lol ..

I feel good I got to the bottom of all of these and I have more to come before I allow myself to open any more!

That’s it for now folks, take care

Nicola x

This Month’s You Beauty Discovery box .. Handbag Heroes

Hi everyone,


I really love a monthly gift box coming through my door, it perks me up and gives me something to look forward to and the You Discovery Box is always excellent value for money at just £6.95 delivered!


First item is a sachet of Cowshed Anti-Ageing perfecting night serum rrp £48, this serum is relatively new to the market i think and just as well it smells good as it is very runny and i appear to be wearing most of it already lol. ( have stolen a pic from YBD as mine is now all messy lol)

It is a lovely light oil you use at night and overnight it tones, balances, plumps, smoothes, firms and improves skin tone, i love an all in one oil but in winter i definitely need a cream over the top as my skin gets extremely dried out, but this looks, sounds and smells good!


Next up is Gold Collagen~Forte available in Boots this is a liquid drink  beauty supplement for the over 40’s (thats me 🙂 ), Is fortified with collagen, borage oil, vitamin B6 and vitamin D, antioxidants,  sugar free and sweetened with Stevia and it tastes very drinkable indeed, i wish i could afford these all the time because they not only help your hair, skin and nails but your bones and joints too so it really does have an awful lot of health benefits going for it! It is sugar free and sweetened with Stevia,


Mabye i’l win the lotto someday lol …

Anyway the next item is Crystal Clear intense anti-ageing serum, all oils and serums coming into the winter months is greatly appreciated here as the heat just zaps my skin, so does the wind and rain and thats pretty much what we get in Portrush!

Crystal Clear is loved by Gwinnie Paltrow and Kate Moss apparently and that means i just have to get stuck in and see if i get wonderful skin like they do lol!

But this is right for my skin type which needs a bit  more than just moisturiser. Its a powerful complex of Syn-ake a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper Snake which has been proven to be very effective in relaxing expression lines by relaxing facial muscles, It olso has Tourmaline (for radiance) , olive oil extract and an oxygen complex to regenerate and brighten.


Last but not lease it the Illamasqua glamore lipstick in Tease, buttery soft with a lovely satin finish on the lips this nude collection from illamasqua are such a lovely rich, hydrating lipstick, perfect the understated lip and a smokey eye look!


Well thats it for this months box and what incredible value for money it is!, mine feels more like a tailored anti ageing box than handbag heroes nonetheless it is a fabulous box. It comes with a host of special offers on the products too so make sure you check the leaflets out too …


The lipstick alone is £18.95 if you were to go buy one so that makes up for the cost of the box x3! Only thing i will say tho is watch the dates on the other products tho because they do not have a very long shelf life! So get them out and use them!

Bye for now

Nicola x

The Fighting Fifty Travel Essentials Bag

Hi Folks,

What better to do on a rainy afternoon but to review the amazing Travel Essentials bag from Tracey McApline and Nikki Taylor, I won’t go into too much detail as your better listening to the experts when you get your bag of goodies!
These 2 woman stand by every product in this bag and its easy to see why, they are all top-notch products ..


First up is the Konjac sponge a 100% natural vegetable fibre sponge to deep cleanse and lightly exfoliate your skin, i have had these sponges before and they are fab, deep cleansing but gentle on the skin.


Love your Skin Collagen gel with added vitamin E it delivers a light layer of water based hydration to the skin, sinks in quickly too. Plus there’s a Love your Skin collagen shower gel too to get that collagen back into the skin in as many ways as possible, they both smell divine too!


Emma Hardie, i don’t think theres much Emma Hardie does that i have not liked and the Moringa balm is a beautiful, soft, refined balm. Beautiful to cleanse and leave your face clean and silky soft, good oil takes out bad oil!


Merumaya Youth Preservation Serum and Iconic Youth Serum, this brand is really becoming a firm favourite on the market, even launching on QVC in its first year! The youth serum i think of as a total shield for the skin, nourishing and protecting it, I haven’t tried the moisturizer yet but if its anything like the cleanser, toner or the serum it will be pretty fantastic…


Timeless Truth Rejuvenation Mask is a luxury mask that contains immortelle, hyaluronic acid to help reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing (yes please).


Green People Sun Lotion an organic factor 15 suntan lotion with built in Tan accelerator (now why didn’t anyone else think of that?) with Organic Aloe Vera, Edelweiss, Inositol, Green Tea & Avocado.


Ginvera the original BB cream, covers well and lasts and lasts it truly is a fantastic product, love it! The Green Tea Marvel Exfoliating gel is pretty fab too, going down into your dermis and the old skin just rolls off, not exactly sure how it works but it does and is gentle enough for my neck and chest and leaves them baby smooth.


Alpha H Essential Hydration Cream haven’t tried this product yet but i am using their balancing cleanser which leaves my skin lovely and matt and the Liquid gold, one sweep over the skin at night and ‘hello glowy happy face in the morning!’



Theres a fantastic lip pencil from Studio10 which is dual ended, is a lovely natural pink shade and the other end has a natural skin toned pencil to help shape and refine the lips, really impressed with this too


Flourish moisturizer by Marlena is an artisan Italian hand-made cream with Hyaluronic, collagen beads, jojoba to smooth out wrinkles and even skintone and we all know hawt and sexy quality produce comes out of Italy lol.


Last up it the very intriguing Studio 51 night cream, sold out in lots of places around the world and Tracey and Nikki managed to secure the only samples in the UK of this! It’s intensely rich, smells incredible, you don’t need a serum under and i just know it’s a little pot of something oh so very special ..and the scent of white flowers is stunning!


Phew! Theres a lot to this bag, over £130 worth of products! But enough from me , if you wish to buy this exceptional bag you will find it here on FightingFifty.co.uk
and if you do purchase this bag grab a brew and listen to the 2 experts tell you all about the products personally


Nicola x