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Have you heard of Chin Up New chin masks yet?

Hey Everyone,

So last week I tried the new out on the market Chin Up chin masks! I really did not know what to make of this product. It came with a band that goes around your chin and velcros up over the top of your head to hold the mask firmly in place and is no chattering when you have it on as you fit it on tightly … in fact it looks a bit like a torture device!


But when God was handing out chins I thought he said ‘gins’ and I said I’ll have a double lol! But seriously as you get older this does become an area of concern and at 47 I didn’t really have anything to lose by trying it out ..

So I got 2 masks in the starter pack, a tape measure and the band that goes around your chin and up over your head. You put the cloth with the gel onto your chin and then attach the chin band up over the cloth and firmly up and over your head.


They say to leave it on for 30/45 minutes and you can lose about 2 centimetres off your chin and it also contours the sides of your face, dissolves fat, hydrates, firms and tones.

On following instructions I noticed it does get quite hot, this is normal and what it does is improve circulation to this area thus dissolving cellulite and uneven skin texture and firming the whole chin area yay!

The chin mask contains:

Vitamin E to protect and revitalise.

Corum 9325 to promote the reduction of fat cells .

Q10 Coenzyme to diminish fine lines & sallowness.

Skintronics that lifts and firms the chin by converting fat cells into stabilized fibrous tissue.


All things considered I followed the instructions with the mask and noticed about 4 cm loss off my chin and almost a week later I can still feel its results. They put a tape measure into every pack so you can measure results for yourself.

Something like this is really good for a big night out or if you know you’re going to have pictures taken etc ..and that is what I would definitely use these masks for.. when I feel I need to be at my most fabulous.. because it did work and it really contoured my lower jaw and chin.


The Chin UP products are soon to be featured in Hello magazine and will be sold on Ideal World .. so worth keeping an eye out for .. meantime there is 30% off Chin Up sets with my The Libbie Club so if you have some big nights coming up or weddings and want to look your best then take a look at these .. That is it for now folks

Take care