The Natural Beauty Box

Hello fellow Beauty addicts and stashers,

Hope you have had a good new year, but I am not sorry to see January half over as it is a long boring old month. Well at least we have made it past Blue Monday (the most miserable day of the year). There is a blizzard blowing outside and I am glad I am inside & warm and toasty oh and that a have a beauty box to check over and review.

So the Natural Beauty Box has been running for about a year now, it is a vegan & cruelty free, it costs £24.95 a month and you get 5 products Organic/Clean/ in the box.
The theme for this box was Hygge Moments which in Ireland means – getting, comfy, warm and toasty, we been doing it for years!

The first item is Coopers Calm Atmosphere Room Mist – a blend of 5 essential oils – Lavender, Bergamont, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary & Frankincense. I really love the scent of this and keep it by my laptop for times of stress .. lol!
This is my first time trying this brand and will be taking a look at their other products.

Made By Coopers Vanilla Rose Bath Salts – these smelled fantastic and looked pretty too but the elephant in the room for me was the rose petals or flower petals in the packet. I just think they go slimy and clog the plughole up.
But they have Pink Himalayan salts, Dead Sea Salts, Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang there is lots there to love but lose the bits that linger after please x

MONO Rose Cucumber cleansing oil & Cloth – this is a new brand to me, well not quite as I found I have a face oil as well I had overlooked. It smells amazing and is lovely and light on the skin and left my face feeling refreshed and super clean! So will be nice to try both together to get a real feel of the brand, there is a fab story behind the brand and the products.
Very interested to see that their formulas are infused with the high vibrational energy of crystals and jewels! They use in their products to work in synergy with the natural sometimes raw ingredients. I adore this sort of thing and I am definitely working on being a more spiritual better person this year, so this is a brand I will want to know a lot more about. Also comes with a big soft bamboo cloth. I could go on about this brand a lot more but I feel it needs its own blog post and more!

Guiltless Skin Clarity Organic oil (full size) – I have one of these oils on the go at the moment and have tried a few times, they aim to restore skin harmony and nourish with this oil. Luckily I am not someone who gets a lot of spots but I do sometimes get some redness and this oil is lovely and soothing.
This product is full of cold pressed organic virgin oils so these are the finest quality of oils you can put on your face really, they don’t come much purer than that! With Prickly Pear, Moringa, Nigella Sativia & Camelia this oil works for troubles skin to kill spots, take down redness and restore skin back to good health.

Spacemask – Interstellar Relaxation! I have already bought a box of these after first reading about them in the Victoria Health Newsletter, I bought them instantly and omggg!! They are a real turn everything off lie down and just enjoy the ride!
They slowly warm when you put them on and as they warm you just find yourself completely relaxing and transported to planet chill. A fabulous thing to use at bedtime to switch the day off. Honestly I love them and I will be buying more!
Take me to your leader!!

There was also a couple of extra Mono free samples in this box, there is no date on when this box was out but you can find out more about this box here – NM10 gets you 10% off as well.

IMG_20180117_143556596 (2)

There is a lot to talk about in these natural boxes and a lot more I want to find out about certain products too!

That’s it for now folks!

Nicola x

3 thoughts on “The Natural Beauty Box

  1. Sandra

    Looks like a fab box! I was the same with the made by coopers salts (hated the rosepetals which went limp and soggy). I love the mono face oil and would love to try the cleanser x


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