Your Chance to try some Bio_Extracts Vegan Skincare!


Hello Beauties, There is an ocean of skincare out there promising to look after your skin for you, but very few do. Bio-Extracts take a very scientific approach of what really works on skin!

Bio-Extracts is a new and exciting brand, that is free of parabens, petrochemicals and silicones that bulk products out and they are giving you the chance to try the serums and face creams that they make.

This is an opportunity to try samples from the QVC Super Serum Collection, featuring three boosters – super charged serums to be added to any skincare regime or makeup. Anti-Oxidant, Glow and Firming Boosts work for any age and skin type. The set on QVC comprises all three products in full size and offers a great saving of £23.50! QVC price is £35 for the whole collection with a luxury cosmetic bag and 3 moisturiser samples. If you buy the boosters separately, they are £19.50 each.

 Bio-Extracts will be featured on QVC on 23rd February at 8 pm, make sure & tune in to learn more about this brand!


Really hope you love this brand as much as I do!

Good luck!

Bye for now

Nicola x 


51 thoughts on “Your Chance to try some Bio_Extracts Vegan Skincare!

  1. Pamela McCormack

    As i age in my life i am looking for the best possible help to maintain youthful skin and a plesant apperance without the aid of special and invasive treatments like Botox and Fillers.I want to age gracefuly but still feel amazing on the outside as i do

  2. Myriam Boudeghdegh

    I am interested in trying this new product.I am nearly 45 so I would to try your new cream .

  3. Joy Christie

    Am a young looking 62 year old with. Combination skin. I also have roseacea over my nose and cheeks slightly and I also still get zits. Help!

  4. tracy Smart

    Would love to try this otu its been so long since i foudn anythign interesting to wear on a night out usualy im the bare faced one who looks aincient vs my younger friends and im only 42!

  5. Paula Ormond

    I would love to try this new product as I am 57 and need to find a different make of serum I like the Idea to have a sample before you buy it Thank you

  6. Lynne

    Hi I have ezcema and dry skin. I am 40 soon as fed up of looking nearly 50 before I am. I would love to try the products before I purchase them!

  7. Michelle Johnson

    Love trying new skincare products, still in search of that elusive product that does miracles for my skin.

  8. Georgina Shaw

    I am very interested in trying your product I have heard good things about it so fingers crossed I get to try it for myself 😀😀

  9. Gerri Tennant

    These look amazing. I am in the middle of a beauty course at the moment and have learned the importance of the ingredients that face creams contain. Thanks for drawing my attetion to these products.

  10. Hayley Colburn

    Aging has crept up on me so quickly, am on the hunt for my must have product now, thanks very much for the giveaway and also for the heads up about the free samples, have requested some today 😀

  11. Stephanie Thomson

    Would love to try a sample of Bio-Extracts, sounds great! Also entered competition. Thanks 😊

  12. Charlotte Madafferi

    This is a brilliant offer! Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity to try these products. Heaven knows my skin needs a little help at the moment to restore a healthy glow LOL

  13. Slava Krivcun

    good day!I really like your company ,you are the best of which we know ,I ask you to send free gifts,logo of your firm ,and any help for the residents of Ukraine .Thank you send to this address Krivcun Slava /ul.Kirova 82-73 abonentskiy yashik 61/ Berdyansk.Zaporozhia area/ Ukraine/ 71116 mob 0662277268

  14. Cheryl

    This would be a DREAM rightnow! My skin seems to be suffering?! Used to be so healthy?? I would Greatly appreciate to be able to try this as I’m looking for something new to give my skin a helping hand at reversing the difference! Thankyou! ☺ ; ) x

  15. Yanina Savosina

    Russia, Rostovskaya oblast, Taganrog, P. Tolyatti, 22/3, kv. 6
    Savosina Yanina
    I want to get the free simple, thx!

  16. Irina Vanyushkina

    Letnaya, 24-1-166, Mytischi, Russia, 141021
    Летная ул, дом 21 к.1 кв.166, г. Мытищи, МО, Россия, 141021

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