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Laila London Chamomile & Lavender Clay Mask

Hey everyone,

I think most people want to shake off last year and detox themselves in some way. I know I do. Old make up and skincare has been cleared out, along with clothes, cupboards and just about anything that gets in my way lol!

Of course it is rightly so that my skin gets a good detox too and a good ole mud mask that really clears the skin out is an essential. I use a variety of masks for various reasons and there is always a good skin clearing mask in my stash.


This mask is full of healing organic benzonite clay, lavender & chamomile . Benzonite clay is highly prized for its effectiveness to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals and impurities from your skin.

We all attract toxins onto our skin on a daily basis. Just walking along a street, we inhale pollution from cars and it sticks to our faces, causing a lot of irritation and skin problems, blocking our skincare from working too.

A mask like this removes all those issues, cleans out pores, firms the skin and improves blood circulation to the skin, making it brighter and clearer too. It is in a dry powdered formula, which keeps better and means when you mix some up with water, you are getting the freshest possible mask onto your skin. You just add water if and when you want to apply this mask.


So if you don’t have a good powerful mask like this in your routine, then you should have, because it will do wonderful things for your skin. It also comes with a rather fabby little wooden spoon, which I have to mention as I am shallow and think it is fantastic lol!

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That is it for now folks

Nicola x