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Paul Yacomine Micro Duo Hair Serum/Oil


Hello beauties

Me again lol!

This time with a topic very close to my heart! Hair serums & oils – isn’t it such a minefield to find the right ones for your hair that don’t weigh it down or leave it feeling lank?

So I have been trying the Paul Yacomine Micro Duo for hair is a pair of serums/oils that do not build up on hair or weigh it down. It is designed to wash completely out of your hair as well and not leave a build up which so many serums can do and I really detest feeling any build up of any sort in my hair!

These are less is more products, they are designed to be so lightweight but so efficient so you do not have to overload your hair with product. These refined products are what all hair serums & oils should be like!


They smell amazing too, with organic Argan oil, Rose oil, Rosemary, Patchouli, Orange and Geranium they are not only super refreshing on the hair but they are uplifting smells. Really worth noting that the Micro Treatment Oil also has sunscreen in as well so it is nourishing and protecting your hair on a daily basis and oh boy it smells heavenly!

I mostly leave my hair curly and the hair dryer and straighteners only really come out if I am going somewhere so I just scrunch in some Micro treatment oil from half way down my hair to the ends and then if I am going to finish it off with the hair dryer I add the Micro Finish Oil.

The Micro Finish Oil No3 is for dry frizzy hair (yep that is me) you use it on damp hair and it is formulated to penetrate the hair shaft deeper to condition, smooth dry hair, take down frizz and give some shine, definition and curl to hair that normally would frizz!

These oils not only smell amazing but they work like a dream and it is very easy to see why they have a big celebrity following .. for hair that smells, feels and looks stunning with no frizz (most important if you are a celeb I would imagine!)

You can see in this picture how much it really has tamed my curls, no frizz in sight and they look totally conditioned and shiny!

So if like me you struggle with unruly hair that rules you then this magical duo really is worth a go .. oh and did I mention how incredible they smell .. you will be sniffing and swishing hair all day …

There is £7.50 off this Paul Yacomine Duo with this month’s Libbie Club if you are interested. They have worked wonders on my frizz for sure.

Bye for now

Nicola xx