Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in one Mascara!

Hi everyone,

Tarte do the best mascaras imo.

I have tried a lot and keep going back to the lights, camera lashes because…here is why I put my trust into it ..


1.I have super sensitive eyes and it never ever irritates my eyes .. most important!

2 . is that it is very easy to remove and I know I can easily get it all off or else it causes more irritation.

3. it needs to be blackest black to really frame my eyes.

4. I want it to volumize and lengthen .. no argument! It must do this! My lashes are fine and prone to falling over lol.

5. It must not dry out and start to crumble half way through the day or in any other part of the day.

6. The wand has to be easily manoeuvred around the lashes so i can really get into the root of the lash and build that volume up.


I don’t want much do I lol?

This mascara fulfils all of my criteria to make a mascara good. It has been proven to increase volume to the lashes by a whopping 330% with just 2 coats. It conditions the lash and it doesn’t go black and crispy ..

It is  tested and fantastic on sensitive eyes like mine!

It coats every lash including the shorter ones and it stays conditioned and curled throughout the day.

All things considered I really love this mascara, I can trust it to do its job and not have to worry about it being halfway down my face come midday …and that in a mascara is damn hard to find ..


The Tarte Lights, Camera, Action is available on my Libbie Club and the Tarte Lash Primer is for sale too as part of a set and there is 10% off here: The Libbie Club

That’s it for now

Take care

Nicola x

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