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Ginvera Marvel Gel Blackhead and Pore Cleaner

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this mini heatwave we have been having! We have had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night so cup of tea in hand I thought I would start my review for the newly made-over Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel!


Ginvera has a huge following and is the best seller throughout Asia with this amazing green tea gel. They have changed the packaging and slightly tweaked the formula tho it was soo good before I can’t tell much difference .. perhaps my skin is that little bit smoother and brighter


Well because it is so extremely effective at cleaning dirt and oil out of congested skin but it is super gentle and works on all skin types to keep the skin surface super clean, smooth and healthy .

Therefore all your skincare works much better and your make up goes on so much more smoothly too, less oily patches and a more all round mattified skin.

The Korean’s are incredibly fussy about their skincare and quality definitely rules for them and this is a really hard working multi tasking product that gives instant results and gratification that it is a job well done ..


As you massage it on to clean dry skin,it spreads out over your face picking up the dead skin on the surface and it literally rolls off taking old skin, dirt and excess oils with it.

Very simple but effective! I take it down across my neck and chest too as those areas of skin are thinner and need to be treated gently. I love how it leaves my neck so velvety smooth and the old wrinkles are much less defined.

Worth noting too that men’s skins tend to be oilier than women’s so if your man/son has a bit too much oiliness or congestion then this would be perfect for them too.

It contains white Tea Extract which is a powerful antioxidant. it has anti-inflammatory properties so it calms the skin, helps bring oxygen to the surface of your skin, brightening and improving skin tone and it also helps improve collagen production.


It is quite remarkable how good this Ginvera Green Tea Gel is .. once used you wonder why you have never heard or tried it before because it is one of those products you genuinely won’t want to be without!

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I really recommend giving this product a go while it is such a good price at the Libbie Club and now people are trying it .. it is really flying out the door!

Have you tried the Ginvera Marvel Gel yet?

If so what did you think of it?

Bye for now

Nicola x