The Hero Project..Glow Drops

Hey Everyone,

The Hero Project is a fairly new company whose aim is to find niche gaps in the market where perhaps some products are not living up to their reputation or resting on their laurels and do do better!


Having already tried their Hylasoft Instant Moisture Boost Gel which is an instant shot of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 suspended in an unscented gel that sinks straight into the skin, it cools and hydrates and I rate it as pretty damn fabulous!

So the Glow Drops is a dry feel oil on the skin with a blend of 10 natural essential oils and a shot of lipid vitamin C to boost skin brightness, I have found it sinks into the skin really well and quite quickly.

It is made with 98% naturally derived ingredients and it smells pretty fabulous too!

Being a dry based oil it never feels heavy or sticky on your skin, it is suitable for all skin types and if you have thirsty skin like me you can pop a little face cream on top.


I have to say I really like this oil, there is no doubt it does give a lovely glow to the skin. Skin feels silky soft, hydrated and it really does have a glow to it.

Skincare is my passion and I have tried a lot of face oils, I can pick up the rosehip in the fragrance and I believe this to be a really good face oil after using it for a week or so .. I look after my skin well and this has added that extra injection of smoothness and a healthy, hydrated look to my face.

This oil is really good for people with dull looking skin and for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles… or if you *cough* need to look fresh and bright after a big night out .. then this oil is just the ticket as it will make you look like you have had a good 8 hours sleep!

The oil comes in a 30 ml bottle and with a dropper that delivers the right amount of oil for your face every time. Being a 30 ml bottle I like to indulge and take it down over my neck and décolletage too.


At the moment the Glow Drops are on special offer with the Libbie Club plus there is also free postage & £5 off a £30 skincare  spend with code: skin5 . You can take a look at the other offers including the Hylasoft Gel (it really is a hidden gem) here at the   Libbie Club.

That’s it for now folks and I hope you get your glow on for spring/summer!

Bye for now

Nicola x

5 thoughts on “The Hero Project..Glow Drops

  1. PurelyAmy

    I love the name “Glow drops” I’ve really been looking into my skin care, I’ve noticed a lot of red tiny veins on my face and it’s making my skin look uneven 😦


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