2-1 Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser

Hi Everyone,

Been a while but time to  resurrect  my blog as I miss it badly and I have so many products I love that I would love to talk about…

So onwards and upwards …

Honey & Propolos Bee Good Cleanser is a CEW award winning product.

It is super gentle on the skin and very nurturing to leave skin not only clean and refreshed but it works to keep skin very healthy and balanced too!

Made with British Wild Flower Honey and Propolis these 2 products alone are super soothing, nourishing and protective of the skin, it also has  lots of Vitamin E, B & C . All things considered this beautiful cleanser really packs a cleansing punch!

It has a light buttery feel to the cleanser and if smells lovely and fresh, clean, It spread really well over my face, massaged in well and came off really  good leaving no residue and my skin felt very settled, not dried out in any way.

Great for all skin types it will also be very good on sensitive skin, those with rosacea as the Propolis is antibacterial and will work to keep the skin super soothed and healthy.

I think this is a fantastic cleanser and it is a really great price for what it is and how it treats and looks after your skin ..

At the moment the Honey & Propolis is on offer with the Libbie Club . If you buy one you get a free travel sized cleanser & muslin cloth plus free postage .. all for the tidy sum of  11.50!

You can check out the offer here along with a whole host of beauty offers Libbie Club


That is it for now

Take care

Nicola x

10 thoughts on “2-1 Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser

      1. Angela Weston

        Sounds a good cleanser, will try this for hols and it’s good to see you blogging again xx

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