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NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% .. Truly Remarkable Skincare!

Hi everyone,

If you have not heard of Brandon Truaxe Or NIOD (non evasive options in dermal science) then you should really go to Victoria Health and read up on the incredible things he is doing in the Beauty world!

copper-amino-isolate-serum-1pct-15ml (1)

He is revolutionising the way we look at beauty and skin-care and completely turning it on his head. How he thinks and looks at what our skin needs is so much more pioneering and streets ahead of the usual huge beauty giants churning out the same sort of creams which are only slightly different down through their various channels.

So the first product I purchased was the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum. It comes beautifully packaged in plain black boxes and white labels, slightly clinical, clean and a feeling of something that you feel is going to be high-tech and that is exactly what it is.

Two bottles  come with this product…. one looks empty .. do not turn it on it’s head and shake because it contains the copper powder needed to make up the serum.


You activate this yourself by mixing the Activator  and the copper flakes together and shaking for about 30 seconds to mix well and activate your serum. This way you get the freshest product that will stay active for you for the longest time. You keep this serum in the fridge to keep the ingredients as active and as potent as possible.

How this serum works is to help reduce all visable signs of anti-ageing. It is absorbed into the skin immediately and it forms a base to make skin look and act younger  from  it’s lowest depth upwards. So it is also treating the new skin before it gets up to the surface.

This is a thin light sky blue serum and I personally find the best way to apply this (as you only need 3 drops) and not over use it is to apply it to the palm of my hand and quickly mix it onto both hands and press it into my skin that is still damp from toning. That way I feel I get a good application of the serum all over my face.


On my own skin I have been using about a month now. I can see a more youthful  appearance and it has been remarked upon! I feel my face looks and feels healthy (I tend to be quite ashen) my pores do look smaller and firmness  and elasticity is much much better. Particularly the elasticity and spring back.

I could try and go into all the high-tech stuff about this serum. It is called skin-care for the hyper-educated. I am not quite in that niche but I love good skincare that works and that really matters to me and this really works! I know this because I can see and feel it every day.

I use it with the NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex with 12 different hyaluronic compounds to visably hydrate hydrate the skin. This is a godsend for anyone who struggles with keeping their skin hydrated as they get older as i know I do ..

Having tried  quite a few NIOD  products now and I can honestly say I just want more and more…. there is no heaviness with these products. They are lovely and light, the delivery goes instantly into the skin. There is no waiting for anything to sink in. You apply and straight away your done and you have intelligent products  that is making your skin work for you!

The NIOD umbrella is a very fast growing one. People are really waking up to what these powerful products can do for their skin.

The amazing Nikki Taylor is a massive NIOD fan and I have to say I have very cheerfully followed her down this line and been really excited by all the new releases and I just cannot wait to get my hands on them!


Have you had the pleasure of trying some of the NIOD products yet? If so are you loving them as much as me?

That’s all for now folks

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Nicola x

The Activist Firming Body Oil from Mio

Hi Everyone,

Kind of lost my blogging mojo but then everything goes off here when the fibromyalgia kicks in! So gonna make an active effort to try and get some blog posts back in action ..


My first product is Mio The Activist Firming Body Oil! Their Motto is Fit Skin For Life!

The Activist is a very potent super-food for very dry, stressed skin. it also improves skin tone, fades stretch marks, restore balance and strengthen your skin and keep it supple, soft and healthy!

This oil is a very potent super-food for skin ..  packed full of antioxidants, essential Omegas, lots of Vitamin C, Carrot Seed, Cranberry Seed, Argan , Vitamin E and coconut oils to name a few, all used in the product at the maximum percentage they can use in their products. A lot of the oils are organic and pure and all high quality.

It is best applied to skin that has been ex-foliated and is still slightly damp from showering to really lock in moisture. It sinks in well and leaves skin feeling so nourished and silky soft. If you want to really go to town then a rich body butter on top and you will be in pure heaven and have the best skin in town 🙂

I am so impressed with this oil, after just a couple of uses there is a marked difference on the skin on the top of my arms! No matter what I was putting on my arms they always still felt a bit dry. Now they feel velvet soft and the skin does feel a lot more plumped up and yep .. skin does feel firmer and more supple.

It is fantastic on my upper arm area where I have been really testing it a part of the body most women struggle to keep firmed and toned. It is the perfect product for mature skin that needs those essential fatty acids and oils to keep it hydrated and healthy!

Of course it is not just for your upper arms this is just where it was obvious to me to test as it is the part of my body that I would be able to see a marked difference very quickly. Also good on tums, bums, thighs or anywhere you want to improve tone,texture and hydrate.



Not only is the Firming Body Oil super hydrating it is also great on skin-tone, stretch marks and over all skin health.

Mio say this is the best multi purpose antioxidant oil you will ever use and I agree it really is a pretty darn amazing product. I have used many oils that just sat on my skin and did nothing for it really, just sat on the surface making it feel oily. But this Mio Activist Oil is very different.

The Activist oil really works, my skin feels supple, firmer and a lot more hydrated.It sinks in really well and has a beautiful light lemon fragrance .. lovely and refreshing!

The Libbie Club is doing a fantastic offer this month on The Mio Activist Firming Active  Body Oil! They are giving you 20% off the body oil plus a free  50ml Double Buff Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator!


Used together these 2 products will give you the most wonderfully, soft, silky, healthy skin ever! You can check out this fantastic offer here:

That is it for now fellow beauty junkies 🙂

Take care

Nicola xx