Nars Brow Gel, My New Best friend!

Hey everyone 🙂

Eye brows for me are such funny old things and something I have studied quietly and from afar for quite some time! Too little brow, too much brow, not plucked, over plucked! They may frame our faces but they are such a major dilemma too!


Some people suit a dark thick brow, some have also have the same dilemma as me as to how much to pluck and how heavy to go with the huge range of brow products available. My problems stem from being fair-haired so a dark or heavy brow or strongly defined brow  just looked incredibly wrong. yet I admire a well-defined dark brow so much.

images (1)

I have tried all sort of eye brow pencils, pens, wax .. some looked ok …some were just very wrong . I am now at a point and age where the ends are thinning out now too (always something). So when the fabulous Nikki Taylor mentioned the Nars Brow Gel for blonde hair I thought it really had to be worth a go ..


Well Amen Sista!!

I simply love this! It is the best thing I have ever used on my brows, its light enough not to give me a dark heavy look yet it gives me some shade and defined shape in the most natural way .. and its super-fast and easy to use!


I just do not suit strong defined coloured in brows, I have tried for years and this light gel not only gives me the colour that I need its fully build-able, keeps my brows in place all day and basically gives me the brow colour I need for my fair colouring

I just brush both brows in an upward motion and swipe the brow gel wand over them for instant naturally defined brows that look perfect on my face (only took me 35 years!). If I want an evening look I can simply just add a little more gel and maybe add a little pencil to the tails and I am done!

Its fast, easy, natural and everything I want or need in one swipe Happy, Happy, Happy, I cannot recommend it enough for what it has done for me… Tamed, natural brows in one or 2 swipes 🙂


Nars easily does some of the most hard-working Iconic make-up around and it’s not hard to see why people love and trust it and go back to Nars time and time again.

It comes in 4 shades one is clear, the one is use is in the shade Athens,  there is another  medium toned shade and then one for dark brows.


Now I know my brows are far from perfect but I like them like this and think they suit my face so they shall do for me .


It’s really affordable too at £16.50 from most big retailers Nars Brow Gel and if you do not suit a heavy brow or just want to keep your brows tidy and in place then this mascara wand type product may be just the ticket for you too ..

Bye for now

Nicola x

7 thoughts on “Nars Brow Gel, My New Best friend!

    1. TraceyFaceUpBeauty

      I like the sound of this. I’ve got a brow post coming up soon. I love brows and a full brow is youthful but yes, you’re right, it’s important not to overdo the look, especially as you get older. I’m opposite colouring to you, dark haired/light olive complexion, so do wear my brows quite full. But the choice of product out there is dazzling and can be confusing. It takes a bit of experimentation to find what suits. Tx

      1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

        Thank you Tracey for such a lovely reply! Brows really do frame our faces but they are complicated beings that need treated with respect lol. Being so far if i over do it at all it shows so badly so not i go with less is more! Look forward to your brow post x

  1. TraceyFaceUpBeauty

    Lovely review. I’m massively into brows. Such a focal point of the face but one that gives us girls so much grief. I plucked mine excessively as a teen. I so regret it, though thankfully they did grow back more or less. I am very dark haired with a light olive complexion. I can get away with a heavyish brow, though I’m at an age where one needs to be mindful of not over doing it, lol! I’ve got a post on brows coming up soon and I’m really liking the sound of this NARS. Good price too. Tx


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