January’s Fantastic Love Lula Box!

Hey everyone,


What a long dark old month January is! But what a lovely surprise I have gotten from my Love Lula box this month!! It was a very welcoming sight as I am trying to do a January no beauty spend …. day 14 and I am hanging in there 🙂


First up is Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes,  in general i’m  not a fan of the old face wipe as some can totally strip your face of its natural oils.. but this range is a lot more gentle to skin! Handy on the go or for travelling they remove all makeup including mascara, they have green super-foods in their ingredient list and are biodegradable too.( still on the fence with wipes sorry)


Funny Bee BB cream Sample is something I haven’t heard of before. When I opened the sachet I thought ‘ooo’ that’s a bit orangey but on applying to my wrist it disappears right into the skin just leaving you with a lovely healthy radiance, smells amazing too and with no silicone of fillers… think this is a fab product!


Nourish Exfoliating Cleanser, I have used this before and really liked it, it has pomegranate active enzymes working within the product along with Jojoba beads to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten and Kale antioxidants to nourish and protect  plus there is also probiotics in there too to really protect the skin too from environmental issues like weather and pollution!

It can be used 3 ways … as a manual exfoliator, left on as a face mask or as a cleanser and I found it left my skin super-soft, nourished and healthy last time I tried this,  was very impressed! I used it as a scrub last time so this time  shall be trying it as a face-mask 🙂


Madara Detox Mud Mask, this mask sounds really exciting and I’d have it on right now if I hadn’t done a mask last night!! Made with purifying Nordic Forest Lake Mud it has a beautiful pine forest scent to it as well. This mud cleanses, refines pores clearing out dirt and bad sebum, reduces spots, detoxify’s, rejuvenates, recharges and brightens. I think this mask is more for an oilier skin and mine is very dry so this will go to a lovely friend who has oily skin and I just know she will love it 🙂


Vinali Body Lotion and Day Cream, this is a new brand to love Lula. The products are made with Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that comes from grapes. They replace the water in their creams with the grape water.

The products are not overly scented which I love as I hate anything with a strong smell on my face. My skin drank the face cream in very quickly and there was no residue left and it felt soft and well hydrated too.

The body lotion has detoxifying grape oil, cocoa and Shea butter is very light and easily absorbed by my skin. It left my skin feeling smoothed, nourished, hydrated and non greasy. The low scent means it is agreeable to other perfumes or scents too and both products are a pretty good price too, at £24 for 50ml for the day cream a £14.90 for 200 ml of the body lotion.


It is very hard to find good quality organic products for decent prices, well i think so anyway and a lot are priced well out of my price range so this to me is good!

I can never have enough hand creams! So i am delighted to get a Balance Me Rose Otto Hand cream 30ml. This award-winning hand cream is lovely and rich, delicately perfumed of rose and mega hydrating on hands that never seem to have enough moisture at times.

This is a brand that I know, love and trust. I have used their products many times and always with great results. I am a huge fan of their Radiance  Face Oil and the Super Moisturising Body Wash too and  would love to try more of their Rose Otto body and shower products as this cream is really intense hydration for dry skin … just love it!


Last and by no means least are 6 really soft 100% cruelty free brushes from Eco Tools, i have and am using some brushes from this brand already, they are such good value and perfect for popping one in your makeup bag, great wee multi- taskers too for on the go and travelling light 🙂


I think this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is an absolute cracker and for £12.95 it makes me one very happy bunny!!

Where else would you get so many organic products delivered to your door for that price?? Thank you Love Lula ❤


As always there is a card in the box offering 20% off the brands in this month’s box which is fab! Would love to know if you got this box what you think of it and if you loved the amazing value too …

Here is the link for the boxes Love Lula Beauty Box if you want to take a look x

That’s it for now

Nicola x

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