Suti Fabulous foot Balm

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a good Christmas, its been very quiet here. I find it to be a time of reflection for me and I always miss my parents badly.But this year has been better than most have I have kept my mind as busy as possible, I just have very bad fatigue and body pain (fibromyalgia)


But enough of me and onto this wonderful foot balm I have found! It’s by a relatively new brand to the UK and is born of a synergy of 2 sister-in-laws (Suzannah and Tina) and the focus of the brand is to help body and mind. With their goal being a greater sense of well-being to their customers.

The oils they use are approved my the soil association, organic and a lot of them are cold pressed! Which makes their products right up my street, I just love pure organic brands!

They use Reki, the moon and Clear Quartz Crystals that works specifically with each product, in other words they put a lot of healing and effort into each product!


The Fabulous Foot Balm i have been using every night since I received it, with a back injury and other issues I am finding this balm incredibly soothing on the sore bones of my feet and mega hydrating. I find myself really looking forward to this every evening, its like a ritual or relief!

When you think about how much abuse our feet take we do not treat them enough. This balm has been made to ground you, to help put the past behind you to start afresh and walk forward. Something I need more than anyone knows :-). It reconnects you with Mother Earth (yes I love all this kind of stuff!)

The balm itself is made with Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Olive Oil and Pumpkin Seed oil it’s a very rich blend of  pure oils it is mega hydrating, soothing, intense, cooling, you can really pick up on the mint to rejuvenate and calm soreness, Eucalyptus and lemon to cool, cleanse and deodorize, avocado and carrot to nourish , Calendula and pumpkin seed to soothe soreness and help with skin regeneration and if that list of amazing ingredients doesn’t impress you for a foot balm I don’t know what will!


It is truly beautiful, rich and soothing on my poor feet, they ache so badly at times, it comes in a lovely balm form, you only have to touch it for it to melt and glide over your feet. This is not something you use and then head out, it’s a real luxury pamper product. You put on some cotton socks after and just chill!

It will work wonders on the driest of feet and I will admit my feet were a bit dry even using other foot creams but not after this, they are silky soft and feeling much-loved and revived, it really does deserve the word fabulous in its title!


You can read so much more about Suti  Fabulous Foot Balm and their lovingly made products here Suti it is an interesting read when you add in the healing side to the already fantastic organic, soil association products.

I have some more of the Suti skin products here to try and will be reviewing them soon, all I can say is a am seriously in love with this wonderful foot balm and how it has given me some relief from the usual pains!

It does wonderful things to your feet!!

If interested this is the sample pack I am going to review, it’s a fab price because of the organic oils in the pack alone Sample Pack @ £9 delivered ..


Well that’s it for now folks, huge thank you to Tracey McAlpine for introducing me to the brand!

Take care

Nicola x

8 thoughts on “Suti Fabulous foot Balm

  1. Rachel

    There is something quite relaxing about a foot cream which contains Eucalyptus, it is incredibly soothing, especially if you leave it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before using it x

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Hey Annie, Happy Holidays to you too! I have used more expansive products that do’t touch Suti’s! It is definitey my new love and i am hungry for more, i just love the foot balm. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, i have followed you as i love your blog Nicola xx


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