Gazelli Award Winning White Oil Serum

Hi everyone,

dark, cold and wet old winters day here!

The heating is on and as much as it’s needed! It dries my skin out something terrible…. but i have been using the amazing Gazelli White Oil Serum and it really has been helping keep my skin hydrated. The perfection solution for very dry skin…it is olso a Pure Beauty Award winner for 2014!


The Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum is made with the highest concentration  of the  ‘Revolutionary White Oil’, which has been hailed for centuries in Azerbaijan as a medicinal healing oil, it is found deep in the layers of the earth and is hailed as a miracle healing oil. It increases the skins metabolic turnover, improving the skins ability to regenerate and increase vitamin and oxygen intake, in return making the skin more plumped up and making it appear more youthful.
You can read more about the White Oil here.


The serum also contains  Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Hyaluronic  Acid and anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate to plump and protect your skin, to brighten, to help fade age spots  keep it feeling firmed and hydrated all day long…

The serum is opaque in colour, with a delicate scent of white flowers which is lovely, light just like the serum :-).

It is beautifully packaged and it comes in a beautiful silver coated bottle with a dropper to give you just the right dose of just a few drops …


It is a beautifully refined serum that glides easily over the skin meaning you need very little and you can really feel it tightening and firming up the skin as it quickly soaks in. Making my pores look smaller and more refined and my jowl and chin area feel a lot firmer, I can also feel this around my orbital bone area too reducing the fine lines in that area which is just fantastic and my forehead looks and feels very smoothed.


I also find I get a really good moisture boost with this serum which I really need in the dark winter days. This serum gives me a healthy glow which pretty much amazes me every time I look in the mirror as I am not as white and pasty as I would usually be. My skin looks so healthy!

I have been using the serum White Oil Firming Serum hand in hand with the scrub which I have really taken to as its gentle but so effective at sloughing off the dead skin cells and revealing beautiful, hydrated, calm skin underneath.

Have you tried the Gazelli White Oil products yet? You can find them here: Gazelli


I really cannot recommend them highly enough if your skin needs a really good boost and a perk up which is exactly what it has done to my skin this winter, it has been a real skin savior!

The White oil range is a really premium range of skincare products, they have a ‘premium price tag’ but they work so hard for the money and I would be overjoyed to find any of these products under my Christmas tree 🙂

Bye for now

Nicola x

5 thoughts on “Gazelli Award Winning White Oil Serum

  1. Elizabeth

    This looks like just the sort of thing someone living in a harsh sea climate needs! I really ought to invest in skin products to protect my skin…. #ukbloggers


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