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Gazelli White Oil Illuminating Skin Polish!

Hello everyone,

I was lucky enough to get chosen to trial the Gazelli White Oil Serum so when i saw that http://www.latestinbeauty.com/  were giving away a free Gazelli White Oil Illuminating Skin Polish worth £35 with The Glamour Beauty Edit box i thought well why not buy that and give the 2 products a really good go together and that’s just what i did 🙂


Firstly here is what i thought of the Skin Polish  … The white oil is a medicinal healing oil unique to Azerbaijan and it is unique to Gazelli’s products, it is known to improve the skins ability to regenerate itself and to help the skin absorb nutrients thus helping the skin retain moisture, youthful elasticity and health!

The Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish,is a rice powder polish and that means it is extremely gentle on my skin, perfect for anyone with thread veins (ME) , sensitivity to their skin or oily skin types as that rice powder is really going to gently clean out pores!

It is a white lightly scented cream and it sloughs all the dead skin cells leave skin looking really smooth, soft and polished …


Only thing i will say is use in the shower as its not so easy to get it all removed off your face with just a hot cloth. But it really is a remarkable face scrub, smells amazing too and its full of healthy products like Red grape extract to lock in moisture and brighten skin tone , The Regenerative Gazelli White Oil to nourish and rejuvenate and the Rice Powder to clean out pores and gently smooth away dead skin cells revealing a much brighter, refreshed skin…


My face definitely looked brighter and smoother, feels softer and has been very ‘glowy’ i have really noticed this, even when i have been under the weather my skin has stayed looking incredibly healthy and it really does look more youthful .. it has been noticed when i have been out!

I do rate this scrub a lot its a scrub i can use often, its gentle but so amazingly skin smoothing and calming, it is quite remarkable how good it leaves your skin looking and feeling .. really impressed 🙂 !

Another tip is it’s also meant to be really good used on the back of your hands to make them look and feel more youthful too, i must give this a go too  …


You can find out lots more abut the Gazelli products here: Gazelli White Oil

I am  quite blown away with how they have  made my skin feel and look, i would have had over looked these products if it hadn’t been for the skin trial and the freebie but i have to say i am delighted i have not found them as they are pretty fabulous and i would gladly repurchase them 🙂

Have you tried Gazelli White Oil Products yet?

Bye for now folks

Nicola x