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Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Hello everyone,


Wen is a product I have wanted to try for some time as I have quite fine hair but lots of it and it is curly plus I highlight it! It has been damn near impossible to find something to totally hydrate it but not weigh it down badly and the Wen system seems to be doing that beautifully for me!

It is really easy to use, you just wet your hair in the shower and add a little at a time until you can feel my hair well coated and then work it well into the hair, rinse and repeat! The one I am trialing have is Sweet Almond and Mint and it is so beautifully scented you could almost eat it lol

First thing I noticed other than the scent was the amazing difference this made to my hair even in the shower, my hair felt like pure silk when rinsing it out and I have now come to totally love this sensation/feeling in my hair..

THe difference after was fantastic, my ends didn’t frizz up into dried up curls, the curls were conditioned, shining and soft and the colour was a lot brighter too. I washed my hair with ordinary shampoo the other day and nope not for me anymore i am definitely sold on the conditioner cleansing, there is a Today’s Special Value coming up on QVC very soon and i shall be stocking up then.

There is a few different scents you can have, Almond and Mint, Pomegranate, Lavender and cucumber to name a few and all for different hair types …

If you have short hair or an oily scalp this product may not be for you but anyone with long hair, curls, over worked or dyed hair or extensions will find this product fabulous on their hair to recondition their locks and leave them gleaming again!


It would even make a fantastic treatment to use twice a week to keep your locks in tiptop condition if you use a lot of straighteners, hair dryers and curing tongs, it replaces the need for shampoo, conditioners, conditioning treatments there’s no parabens in it either which for me is a massive bonus.

You can read more into Wen Haircare here: Wen UK

Have you yet to try a cleansing conditioner?

Or do you love yours?

Bye for now

Nicola x