Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Hello everyone,

a lot of primers rarely live up to my expectations and I have found a lot don’t really do anything but clog my skin up, but the Laura Mercier foundation primer has to be the best I have tried.


I use a lot of serums and oils on my face as well as moisturiser a times as I tend to have dry skin but about an hour after putting on a primer and make-up my nose and forehead usually starts to shine and no matter what I put on it after that point makes no difference, its there for the day and that’s it.

But not with the Laura Mercier primer! It has made a huge difference to my face, not one teeny bit of shine gets through, even after hours of wearing, its pretty fab and impressive in my book, its non drying as in it doesn’t dry my skin out either it just leaves everything lovely and matte.

It is a lovely light primer, peachy toned and you don’t need much but I can really feel the difference in this to other primers I have tried, to be honest I had kind of given up on primers till I got this one in my Latest in Beauty Glamour Power List Box here:  and its a keeper!

Will be buying the full size very soon because its taken years for me to find something I am happy with, this vitamin rich creamy gel like primer is worth its weight in gold, it dries quickly leaving my face very smooth and matte, you can feel it forming a base between my face creams and my make up and it holds my make up in place .. amazingly all day, it really is one fantastic primer.

Finally I can actually feel and see what a good primer is meant to and there is no going back when you get a product this good for your face, so bye bye to the rest and hello Laura my new make-up saviour!


You can find it here at Space NK the official stockists for £29.00 it is a bit of an investment but a bloody good one

Did you get this product in your Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 box? If so what did you think of it? I really do think it is the best I have tried 🙂

Bye for now

Nicola x

6 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      I didn’t do any swatches as it is just a light peachy gel type product as described but i use a lot of creams and oils and it held the moisture in and kept mu makeup in place too which is why i have loved it so much, perhaps the one that is not oil free might be more suitable for you x


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