The Perfume Society … what was in the box!

Hey folks,

So as you know i signed up to the Perfume Society as i want to learn lots more about perfumes, their scents and to find out about what sort of scent i am drawn to. Put together by a fantastic team of experts in not only the beauty industry, they have always had a real passion for scents too. I paid a one off payment of £25 and that gets me access to a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise online too .. after that boxes are just £10 delivered!


There is so many perfumes on the market it confuses me if i go into a shop to try and buy some fragrance so these boxes will help me a lot and they are a fantastic mix of high street and designer fragrances that living way up in Portrush that i wouldn’t normally get to try!


So lets get started on what’s in the box … please remember these are my own thoughts and scents are very different for us all 🙂

The first fragrance is Miller and Harris  Fragrance Family: Chypre is a very unisex scent, it is warm sensual, this is a scent i will love wearing all winter because i think its very suitable for me and my surroundings being in a seaside town. It will warm the senses on a really cold day, i am almost getting a hint of clove or resin….something like that from this …


Lair Du Temps Fragrance Family: Floral is the perfume my first boyfriend ever bought me so for me this scent evokes memories .. sigh … oh to be 18 again and know what i know now! It is very floral, almost powdery you can just pick up the woody notes in the background, the rose, carnation and Jasmine (well i think i can lol), very fond memories this one.


Crystal Noir by Versace Fragrance: Oriental, i have been really drawn to this, its a sexy night out, its dark and beautiful, i can pick out the blackcurrant, fig, tuberose, heady Jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. It is beautifully understated. You wear it rather than it wear you and the longer you wear it the better and better it gets!


Dali Wild-Salvador Dali Fragrance: Woody not so keen on really dry woody fragrances but it is a really light scent, beautiful for summer and daytime and a crisp white shirt or dress i think. Hmm maybe i like it better than i thought i did when i think of how or what it would go along with..


Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fragrance: Floriental initially it has that ‘statement’ maker quality to it but surprisingly it really softens down into a really nice scent. One of the first things i have always picked up with this perfume is the amber, being a resin it gives it a little bit aromatic headiness but now i can pick out the bitter orange, Jasmine and  real sweetness from the honey.


Chloe by Chloe Fragrance: Floral, i have always considered this to be a very dry scent with floral notes, like a dry white wine with a woody undercurrent, sunny days and long lunches spring to mind! This one the just is still out on, i don’t think its for me but i can imagine certain people loving it…


Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street scent:Fresh,  Very different to all the other scents this cologne is almost shower fresh, its a very elegant  scent for someone who wants to look, sharp, clean and just showered all day long, i love cardamon and this is a really fresh modern unisex scent.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir scent:Gourmand, and it nearly is good enough to eat lol, with Amber, vanilla, caramel, Mandarin, strawberries, honeysuckle is is a very sweet and heady aroma, its a nightime scent that you would wear on a hot date or a good night out that would really get you noticed.


Going through the scents and all their distinctive traits has already taught me to think more about the scent and what it is telling me, when or where i would use it and why. I have really enjoyed my first lesson delving into the fragrances and learning how to wear them for different occasions, it is definitely a good journey to be on…

Did you go for the fragrance box? If so what did you think of it?

I got a lovely sample sized hand cream too, you can find out lots more about it all here


My new box arrived this morning, the London one and i am really looking forward to the insights i find from it

Bye for now

Nicola xx

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