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October’s LoveLula Beauty Box ..

Hello everyone :-),

Love Lula is a company i really love because they don’t compromise on quality and everything they sell is organic, i find myself more and more leaning towards organic products as they really do seem to work better for me as i have really sensitive skin on my face and my body and have found that cutting out parabens like SLS etc  …really does make a massive and my skin is no longer still slimy with product after a shower or as dried out as it used to be!

So lets get started on this month’s box and the fabulous products inside ..first up is Yes To Carrots nourishing cleansing wipes, i avoid cleansing wipes like the plague lol, after some bad experiences with them stripping my skin of oils and leaving me with red itchy angry dried out skin i stopped using them


But these are organic and skin nourishing and should be ok i think, i will keep them for an emergency or a day when i am feeling overly lazy hehe,  with ingredients like carrots (obvious i know) vitamin E, Pumpkin seed extract, lavender and Aloe Vera theres a lot of hydrating and soothing ingredients to be had from them.

Next up is Green People, there is a few items from them, firstly is the line eraser(sachet), i already have this and it is fab, i use it on the corners of my mouth and top lip as i am proud to say .. an x-heavy smoker!!

This zaps fine lines and wrinkles within 15 minutes and it really does make a big difference to my top lip, i olso use it around the outside of my eyes along the orbital bone when i am going out to help give me a bit more of a youthful look, you can feel this gently tightening on any areas you apply it, its  pretty amazing stuff, even better that it is organic!

It has 23 beauty enhancing active ingredients going to work on your skin to increase hydration and give powerful long term effects on lines and wrinkles, if  like me you have fine lines around your mouth then this is a must have.


The Next items are  Age defy+  and it is a Purify and hydrate cream cleanser (Sachet) and gentle cleanse and makeup remover  25ml they are kind of similar  really just one is geared more towards anti ageing, with Aloe Vera, Calendula and Shea butter they smell gorgeous and feel lovely and rich to move over your face and take the day off.


Hair Milk is a new product from John Masters, its a Rose and Apricot hair milk, sounded a bit strange to me but .. its actually like a creamy balm and great for the ends of my hair, smells like all JM products .. pretty darn good. It has calmed my curs somewhat but you can use it heavier as a light styling product,  it’s nice to swish clean, fragrant hair around isn’t it?


Inika certified Organic Eyeliner in Black Caviar, i have a few Inika products and they are really good quality, it comes with its own wee pencil sharpener on one lid, the texture is soft and buttery and i love my purple one by them.


Dr Lipp Nipple Balm is a rich lanolin product first made for breast feeding mothers who got chapped, dry skin while breast feeding, guaranteed to soak in and help the driest of lips (nipples)  or windburn this product is a handbag must have for those icy cold windy days, it will keep your lips hydrated and silky soft 🙂


Last but my no means least is Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Falls bath and shower therapy, i just love a multi tasking product thats good for the body .. and the mind! This just smells incredible.. Jasmine Absolute and High Altitude Lavender are both high prized products in the beauty industry with the Jasmine Absolute being worth more than its weight in gold.

They soothe promoting well being with coconut, kukui nut and shea butter to hydrate a lovely soak in this was really beautiful and the fragrance stayed about my flat the rest of the evening which i really loved.

I think i would love to try the Siam Ginger one next, i love ginger, it has that lovely kick to it and it is very warming both in food and on the skin so i have to get some of this soon …


I always find this box excellent value for the £12.95 delivered, theres plenty in it and for organic products it really is a steal, it never fails to impress me of give me something different to try. Worth every penny in my book!

Thats it for now folks

Chat soon ..

Nicola xx