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Elemis Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir

Hi everyone :-),

When i need my head clearing, my fibro pains are bad, or i just  need to regroup, chill and relax, this is the scent i love to relax in!

The heady scents of Eucalyptus, rich and spicy Lavender ,  patchouli, ho wood and shea butter make it an addictive combination that i keep coming back to time and time again, for me its like a treatment for body and mind as it can really help both so much.


I associate this scent with pure relaxation. it really does soothe an achy body and ease a stressed mind, this is one of my products i will not be without, when i finish a bottle….i am always making sure i have another lined up, for me it is pure decadent luxury and it is highly addictive 🙂

Once  capful of this hits the hot water and the aromatic oils  fill not only my bathroom but the whole flat with that wonderful scent , i know it really is going to ease my pains and my mind and hopefully let me get some sort of nights sleep,  the scent just sends me to a happier place …Eucalyptus is really known for clearing the mind and easing it, high grade Lavender oil really has the most wonderful spice kick to it to relax and aid sleep


I have the Temple Balm too which i use on my temples and wrists so i can keep getting a whiff of the scent all night long, it is a pretty powerful head clearer, great to use on a stuffy head, blocked sinuses or a cold even, it a real head clearer!


I olso have the pillow(lol) spray too but i don’t think i can get the pillow spray anymore for some reason *sob*,  which is a shame because as you can tell its a scent i am pretty much hooked on lol, makes your bed linen smell amazing!


Well those are my thoughts for today! What clears your head, relaxes you and helps you to get some sleep over a period of stress ?

Bye for now

Nicola x