Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body wash

Hi Everyone,

I seem to have a massive amount of shower gels and bath soaks to relax me and to help with the old Fibro pains, but i olso really need something that will cut right through the fatigue and tiredness and i have discovered the fabulous Peter Thomas Roth shower gel 🙂


It fills the bathroom with a heady citrus/freshly squeezed grapefruit aroma which cuts right through tiredness and awakens the morning senses. It has little micro beads rich with Vitamins A,C,E and pro vitamin B5 that burst onto your skin giving it a really fresh dose of moisture!


I really love this shower gel for a few reasons not just the scent, it is a brilliant body cleanser leaving you feeling amazingly clean and really refreshed too, because of the moisture beads it doesn’t dry my skin out a lot either which is fab as its pretty dry already .. but that freshly squeezed scent is pure heaven in the morning …


If you find waking up as hard as i do in the morning, i can highly recommend Peter Thomas Roth for a totally refreshing shower experience any time of the day, perfect as a reviver if you’re hot and tired and have to keep on going too…

I got mine from Salon Services here:

If you have any fantastic shower gels as a perk me up i would love to hear …

Thats it for now folks, i hope you enjoy!

Bye for now

Nicola x

10 thoughts on “Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body wash

  1. Pixee

    Thanks for sharing this review! I suffer from something very similar to Fibromyalgia & it’s always lovely to find something which eases the pain & the fatigue. Lush’s Big Blue is my favourite muscle soak, but I’ll definitely look into this :’) xx

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Another one for me to check out Pixee but if you are really looking for a bath soak, shower wash then you have to get SBC’s Arnica bath soak and the Arnica Gel, best way is in a set from QVC, but a soak in that and some of the gel on after really does help x

  2. Beauty Balm

    I just got a mini of this in a hotel last weekend. Very nice. One of my favourite ever shower gels is Organic Surge’s Tropical Bergamot it smells gorgeous – know I’ll buy it again and again. x

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Hey Lorna, sadly not much helps me and i am at a point were i can’t even bear a massage really, hot bath with lots of arnica and some Elemis aching muscle oil or more Arnica gel is what a do, i take 50 mg of morphine a day now too! I have it really bad along with back pain x


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