J’adore Dior …. Dior , Bobbi Brown, Nars ….

Hi everyone,

I love collecting makeup, it seems to be a real hobby for me so today i thought i would talk about the Dior bits and others that i used to put together my look today

There’s no rhyme or reason to the order of the pieces i own, i get one bit at a time as i can afford it and now some of my collections are really starting to come together beautifully ..


Today to start off after moisturising i used BareMinerals Pure Transformation day treatment, it has an SPF of 20 and i wasn’t expecting it to come out in a picture but as you’ll see it came out pretty well!

Then i used my Jemma Kidd dual ended eye brow pencil, one end has a highlighter for under your brow and the other end is a fabulous eyebrow pencil., its the eyebrow item i go for every single time i really love it.


I did a little contouring with my Nars Laguna bronzer, not too much as it was early in the day and i didn’t want to over do it, gently around the contours of my face, then i added some Dior blush in Miss Pink, a wonderful blushes that i find i can work with easily as its not one of those blushers that goes on in one swoop, i can build this one up and not over do it.


To finish this off i used one of my all time favourite pieces of makeup and its Diorskin Nude Shimmer, this product is so refined you can barely see where you put it but boy does it highlight beautifully, warm the skin and really bring your cheek bones to life, its like your very own soft focus, mega glowy, healthy, secret weapon every woman should have, i olso used this along the bridge of my nose to slim it down slightly.


I put some Dior Graphic Grey eye shadow on my lower lids, some New-Cid gel eye liner along my lash line, finished it all off with Le Volume De Chanel mascara for some carbon black luscious lashes!


Finally a quick wash of Dior lipstick in Spring Pink really lit my whole face up and finished off the look completely, what a stunning lipstick it is and talk about lighting up your whole face ❤


I rarely have the energy to put some makeup on and with Me and Fibromyalgia i am generally too tired or all i see in the mirror is pain, i am not perfect but i make myself try and look after my skin, it took a lot to do this today and i am chuffed as hell with the results.

It ain’t perfect but its good enough for me …


For 45 and all things considered i am hanging in there not too badly at times 🙂

What’s your favourite makeup to wear?

Maybe i’ll manage to do a few more good days and do some more, fingers crossed i do because i really enjoyed this

Bye for now

Nicola x

9 thoughts on “J’adore Dior …. Dior , Bobbi Brown, Nars ….

  1. Emma

    You look really pretty hun! I am a beauty addict (hence why I write a beauty blog haha) and I have so many favourites, too many to list but I have always heard great things about Jemma Kidd and have yet to try anything, the eyebrow product sounds great!


    Em’s Mixed Bag…..

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Bless you Emma for the kind comments <3, you better be quick and pick up some Jemma Kidd before it goes as i don't think they are making any more! Have followed your blog lovely, i really love makeup and skincare too xx

  2. Rachel

    I am loving this make-up look on you! I really like the look of all the Dior stuff, You’ve made me want to go beauty shopping! 😉 xo

  3. vanessaswhimsicalworld

    Found your blog as you liked one of my posts and I love your posts. I have Fibromyalgia too and know what you mean about looking in the mirror and seeing pain. I find that when I taking care of my skin and applying makeup helps to cheer me up 🙂

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Hi Vanessa i have hooked up with you on here and on bloglovin. It took a lot for me to actually put some makeup on and take a picture but i am so releived i did now as everyone has been so lovely and kind!
      Its the little things and the personal battles no one sees!
      Love your blog too and hopefully we can chat again
      Nicola xx


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