Perfume Society Amazing Monthly Perfume Box!

Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago i signed up to the Perfume Society because i believe i have yet to find my ‘signature’ scent, a scent that i would love to use almost every day, i consider myself to be a complete novice  when it comes to perfumes, what makes them special and sets them apart from each other.


So this monthly box is perfect for me to educate myself and learn all about top notes, middle notes, base notes, woody scents, floral scents, musky scents, the list goes on and this monthly box will give me the power and ability to know what i want from a fragrance and to be able to go forward and start choosing scents that suit me, my skin, my moods. I really am all about learning and empowering myself and others if i can.


I just knew this box was going to be good and it did not disappoint! I got 9 very different fragrances from a very varied spectrum of scents, from high end to high street, just amazing! (post to follow), fragrance cards for every fragrance, scenting sticks for trying the fragrance and smelling all the scent notes and a little note pad to keep notes and all the perfumes you like ❤


I paid a one off £25 to become a VIP subscriber,  this gets me oh so much really, check it all out here ..

I  like to know what’s in my fragrance like i want to  know what is in my skincare, what it does and why …..


Perfume Society has answered my prayers and opened all the doors i need to find my way in a world where i was previously taking a stab at in the dark! Next time i go to buy a fragrance i will be confident,  knowledgeable and know exactly what i am looking for (oh joy!).

A huge thank you to all involved at Perfume Society, i look forward to learning all about the fragrances in my box and look forward to doing another post on the scents in my beautifully packaged box!


There was just too much information to put in one post, but i can certainly say that i am chuffed to bits by the Perfume Society Box and everything it entails 🙂

So if you love your fragrances or want to learn all about the fragrance world then this monthly box is for you, i can honestly say it is incredible value and after your one off payment of £25 your box just costs £10 a month delivered along with an absolute wealth of knowledge, check out Perfume Society here


Please let me know what you think, or if you go for this box and we can compare what we think of the fragrances we received, i always love to hear what everyone thinks x

Thats it for now

Nicola x

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