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Bellapierre Mira Bella Palette

Hello fellow beauty addicts :-),

Last month was a bit of an eye palette week for me! I bought 3 palettes plus i got one with my Birchbox too (an ear infection does funny things to ya lol). Sometimes theres no palettes for ages and then 4 come along at once, thats me well stocked up now for a bit i think .. or is it?


Anyway Bellapierre is a mineral makeup, its natural and organic and this is what really appeals to me about the brand, i do my best these days to stick to natural and organic produce if i can, we put way too many pesticides and parabens into and onto our bodies .

Tho i am still a sucker for any beauty product that shines out to me sadly , but little steps 🙂

I got this palette from Naturismo and was really lucky to catch it in the sale for £10 with free postage and what a bargain i got because i really love the shades , its another keeper!

Its highly pigmented, the colours are to me really wearable, its a no fuss daytime palette, the shades are Champagne a lovely highlighting shade, Deja Vous is a lovely light pink again great on the eye lid but fabulous around the tear duct to lift and brighten the whole eye area, Antiga is a lovely soft muted purple, Harmony is a lovely bronzy shade and the last one doesn’t seem to have a name but its a coppery brown, these are all my sort of shades so i am delighted with this palette!

I think the quality of the eye shadows speaks for itself really, soft and satiny to the touch, beautiful!


I would love to hear from you if you have tried any other Bellapierre products and if they are as good as this palette?

You can find lots more Bellapierre at Naturismo here http://www.naturisimo.com/searchresults.cfm 

Take care peeps and bye for now

Nicola x