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Elizabeth Beckett …A thoroughly British Ethical Skincare Brand


Hi everyone,

as someone who suffers from ME and Fybromyalgia and the massive restrictions it places in my life, i love the freedom the occasional blog gives me, i feel i have achieved something, however small when i have completed a post, it takes my mind off me and the issue i face, its my form of freedom of mind. I thoroughly enjoy trying a product out and posting my thoughts on it!

Every now and again certain companies , people or products stick in my mind and i will not be happy until i have tried it, this is what happened to me with Elisabeth Beckett! Skincare products made with beautiful golden Rapeseed oil, all natural and no parabens or toxins … yes please!

Already i was a huge fan of flaxseed and its health benefits, its really good for your joints, your skin, hair. it has high levels of of Omega 3 essential fatty acids , is an excellent source of fibre, known to be full of antioxidants and good for your heart! I take in in every morning sprinkled into either porridge or cereal.

Olso available in pure pressed oil form this beautifully golden oil is not to be snuffed at, its milder than a lot of cheap olive oils and tastes a lot smoother and less bitter, i have totally made the switch to Rapeseed oil and as with olive oil its handy for hair treatments and a ton of other beauty issues.as well as in the kitchen.

I digress … So i was delighted when i found Elizabeth Beckett on twitter, she stuck in my mind because of my love already of Flax!

Elizabeth has said “I decided to start making cream for myself after years of shopping in department stores. I saw so many creams claiming to do a multitude of weird and wonderful things that I found it almost impossible to decide what to buy. I never felt inclined to spend ridiculous amounts of money on skincare, and I found that those products I tried never made my skin feel any less dry.”

As big a sucker as i am for beauty products i cannot agree more with her as i have indeed tried a lot of creams as i too suffer from ‘dry skin’! Sometimes the price tag is not a good indicator to the quality of the product and it does nothing for your dry skin!

Not Elisabeth Beckett’s products! They are handmade Artisan pure and simple products, but skincare shouldn’t really be complicated, full of preservatives or parabens, i think mostly they defeat the original purpose of the product.

But these pure and natural products are extremely effective, without too many ingredients, harnessed from the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Having just tried the beautiful Rose All Over body cream i can vouch for the effectiveness of these products. Made with flax oil and rose oil and with only 4 ingredients, it smells amazing of rose, sinks straight into the skin, i was so incredibly impressed i have just bought myself the full sized product and cannot wait to receive it, but more on that in another post!

Elizabeth i totally admire what you are doing and have fallen in love with your product and look forward to trying many more …

You can find out more about Elizabeth her products and shop here http://www.elizabethbeckett.co.uk/


Bye for now

Nicola x