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Hello everyone,

I am a big fan of a few of the Ginvera green products and would love to tell you all about them! They are incredibly effective but gentle and their BB cream is the Original BB cream that started the massive BB craze! With ingredients such as Green Tea, soya bean extract and herbs to help  restore your skin’s radiance and clarity without any harsh chemicals or parabens.



The BB as a nude cover that adjusts to your skin tone, with Angelica and Hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated to me is just amazing, i mix it with a little radiance cream for a glowing complexion that lasts all day, it is a non oily formula and once applied it really does have amazing staying power, it blends right into most skin tones, it diminishes fine lines, is fab at covering any redness and has a built in spf 30 and it pretty much has you covered in so many ways. I couldn’t find a fault with this product if i tried, i have by now tried a lot of BB creams and this is without a doubt the best of what i have tried in how it lasts, how it blends into my skin, the coverage it gives me and the hydration, at £17.95 a little goes a long way and a tube will really last you a long time  ..  original is best it rocks!!



The Green Tea Jade dark circles eye roll away is also just as impressive with a little round ball of jade as the roller its fab for soothing hot tired eyes, even on top of make up and as you get older rehydrating your eye area a few times is essential to help keep  wrinkles at bay, fade dark circles and make your eye area look well hydrated and lovely and bright!

With ingredients like Jade, Pomelo, Green Tea, Bio Energy Fluid, Royal Jelly this product is so power packed and targeted to really get to work on your eye area and it really does nourish and firm ! The fact that you can pop it into your handbag for use when you feel you need it is just an extra bonus for tired eyes, when i use this my whole orbital area looks lifted and brightened. I think everyone notices you when your eyes are lovely and bright, after all they are the windows to your soul! At £17.50 for 15 ml because it is used sparingly i have found it has lasted me a good length of time for me to feel it is good value for money.


Last and by no means least it The Green tea Exfoliating Gel, this so so very gentle and perfect for the most sensitive of skins, it really is quite incredible as to how it works, you gently massage it onto your dry skin with dry clean hands and it just rolls off all the old dead skin cells, it goes focuses on the Cornified skin layer, going deep into pores and  cleaning out blackheads leaving your skin feeling very clean and refreshed. I really love using this on my decollete as the skin is more delicate there and it really goes to town leaving my lovely bright, smooth skin underneath with no tugging, scratching or pulling in the more delicate skin. Really good for oily skin to control sebum and stop pimples in their tracks but good on all skin types, it have a lovely cooking feeling leaving your skin feeling really calm and rejuvenated, just splash off with cool water afterwards for mattified skin all day, great in the extra hot weather and at £19.99 is a godsend.

So these are my thoughts on this fantastic range of Green Tea products, full of antioxidants they are a great environmental products for todays fast paced. high pollution towns and cities, gentle but extremely effective products …

Bye for now

Nicola x




2 thoughts on “Ginvera Green Tea Products

  1. Tracey

    I’m glad that you are also a fan of the Ginvera Green Tea range. I am so impressed with these products and like you I have found that the BB Cream lasts all day, giving good coverage and keeps the skin hydrated. The jade roller is perfect to apply the eye gel but I’m affraid I accidently dropped mine on the floor and as it’s a glass bottle it shattered. Yes, I am seriously clumsy!
    The Marvel Gel is the best selling exfoliator in the Far East for the past 16 years how amazing is that. Great product range and really good prices and a lovely review.

    1. the40somethingbeautyaddict Post author

      Hey Tracey, i have not converted a friend who had terrible problems with oily skin, i had to send my samples to her tho but it was worth it to see her so relived and happy to have her skin calming down, she has gone on to buy the BB cream and when she gets back from holoday i think she will be buying the Marvel too. I really hope you are resting up with your ankle and getting spoilt rotten xx


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