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Perfume Society Amazing Monthly Perfume Box!

Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago i signed up to the Perfume Society because i believe i have yet to find my ‘signature’ scent, a scent that i would love to use almost every day, i consider myself to be a complete novice  when it comes to perfumes, what makes them special and sets them apart from each other.


So this monthly box is perfect for me to educate myself and learn all about top notes, middle notes, base notes, woody scents, floral scents, musky scents, the list goes on and this monthly box will give me the power and ability to know what i want from a fragrance and to be able to go forward and start choosing scents that suit me, my skin, my moods. I really am all about learning and empowering myself and others if i can.


I just knew this box was going to be good and it did not disappoint! I got 9 very different fragrances from a very varied spectrum of scents, from high end to high street, just amazing! (post to follow), fragrance cards for every fragrance, scenting sticks for trying the fragrance and smelling all the scent notes and a little note pad to keep notes and all the perfumes you like ❤


I paid a one off £25 to become a VIP subscriber,  this gets me oh so much really, check it all out here ..

I  like to know what’s in my fragrance like i want to  know what is in my skincare, what it does and why …..


Perfume Society has answered my prayers and opened all the doors i need to find my way in a world where i was previously taking a stab at in the dark! Next time i go to buy a fragrance i will be confident,  knowledgeable and know exactly what i am looking for (oh joy!).

A huge thank you to all involved at Perfume Society, i look forward to learning all about the fragrances in my box and look forward to doing another post on the scents in my beautifully packaged box!


There was just too much information to put in one post, but i can certainly say that i am chuffed to bits by the Perfume Society Box and everything it entails 🙂

So if you love your fragrances or want to learn all about the fragrance world then this monthly box is for you, i can honestly say it is incredible value and after your one off payment of £25 your box just costs £10 a month delivered along with an absolute wealth of knowledge, check out Perfume Society here


Please let me know what you think, or if you go for this box and we can compare what we think of the fragrances we received, i always love to hear what everyone thinks x

Thats it for now

Nicola x

My Stunning Stila In the Light Palette ….. (oh yes another one)!!

Hello fellow Beauty Addicts :-),

Before you go ‘Oh no not another palette!’ let me just say in my defence, it’s a stunning palette that i have wanted for a long time! Birchbox UK is now selling Stila in their shop and you can use your saved points to get some discount off the price … yay!


Stila was away from the UK for a few years but now its back and as good as ever,  it has a lovely modern feel to it, with well pigmented products, soft textures and really wearable shades. Stila believe that every womans makeup should be as individual as her signature, i agree as we are all so different… It has a really modern look and feel to the brand


I have long admired  this In the Light Palette for quite some time, it has a mix of  Shimmer, Matte and Pearl textures in such fantastic wearable shades , they are from left to right, Bare, Kitten, Bliss Sunset, Sandstone, bottom row, Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Butter, Night Sky and Ebony. It also comes with a little booklet telling you the best way to apply the products and a waterproof smudge stick (eye liner) in Damsel, a really natural, wearable brown shade.


This palette is beautifully packaged in recycled cardboard making it a bit eco friendly. I think the pictures of the quality speak for themselves really .. stunning! It holds up really well to other palettes too like, Wild about Beauty, Urban Decay, Mac ect ..


Have you tried Stila yet? I would love to hear what you bought x

So much beautiful make up around and so little time and money lol 🙂

You can find lots more stila at Birchbox , i think its fantastic they have a reward system that gives you monthly points that you can save up and use towards a treat for yourself, they have a really well stocked shop full of goodies to choose from too

Until next time folks

Nicola xx

Bellapierre Mira Bella Palette

Hello fellow beauty addicts :-),

Last month was a bit of an eye palette week for me! I bought 3 palettes plus i got one with my Birchbox too (an ear infection does funny things to ya lol). Sometimes theres no palettes for ages and then 4 come along at once, thats me well stocked up now for a bit i think .. or is it?


Anyway Bellapierre is a mineral makeup, its natural and organic and this is what really appeals to me about the brand, i do my best these days to stick to natural and organic produce if i can, we put way too many pesticides and parabens into and onto our bodies .

Tho i am still a sucker for any beauty product that shines out to me sadly , but little steps 🙂

I got this palette from Naturismo and was really lucky to catch it in the sale for £10 with free postage and what a bargain i got because i really love the shades , its another keeper!

Its highly pigmented, the colours are to me really wearable, its a no fuss daytime palette, the shades are Champagne a lovely highlighting shade, Deja Vous is a lovely light pink again great on the eye lid but fabulous around the tear duct to lift and brighten the whole eye area, Antiga is a lovely soft muted purple, Harmony is a lovely bronzy shade and the last one doesn’t seem to have a name but its a coppery brown, these are all my sort of shades so i am delighted with this palette!

I think the quality of the eye shadows speaks for itself really, soft and satiny to the touch, beautiful!


I would love to hear from you if you have tried any other Bellapierre products and if they are as good as this palette?

You can find lots more Bellapierre at Naturismo here 

Take care peeps and bye for now

Nicola x

My lovely, New Tarte Palette …

140409_tarte_header (1)

Hello everyone,

I have been eyeballing this tarte palette for a while its the Sultry Sunset one, its full of lovely neutral wearable shades, a mixture of mattes, shimmers and pearls.

Tarte is pretty new to the UK and only available through QVC, it specialises in ‘good for you glamour’ and boy does it deliver! How fab to finally have it here! It delivers very wearable cosmetics that you can feel really good about wearing …


The brand is eco friendly, cruelty free, mineral oil free, gluten free, paraben free, sls free, which means it is good for all. It is also infused with vitamins, minerals, Amazonian clay, superfruit plant extracts, essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients.. It is a brand that has started off with the best of intentions and has continued to do so and this is really setting it apart from most others, i have to say i am extremely impressed by this, there is just too many products full of parabens these days that we regularly put into our skin!

But enough about the good stuff and onto the better stuff lol , just look how gorgeous it is…!! the shades are from right to left top row .. Brazil Nut Brown, Golden skies, Exotic Guava, Gilded Sand and Twilight plum and bottom row Bronze Horizon, Taupe Dusk and wild Orchid.


For me a palette has to be very wearable otherwise i just don’t bother with it, with this palette i get excited everytime i look at it, i will reach for it again and again, it is stunning (to me).


I am looking forward to trying lots more Tarte from QVC, the mascara looks amazing as does the BB cream and the foundation, oh and the brushes! Those brushes that come WITH the products look so tactile, soft and i cannot wait to own some 🙂

If you have tried this brand i would love to hear what you think of your products please because i am just so in love with my palette …

More Tarte please QVC!!

You can check out all the lovely Tarte and those sexy brushes here qvc

Thats it for now, have a great week everyone!

Bye for now

Nicola x

Elizabeth Beckett, Artisan, Ethical, Handmade Skincare


Hello everyone,

I have been using Elizabeth’s skin care products for around 2 weeks now and i am blown away by how few ingredients there is and how really effective these products truly are! Made from beautifully  golden flax oil with no preservatives or parabens they went straight into my skin, left no residue but a lovely healthy glow and calmness, my skin looks healthy, relaxed and happy!


First up is The Refreshing Rose Mist which i like to keep in the fridge and use after cleansing to close pores, tone and refresh my face, it is soothing, cooling, fantastic on hot skin anytime of the day , full of antioxidants, lovely sprayed on clean sheets to delicately fragrance your bed linen, it retails around £10 and i will never be without something like this in the fridge ever, i use it a lot (the purer the better)…


Next is the incredible Rose, Frankincense and Flax  face oil … WOW!! I massage this golden elixir over my face in the evening, it smells amazing with the rose and very fragrant frankincense oils , the heady aroma is so relaxing it seems to help me switch off and relax which is something i find very hard to do but more important than that is, it has honestly improved my skin!


Now i use and have tried a lot of face oils but this one is one of the best i have used, i always have a sensitive forehead area, i get little red bumps and dry spots… all gone and replaced with the most balanced skin ever and a lovely glow, i have found myself checking it in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night lol .. (just to make sure it is really me) its so amazing!


The rose oil calms, takes down any redness, the frankincense is extremely balancing, i don’t think i have even encountered anything that balances the skin so well, it is incredibly rejuvenating, with the lovely golden flax oil being full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti inflammatory properties, this oil works hard on your skin overnight leaving  you with a wonderfully nourished glowing complexion in the morning ! I honestly cannot find enough good things to say about this face oil, its the real deal and its pure golden nectar!!


The Rose and Frankincense Day and Night Cream Is pretty much the same ingredients except it’s been whipped up in to a face cream, it will balance oily skins, rejuvenate and hydrate more mature skins nourish and protect, it sinks straight into your skin leaving no residue, smells beautiful,  leaves my skin with a lovely healthy luster to my complection.


These products are all handmade in smaller batches than you would get from a huge company, they are fresher and they are not packed full of preservatives either! The difference this makes to your skin when using them it really quite amazing, they sink straight into your skin giving you the benefits of the freshest of ingredients … so if you do one good thing for your skin today… give Elizabeth Beckett’s products a go because she has harnessed the power of a trilogy of beautiful skincare oils that can do amazing things with your skin ….

I have fallen in love with Elizabeth’s products so much i went back and bought more!

The peppermint foot cream is the mintiest ever lol, it really cools and revives hot, tired, sore feet and again sinks straight in, is very hydrating, the aroma and cool feeling is really long lasting, i can feel it the next morning .. now thats quality!!


The Rose all Over Body Cream with the wonderful delicate scent of rose petals is another delight, leaving my skin wonderfully hydrated and like silk, it will moisturise the driest of skins (like mine) and leave you glowing!

I think Elizabeth may have tapped into a fountain of youth … only complaint is we need a bigger size please 🙂


The Apley Walled Garden is another product for the driest, hardiest of hands, my hands have never really recovered from chefing, harsh cleaning products and very reactive skin, again and i believe it to be due to the quality of the oils and the lack or parabens, sinks right into my hands, smoothing and soothing them..


Hand on heart i bought most of these products myself, Elizabeth did add in some samples, they were so good i went back and bought more and so my love affair with her products keeps on growing, they are made with simplicity, love, passion, care and they are really effective, powerful and beautiful ….

Check out all the information you need on Elizabeth Beckett here

Thats it from me for today

Bye for now

Nicola x


Enter to win a beauty bundle from The 40Something Beauty Blogger and A Testing Time Blog

This is both mine and Sam’s first ever competition so we have decided to join forces and offer a surprise beauty bundle consisting of full size and smaller products.

So this is a joint competition from A Testing Time and The 40Something Beauty Blogger

For every 200 entries we receive, we will post a picture of some of the prizes you can win.

Here is the first bunch of goodies:


Then a week before, we will show the beauty bundle as a whole.

The competition will end on 31st October and winner announced shortly after.

So firstly, how you can earn those entries.

Like both Testing Time Blog and The40SomethingBeautyBlogger on Facebook

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Fingers crossed and good luck

Love Sam and Nicola x

For terms and conditions, see bottom of post

Click the below link to take you to the giveaway.

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Terms and conditions:

The winner will be chosen at random from all entrants. 

Any duplicate entries or fraudulent entries will be deleted.

The winner’s name will be revealed on this widget and I will also tweet about it on Twitter and also post about it on Facebook.

The winner will be contacted via an e-mail provided and if the winner does not respond to our request for a postal address within 28 days, a redraw will take place. 

Competition is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only. 

The prize is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. 

No cash alternative is available. 

The testing time blog and the 40 something beauty blogger’s decision is final.

The prize will be sent by myself second class recorded delivery within 28 days after the competition end date.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network. 

Odylique Beautifully Organic and Vegan Eco Luxe Products!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have not yet heard of or tried Odylique, it is a very pure, organic and vegan brand that is available through The  Essential Care Company, developed to reach out to all women with the most sensitive of skins.


It is Artisan , Eco Luxe handmade products made by a mother and daughter team. Born out of necessity Margaret is trained in Aromatherapy and herbal medicine, she has a passion for natural medicine  and her daughter Abi works alongside her.

With ‘Odyl’ meaning the power, or force of nature! Something these 2 ladies are on their own, with all their knowledge and incredible products!

Shocked by the harsh chemicals in many of today’s products, Margaret formulated products herself using pure plant oils plus and biodynamic herbs grown in her own garden (what a woman)and her products really took off from there!


So the first item i have from Odylique is the Superfruit Serum, with a synergy of 5 essential fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins and phytosterols, this serum is to be used on top of your moisturiser, my skin just loves this serum, it locks in your moisturiser and the beautiful amber serum is a total pick me up for tired, dry skin.

It automatically transforms your skin into a ‘lit from within’ look! Pure radiance and sunshine in a bottle, this serum is truly magical and has to be tried to be believed … also makes a fab make up base too, cannot tell you enough how my mature skin just loves this good stuff! A perfect lift on a dark winters day .

Last week i treated myself to an Odylique Lavender soap, handmade and pure, again another product that i now love, its more of a cleansing bar because of the high quality oils in this bar and it sented me and my whole bathroom last night, its stunning! Great for shaving with too and good as well for men with sensitive skins as well.

Made for the most sensitive of skins these bars are made with organic extra virgin olive oil, plus nourishing butters and fresh organic lavender (this had me sold), , soothing and gentle, i get contact dermatitis on my hands and weeping eczema too, something i am always conscious of and a tad paranoid about so the oils in this soap should  really help.


Lavender has gentle antiseptic properties, is balancing, calming on the skin , calming, promotes skin renewal and promotes well being  it has anti inflammatory properties too, the list of properties Lavender has is endless,with the scent known to relax the mind and help with getting a good nights sleep!

We are talking high grade lavender here not the stuff you think your granny used to smell of!  Lol! Its rich, spicy, aromatic and beautiful! Lol!


I think for it to be effective it needs to be organic and pure and this is how i love it, this beautiful soap scented my whole bathroom last night and i will be having a long love affair with Odylique soaps as well as other products i have yet to discover from this fabulous brand!


Lastly is a little sample i got with my order and that is the Toning Fruit Body Butter,  it has a slight medicinal astringent scent but i like that as i know its the organic products! With organic coconut, olive and raw shea, sea buckthorn  it is very skin softening, protective and hydrating while ylang ylang, lemon and bergamot are used to tone the skin, again this is very skin smoothing and toning…good for mummy tum’s and ‘Ye olde bingo wings’ (sorry lol)

While it might not be one of the products i would maybe purchase personally,  it is still a good fine quality product!

I just cannot wait to try more products from the brand as i think what Margaret and her daughter are doing is pretty dam amazing and long may they continue ..

Have you Tried Odylique yet? If so what did you think about it?

In this day and age where everything is rushed out, full of additives and preservatives Odylique is a completely refreshing light in the dark for me!

You can read more on Odylique here and browse their products

Take care for now

Nicola x